Kiss of death for the Broncos?

We’ve been ridiculed by Broncos fans for keeping their surprisingly strong team out of the top ten in our Week Four power rankings.

Though we’re impressed by the team’s accomplishments, they’ve still yet to achieve elite status, in our view.

Really, does anyone think they’d stand a chance against the Steelers?  (We’ll find out in November.)

The Broncos have a chance to prove the doubters wrong again this weekend, when the Patriots come to town, in what likely will be the PFTV game of the week.  For all two of you who will be watching the segment.  (Hello, Joe Brocato’s parents.)

But it could end up being a blowout at Mile High on Sunday, given that Sports Illustrated has jinxed the Broncos by putting them on the cover of this week’s issue (per the Twitter feed of the Denver Post).

We still like the Broncos’ chances on Sunday, made-up curses and hexes notwithstanding.

And if they win, they’ll likely make it into next week’s top ten.

Even if they don’t, they’re in great shape.  A 4-0 record means that even a so-so 6-6 gets them to 10-6 and gives them a shot at the AFC West.

50 responses to “Kiss of death for the Broncos?

  1. You should be ridiculed having two teams that Denver beat ranked higher then them. Your rankings are by far the worst out of any major sports site. Get a grip Florio.

  2. It doesn’t matter. Even if the Broncos win all 16 (which they won’t) games, the media is still gonna find a way to discredit what they’ve accomplished.

  3. Florio, it’s not exactly that you left them out of the top 10, but more about some of the teams you put in front of them. You have the Bengals waaaaaaaay too high on that list!
    And are you the same guy who put the Broncos on your “Top 5” list during the chat last night?

  4. It’s cool to hate on the Broncos this year.
    By far and away, we were made fun of more than any team in recent history, for our offseason.
    Like birds in a flock changing direction as one, reporters nationwide have followed the same trend of looking down and snubbing Denver. As a collective mind, they influenced the fans nationwide that Denver was a disaster.
    But in Denver and elsewhere, a few brave souls dared to look beyond the hype. Instead of focusing on the negatives, they noticed all the other changes that have happened to this team. And for the most part, most of the change has been positive.
    So these days it’s very cool to hate “Americans” world wide. In the US, it’s cool to hate the Broncos.
    But perhaps the large media tidal wave has reached it’s end. And that means a very strong back wash in the opposite direction. Just don’t fall on your ass when you reverse directions.

  5. The SI “kiss of death” jinx has been cancelled out by the Florio “hug of life” winx. Nice try though.
    The two teams match up very well; and I’m thinking that this time when Belichick meets his former protege at midfield to congratulate him on the win he will offer a little bit more than a pat on the back before dashing off.

  6. They beat the Pats and go into Baltimore undefeated….but leave with a loss. Like they always do, when they leave Baltimore…

  7. Really, does anyone think they’d stand a chance against the Steelers?
    No chance of beating Pittsburgh.

  8. I can understand not trusting Kyle Orton but that Defense is for real, whether media types admit it or not.

  9. Broncos fans are a crazy bunch anyway.
    I’ve been telling them all week they need to pinch themselves because it’s over when NE comes to town.
    Florio’s # 15 ranking is right on. The Donks haven’t played anyone.

  10. Woody Paige
    The Broncos will wear their repugnant 1961 uniforms on October 11 at home against New England. In the French’s Yellow Mustard jerseys with the Milk Dud brown pants and the vertically striped socks, the 1961 team was a national laughingstock.

  11. Why shouldn’t we think the Broncos can beat the Steelers? The Broncos are 4-0, the Steelers are 2-2. The Broncos had a last-second win over the Bengals, and the Steelers had a last-second loss to the Bengals. We’ll see what a month brings, but if the game were this weekend I would give the Broncos at least an even shot to win, and probably look at them as the favorite.

