Morris will stick with Josh Johnson, for now

A day after Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik bizarrely indicated that the team that supposedly picked its quarterback of the future in April is still searching for one, head coach Raheem Morris said that Josh Johnson, a preseason afterthought at the position, will continue to get a chance to prove that it’s him.

“Josh Johnson has earned the right to be named the starter,” Morris said Monday, per Pewter Report.  “He did a good job of managing the game yesterday.  He’s going through
his growing pains, but I’ve got to give him his opportunity.  I can’t
base everything on what we want to see from Josh Freeman.  He’s not in
there yet.  He’s number two and he’s got to prepare like the number two.

“I’m not going to set a timetable for Josh Freeman.  I’m preparing Josh Johnson to win our next football game.”

For his next game, Johnson will get a first-hand look at the Eagles’ defense.

In his last game, Johnson completed 13 of 22 passes for 106 yards, one touchdown, and one interception at Washington.  Though the Bucs led 10-0 at halftime, a better killer instinct on offense might have put the game out of reach before the Redskins would have had a chance to come back.

And so Morris continues to occupy a no-win situation.  If Johnson fails, the team will have squandered an opportunity to give Freeman live reps.  If Johnson succeeds, then the Bucs will have wasted a first-round pick at best, created a future Derek Anderson-Brady Quinn clusterfudge at worst.

20 responses to “Morris will stick with Josh Johnson, for now

  1. Josh Johnson, prepare to be hit, and to be hit alot.
    Asante, Sheldon, Quintin, Macho – prepare to catch some passes.

  2. raheem morris was a terrible hire, way to early to hire him as a head coach.
    yesterday i saw him give “dap” to josh johnson for calling a timeout on the 2nd play of the game.
    “way to blow a timeout josh, let me congradulate you”

  3. I agree, after seeing some NFL films stuff etc of Morris, it does seem like it’s way too early for him.
    They were definitely expecting a Tomlin situation out of him.
    They aren’t getting that, that’s for sure.

  4. Why is the Bucs’ plan so hard to support? Josh Freeman did not come from a near-NFL program like USC (Sanchez) or Georgia (Stafford). The Bucs’ management decided he would sit for a year, so he didn’t get any reps during the preseason. Does that mean they “wasted” a #1 pick on a guy who couldn’t start right away? Maybe, but that’s a different argument. Dominik and Morris cleaned house and are paying the (expected?) price for it. But we don’t need another David Carr on our hands.

  5. Whew!!!! Thank God Josh Johnson switched to football because I got sick of watching him shut down my Phillies everytime we played the Marlins. Our DBs will be sitting on your 95 mph cutting fastball this Sunday.

  6. It will be like the Eagles-Panthers game all over again. Only this time without McNabb breaking a rib.

  7. power8o8,
    Josh Johnson played at San Diego. He was never a pro baseball player.
    (As a senior in college, he had a 43:1 TD to interception ratio!)

  8. How is it a no-win situation for Morris? Or a wasted 1st round pick?
    Morris doesn’t feel he is ready, period end of story. He doesn’t want to put in Freeman until he is ready. He probably doesn’t care if J. Johnson takes a beating and stinks it up as long as he isn’t messing up Freeman’s progress. Once again Florio you try to find any reason to bag on Morris… Give the guy a break, he will be fine in the end and you will feel stupid.

  9. lol @ sean martin
    i think he knows josh johnson wasnt a baseball player, he was making a joke. there is a stud pitcher on the marlins named josh johnson.

  10. The Bucs need to pick up Josh Heupel and Josh McCown, and draft Josh Nesbitt from Georgia Tech next year.
    You can never feel safe unless you have 5 qb’s named Josh on the roster. I also heard that Byron Leftwich will soon be legally changing his name to Josh.

