Braylon Edwards under investigation by league

Braylon Edwards wasn’t arrested for his alleged punch of LeBron James’ buddy Monday morning, but the incident could still prove costly for the Browns receiver — beyond losing what fans he has left in Cleveland.

The NFL is investigating whether Edwards could have violated the league’s conduct policy, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer

It’s unclear if Edwards would be considered a repeat offender under the league’s policy; he was found guilty last year of driving 120 miles per hour, but he otherwise hasn’t had serious off-field problems.

Whether the league gets involved or not, the incident could amplify Edwards’ poor production since 2007.  Edwards had the same number of receptions as LeBron Sunday, while rookie Mohammad Massaquoi grabbed eight passes for 148 yards. 

The league’s quick involvement in Edwards’ case could also cause some to question whether there is indeed a double standard when it comes to players faced with charges of assault, and coaches. 

As Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports pointed out in an excellent piece this week, the league either hasn’t aggressively investigated Cable’s case yet or the league hasn’t done it publicly.

22 responses to “Braylon Edwards under investigation by league

  1. Apparently, some Browns players held Braylon back during this mess, so Goodell probably interviews them before coming to his verdict.
    “The Cleveland Browns: We. Are. Witnesses.”

  2. There better not b an investigation b4 cable is. Unless the league is keeping his investigation quiet, which they aren’t.
    The double standard lives on

  3. I’m sorry, I know these guys are 20-something males with a shatload of money. But dude, you make more in a year than 95% of the Cleveland fans that have packed that stadium every Sunday since the Browns returned in 1999 make in 15-20 years. Further, ok, yeah, get up and run, maybe lift some weights, but even if you include OTA’s, training camp, and pre-season, you’re still making all that money in a half-years work. To go and lose the 4th straight game, have no catches, the only time you’re name is called is after a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (because Braylon, we all know, you’re SUCH a badass), you’re out getting wasted the night of the horrid game. I’m sorry, that’s not just selfishness, arrogance, greed, and youth. As a die-hard Browns fan, that’s a f’ing slap in the face to every fan that paid money to sit in that stadium and watch you F up. F’ing cut him.

  4. Speeding AND assault? Methinks Braylon is vying for a spot with my Raiders! He’s trying too hard, though. Punching a guy who weighs a buck thirty? So sad.
    If McFadden hadn’t gotten hurt, the team could’ve swapped Fargas for him by now, one-for-one. Cleveland isn’t getting fair value for him now. Notwithstanding the fact that he’s been playing poorly thus far (look at his Qbs), he’s a free agent after this season.
    I love that Braylon has an inferiority complex with respect to Lebron James. Hellarious.

  5. Another top 5 pick that doesn’t have the heart/brain/common sense to play in the NFL. One more reason for a rookie cap.
    Cleveland should trade him to Oakland where he and Heyward-Bey can at least share a good excuse as to why they can’t catch passes….the stupid 1st pick over all J. Russel can’t get it close enough to them.

  6. I hope the NFL doesn’t suspend him. How would the Browns replace his “no catches for zero yards” effort???

  7. “teke184 says: October 6, 2009 2:41 PM
    Apparently, some Browns players held Braylon back during this mess, so Goodell probably interviews them before coming to his verdict.”
    I don’t know why he would, it’s been two months and he’s yet to “interview” Tom Cable. Of course, anyone who thinks that some of Goodell’s motives are racially motivated will want to keep a close eye on this one.

  8. If by “violating the league’s conduct policy” you mean “unable to catch a football and stealing a team’s money” then yes, he’s in violation.

  9. So, this is another case of inconsistency in the NFL. If the dude is not arrested, how can the league justify an investigation? Should be the same treatment as that of Big Ben & Merriman, too.
    No arrest = no investigation by NFL. Wait, that makes too much sense… It’s not like the league doesn’t have its hands full with that whole QB’s in skirts fiasco. :severe eyeroll:

  10. Him not being arrested is irrelevant folks. In Ohio, simple assault is only charged if the person who was hit files charges.
    So, if this guy decides not to file charges, the NFL still can take action if there’s evidence he’s guilty.
    If this guy doesn’t file charges, Braylon probably paid him off. Doesn’t mean the NFL shouldn’t step in and doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

  11. It really is pretty stupid for the NFL to go so gung-ho on investigating this one day after it happened, yet they STILL haven’t put it out there that they are investigating the Tom Cable punch to the jaw of one of his assistants. Whether they are doing it behind the scenes(i doubt it) or not, the fact is that this smells of a serious double standard.
    Goodell, you are being a real jack-ass here…you need to be fair to all of the athletes you have fined, suspended or banned from football and investigate Tom Cable’s ass NOW.

  12. What? Seriously? You mean no one has taken this story about Braylon Edwards and worked in some comments about how Mangini is fat and how everyone in th NFL hates him?
    You people are slackin’.

  13. Cut him! I am so sick of this dude. He’ll turn around and say that everyone is down on him because he’s from M.U. Dude, everyone is down on you because you suck! You can’t hold onto a football, and you’re a giant A-hole!!!

  14. Why Braylon, why?
    We here in Ohio welcome you if you are a stand up guy without a chip on your shoulder. Come on man we want to support you, but we won’t if you keep up acting like a spoiled child.
    We had a football star from Ohio State expect everyone to look the other way when he kept doing wrong things, and eventualy he ended up in prison.
    Please don’t throw not only your football career away. Think of all the good you can do for people.THINK, THINK, THINK.
    AND IF YOUR A PROFESSIONAL THAT CARES, QUIT GOING OUT SO LATE AT NIGHT. Crime stats show that 75% of crime happens between, 2am & 5am. and 50% of arrest are during this time period.
    An average player that goes out drinking late at night – becomes a non-player; an GOOD player becomes poor player, and a great taleted player becomes a AVERAGE player.
    I know you count yourself as millionare busness man now, but your still a football player;PLAY.
    When you were younger, you probable had a football in your hands most of the time, not just during practice and games; START CARRYING A FOOTBALL WITH YOU ALL OF THE TIME EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OUT IN YOUR EXPENSIVE SUITS.
    We ALL want to support YOU, but give us a good reason.

  15. BazookaJoe…….really,………REALLY???
    This is now a racial issue?? Please, please tell me the white player “hard care” to which you refer………..

  16. Id bench him. He is not a threat anymore. I would play both rookies and Furrey. We are already 0-4 and dont have much to lose. Im not giving up hope cause im a Browns fan but one rookie already showed what he is capable of why not take the chance with Robiske too? We have made excuses all last year why Braylon was just having a bad year but its this year and same crap again. I doubt they will bench him but if he doesnt shape up his off field issue(s) and catch a football he is worthless.

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