  12. You should be ridiculed having two teams that Denver beat ranked higher then them. Your rankings are by far the worst out of any major sports site.
    Er, which two? Dallas, Cleveland and Oakland are all ranked lower, with only Cincy higher. And it could very well be argued that Cincy should have won that game anyway.
    I’m sorry if you think your team is ranked too low, but sound like you’re neglecting strength of schedule. They beat the Browns (bad), the Cowboys (bad), the Raiders (bad) and the Bengals (jury is still out, but I’m thinking they’re mediocre at best). If they can beat some respectable teams (Dallas doesn’t count) then I fully support promoting them. We’ll see how they do this weekend.
    I do think the Bengals are ranked too highly and shouldn’t have gotten a four-spot bump in rank after *barely* beating Cleveland. They did beat Green Bay, though, and Pittsburgh (who, despite being 2-2, isn’t exactly terrible).

  13. You being a fan of Pittsburgh sports teams has been so blatantly obvious ever since your “Pittsburgh Makes History” article about winning the Stanley Cup and Super Bowl in the same year. The fact that you would “randomly” pick them as an elite team to test the strength of Denver is laughable. Or did you forget they lost to the BENGALS?
    I love this site and I highly doubt you could ever do something to ruin it for me, but god damn Florio, try just a little bit harder now that you are in the spotlight.

  14. Any time you have a team that is only allowing an average of 6.5 points per game after four games then you have a pretty dangerous team. No matter who they have played.

  15. Remember when the Bills were 4-0 last year?
    Don’t get too excited about the Broncos yet.

  16. Obviously Vegas doesnt think highly of Denver as they are an underdog at home agains this week.

  17. It’s nice to see them not gettin automatic respect. They have been the media darlings ever since Shannarat started coaching there.

  18. Before the season ever started, you peeps were discussing how Denver was done, the coach screwed them all up like they shouldn’t even play this season and how all young coaches wouldn’t get a chance now. Amazing how, 4 wins later, still no respect. Whatever, just don’t go turncoat in a couple weeks. Hindsight is an incredible motivator.

  19. Still waiting for all the critics who BLASTED McDaniel and said he couldn’t coach….to give the guy some credit now. The Broncos have already won more games than alot of people predicted they’d win for the entire YEAR !!!

  20. Why do you always compare teams to the Steelers? Have the Steelers been the best team in football this season? You are such a homer.

  21. The Pats have always had a tough time going into Denver. How much of that had to do with with Mike Shanahan having Belichick’s number? Who knows, but this game will definitely not be a blow out either way.

  22. By the retarded logic on this forum, Baltimore shouldn’t be ranked so high because THEY truly haven’t beaten anyone either. Let’s compare:
    Denver has beaten:
    3-1 Cincinatti
    1-3 Oakland
    0-4 Cleveland
    2-2 Dallas
    TOTAL: 6-10
    Baltimore has beaten:
    2-2 San Diego
    0-4 Cleveland
    0-4 Kansas City
    TOTAL: 2-10
    So if we follow the retard logic of you posters, Baltimore should be ranked lower than Denver. Look, if you’re going to make some BS rule about how a team can’t be ranked high because they haven’t beaten anyone then fine, but at least be consistent about it lest you prove yourself to be an idiot.
    The truth is neither of these teams picked their schedule. But both teams have gone out and beaten the teams they were supposed to beat pretty handily. You can’t punish them for that, especially when so many other teams have lost to teams they should have beaten.
    And I can’t wait to hear all the people talking about how they knew Denver sucked if NE beats them this weekend. As if somehow you’ll be vindicated about your prediction that Denver “sucks” because they got beat by a top 3 team. More retard logic that I just can’t compete with — just KYS and do the world a favor.

  23. “worst 4-0 team in history. they will be lucky to win 4 more.”
    Based on what, exactly?
    The Ravens have beaten no one of real consequence, yet they are treated like the best team in the league. The Steelers looked like hammered dog ass up until Sunday night–when they nearly blew a four-TD lead to a massively overrated SD squad–and yet, somehow, they are the measuring stick by which we judge Denver.
    Makes perfect sense, assuming you spend your free time smearing yourself with your own feces.