  11. dasboat, you ask “Why is the Bucs’ plan so hard to support?”
    First, what plan? Second, if it is a plan, and Freeman is so unprepared because he went to a third-rate school in a second-rate conference, why did the Bucs not only pick him in the first round but trade up to do it?
    Morris and Dominik “cleaned house,” you say? The “house” went 9-3 last year before injuries and a bad run caused a 9-7 finish.
    Would Jon Gruden be 0-4 this year? Nope. He would not have “cleaned house” by getting rid of Derrick Brooks, the team’s leader and franchise icon. He would not have dumped Matt Bryant, the guy who had the strength to come in and do his job in the worst circumstance imaginable. He would have kept Warrick Dunn, instead of spending money on Derrick Ward.
    And, if you think this “housecleaning” was a good idea, what message did it send to the guys left behind when they see guys like Brooks and Bryant dumped like that? “Yeah, Raheem may have dumped them, but he’ll stand up for me.” The only clown that can sing that Hymn is Ronde Barber, whose ass is the only thing getting screen time this year.
    Jon Gruden would have made sure that Michael “Hands of Stone” Clayton was taking someone else’s money for one or two nice blocks coupled with three drops per game.
    Jon Gruden would not have called out Antonio Bryant to the frigging media for trying to recover from knee surgery. Jon Gruden would not have told the media that the O-line was “manhandled,” or that Gaines Adams is a bust if he does not get 10 sacks or that Winslow did not try hard enough to get a first down.
    Bottom line, the Bucs spent a lot to get a Super Bowl caliber coach in Gruden, and he added some key components and took this team over the top his first year — something even Tony Dungy could not do.
    So, after going 9-7 two years in a row, the Glazers cannned Gruden for what? A guy the players “like”? They need to put down the Duemig Kool Aid, turn the dial to a different radio station and hire someone to start looking for a real NFL-caliber coach.
    It is absurd to suggest that this team had to go from 9-7 to a losing record to get better. The Bucs could have made Morris the Defensive Coordinator, kept the Cover 2, added a few players, and competed for the NFC this year.
    Instead, the owners will win Jackasses of the Year, the coveted Top 5 pick so that we can draft a Charles McCrae, Keith McCants or Eric Curry, and Jon Gruden will either collect his two salaries next year calling MNF or go to Dallas or San Diego and turn them into Super Bowl contenders.
    Think about it, the last two coaches fired by the Glazers are Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden. How is that working out for them?

  12. Mod Hair Ken your pure hatred for the Glazers is priceless. You sound like a raiders fan talking about Al Davis. And as an Eagle fan it will be a beautiful site watching the D destroy the Bucs. Yes I am still bitter they beat us in our last game at the Vet and our first at the Linc.

  13. m2002m
    thanks for the spell check and wasting a comment
    whats your take on the topic? let me guess, you are a raheem morris apologist

  14. I am OK with giving Josh Johnson more time to see if he is going to work out but I would LOVE to see Morris “benched” and replaced with someone who might actually have some clue as to how to win. Some people are gifted in certain things and some are gifted in others.
    I don’t know what he can do but Morris obviously CAN’T coach!

  15. The Bucs have three black QBs on their roster, and I haven’t seen anyone point that out anywhere. I didn’t even realize it until I saw Josh Johnson’s profile pic the other day. I think that says a lot for how far the game has come with regards to African-Americans playing that position.
    Unfortunately, none of them appear to be NFL quality players (with 1 of them, it may just be a matter of time…..but who knows?)

  16. inad1212 — the worst one for you guys was the 2006 game at Ray Jay when McNabb blew it right before halftime and let the clock run out with a completed pass in the middle of the field while in FG range.
    The Tampa offense that day was Ronde Barber, and you guys scored a go-ahead with 33 seconds left on a pass to Westbrook where every Tampa defender either touched Westbrook or was knocked over by the wake he left hauling ass up the field. Hero Barber actually tried to kick him, remember? One of the greatest plays in Westbrook’s career, but ruined by the improbable 62-yard FG by Matt Bryant, one of the guys who got “housecleaned” by the geniuses Morris and Dominik.
    But, that is the past, and the near future involves an ass whipping of epic proportions in six days at the Linc by a vastly superior Coach.
    Hey, as decrepit as Barber now is, you guys may be able to burn him for 3-4 TDs.

  17. TFBuckFutter, you say “The Bucs have three black QBs on their roster, and I haven’t seen anyone point that out anywhere.”
    Why would anyone need to point that out? Does that have anything to do with anything? The fact that you seem to feel a need to raise the point shows there is still a long way to go.

  18. “ModHairKen says:
    October 5, 2009 6:22 PM
    Why would anyone need to point that out? Does that have anything to do with anything? The fact that you seem to feel a need to raise the point shows there is still a long way to go.”
    It was only a few seasons ago that Rush Limbaugh brought the issue up in criticizing Donovan McNabb.
    It’s actually surprising to me the issue isn’t brought up more, since some of the most highly criticized QBs in the recent past happen to be black. Young, Jackson, Russell, Leftwich, Campbell, Vick, even McNabb gets a lot crap from time to time.

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