LeBron calls out Braylon

Earlier today, a man who claims that Browns receiver Braylon Edwards beat him up attributed the trouble to jealously that Edwards has for Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James.

And now James is wading into the dispute.

And, in other words, it’s getting goooooood.

“I’ve never crossed paths with Braylon before, but it seems like there’s
a little jealousy going on with Braylon and me and my friends
,” James said Monday, per the Associated Press.  “I have
no idea why.  I’ve never
said anything to Braylon at all.  But for him to do that is very
childish.  My friend is 130 pounds.  Seriously.  It’s like hitting one of
my kids.  It doesn’t make sense.”

More importantly for Edwards, his boss responded to the situation on Monday.  And coach Eric Mangini, who has been fining guys for parking-space infractions and water-bottle violations, doesn’t sound happy.

“I know there is an incident that has been reported with Braylon
Edwards, it’s something that I am aware of,” Mangini said Monday.  “It is something that I
spoke with Braylon about and personal conduct is very important to me. 
I always want our players to put themselves in the most positive
positions.  This is something I will continue to gather information on.”

Edwards had zero catches in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Browns.  Per the AP, it’s the first time that Edwards failed to make a reception in his entire career.

UPDATE:  The Cleveland Plain Dealer has more from LeBron, who attempts to educate LeBrown on one what it means to be a pro athlete.  “I know how to handle myself as a professional athlete and I take care of my friends and my family.  It is unfortunate that some guys don’t understand that.  You are a role model to kids and you should carry yourself that way on and off the field.  And I carry that.  I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize myself or my family.  I’m one of the guys that look at being a professional athlete at more than just being out on the court.”

27 responses to “LeBron calls out Braylon

  1. Beating up 130lb men is a lot easier than catching a football. Spend more time on the jugs machine and less at the club scrub.

  2. Braylon to LeBron : If you want some I ain’t got no fence around me.
    LeBron to Braylon : Well, If you’re feeling that froggy you might as well just go ahead and jump.
    Braylon to LeBron : There’s no time like GO TIME!

  3. You know the whole city of Cleveland is mad at Braylon now. Not because he got in a fight, but because he did something (allegedly) that ruffled LeBron’s feathers and gets tacked on to that list of reasons to leave the Cavs.

  4. I’d bet a stack of 20s that Braylon really wanted to hit Lebron, then sized Lebron up and realized Lebron is built like a defensive end.

  5. LeBron adds to the Legend of King James!
    Damn, I thought the Harrison/Brady dispute was going to be the hot topic, even if they are joking. Braylon just had his nose shoved in the corner for a timeout.

  6. I hate basketball. But James is a class act…and he’s talented–two things that Braylon Edwards is not. He had one good season that was really more because he had 5000 balls thrown his way and he caught 80 or 90 of them.
    I’m a Pittsburgh fan and I don’t even revel in this. Edwards is an embarrassment to the sport.

  7. I watched the Browns-Bengals game yesterday. What in the world happened to Braylon Edwards?
    Never seen a worse receiver. I suspect he hasn’t either, that’s why he’s throwing punches at a nightclub at 2:30 in the morning after a game.
    Guy is heading out of the league because he doesn’t have a professional attitude about what he’s doing. Forget the nightclubs, concentrate on your job.

  8. That’s quite a slap in the face for Lebron’s friend. “My friend is 130 pounds. Seriously. It’s like hitting one of my kids.”
    Ouch!!! Being compared to the guy’s kids… first he gets assaulted and now he is compared to a little kid by somebody that is his supposed friends.
    In a fight though, I’d have to go with Braylon Edwards… He’d drop LeBron like a 3rd down pass.

  9. Correction – Braylon would DROP like a pass thrown to Braylon.
    Tale of the Tape:
    Edwards – 6’3″ 213 lbs
    James 6’8″ 250 lbs
    This would be worse than Danny Bonnaduce v. Greg Brady!
    Braylon should learn a lesson here. Cavs are in training camp and LeBron is home asleep. The Browns are in the middle of a dismal season and he is out partying at 2:30 a.m. after an overtime loss in which he got smoked by a rookie. Edwards – 0 yds, Massaquoi – 148 yds.

  10. look, i am no LeBra fan. he sounds stupid as dirt. but… he looks like a pretty good basketball player to me.
    but brayin braylon is simply a bust, thru and thru.
    speaking of partying, how about cabrera of the detroit tigers. out partying with the freakin whitesox, instead of getting in bed and playing worth a damn against an opponent the next day. cut him too.

  11. “Edwards had zero catches in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Browns.”
    Smooth, Florio. I guess the Browns beat themselves

  12. You can take the bombo out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the bombo.

  13. Just when Failon Edwards lame 5 hour energy commercials stopped the turd is back. Dude needs to get a job at the Bunny Ranch since the only balls he can catch are with his mouth.

  14. NoFootballtalk says:
    October 5, 2009 7:55 PM
    “Edwards had zero catches in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Browns.”
    Smooth, Florio. I guess the Browns beat themselves
    Well, I beat myself……

  15. I don’t want to hear advice from LeBron on how to be a role model till he starts shaking hands after losing a big series.

  16. shaunypoo: When did Lebron offer advice on how to be a role model?
    slipkid: You’ve obviously never seen a LeBron interview. The next time you call someone stupid, maybe you should use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
    Anyone think Braylon is resigning with the Browns? He’ll probably blame it on OSU fans.

  17. LeBron just proved that he far surpasses Braylon not only in talent, but in maturity as well.
    screw Braylon. remember when Braylon cried because he said Nick Saban told him that he would pick him at number 2? Instead the Dolphins picked Ronnie Brown, and Cleveland picked up Braylon right after.
    Gee, i guess Saban did SOMEthing right.

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