  24. the broncos are going to have a very tough time with new england. the pats know the broncos schemes just as well as the broncos know new englands, and the patriots secondary is about 20 times better than it was last year. the pats will shut down the broncos offense, and the pats will score enough to get the job done. if romo wasnt such a shitbag, the cowboys would have won that game. pats 27 broncos 13

  25. @Shademan
    Actually, Florio isn’t the worst of any major site.
    He’s ranked 11 of 15 of the major sites we track, based strictly on the idea that a higher ranked team should beat a lower ranked team.
    Through Week 4, Florio is 43-19 (69%). Among the sites we track, the best is Fox Sports 77% and the worst is at 67%.
    Sites we track:
    ESPN,,, FootballOutsiders, ESPN SportsNation, Jeff Sagarin’s Rankings, Fox Sports, ProFootballTalk, USA Today, Total Pro Sports, Sports Illustrated,, and’s Experts.
    Bottom line: consider the accuracy of your sources

  26. More proof that you “they haven’t beaten anyone” crybabies should kill yourselves:
    Giants have beaten:
    2-2 Dallas
    2-2 Washington
    0-4 Kansas City
    0-4 Tamba Bay
    TOTAL: 4-12
    Denver’s Opponents: 6-10
    So where’s everyone crying that the Giants haven’t played anyone? Or the Ravens? Retards.

  27. orangecrushd says:
    “Hmm, so the Bengals and Bears have achieved elite status? B.S.”
    Dude, don’t make this about our team. You’re probably one of those poor saps who live in Chicago with a constant chip on your shoulder. Different conference, there’s no reason to hate. Orton isn’t doing too bad for you, it’s time to move on.
    Besides, most of us are on your side with this. Embrace the city you live in, punkass
    “Though we’re impressed by the team’s accomplishments, they’ve still yet to achieve elite status, in our view…. Really, does anyone think they’d stand a chance against the Steelers? ”
    As for you, florio are issue isn’t that Broncos need to be ranked higher, but 5-10 of the teams above them in no way should be considered elite. Namely the chargers, who you jerk off on a weekly basis.
    The question isn’t how the Bronco’s would match up with the Steel (which is actually about as well as any other team until there defense regains form), but how they would do against the teams ranked above them. That’s the point of rankings, not everything has to be about your three favorite teams.

  28. Well I am not a Broncos fan… But I still think they have earned a top ten spot until proven otherwise. The way the steelers running game looks, and how well denvers secondary is playing.. I think the broncos Could take them

  29. So where’s everyone crying that the Giants haven’t played anyone? Or the Ravens? Retards.
    I see people arguing both of those points. And yes, they’re valid points. Though it’s not the fault of the teams in question (including the Broncos) if they haven’t really been tested against teams that have consistently done well in recent years (since this year is still a little too young to tell). Again, the Broncos will have a good measuring stick when they play the Patriots, a team that has consistently done well in recent years. If Denver can win or at least hang pretty close then they’ll gain a lot of credibility.

  30. With Polamalu, Steelers beat Denver.
    Without Polamalu, Steelers vs. Denver is a close game.

  31. What’s with this “we” shit, Florio? As far as I can tell, the only person Bronco fans have directed their discontent towards (and rightly so), is YOU.

  32. Really, does anyone think they’d stand a chance against the Steelers?
    Really it depends on which Steelers team shows up.

  33. Does anyone care to address csloan99’s points?
    Sure, but only because I’m a glutton for punishment and like to play devil’s advocate without worrying about whether I’m arguing for or against my *actual* viewpoint ;).
    The main reason I can think of that the “they haven’t played anyone!” argument would be valid is that the Broncos don’t have a good recent history and that people have short memories. Yes, you could say “The Giants haven’t played anyone either! Neither have the Ravens!” but those two teams have less to prove:
    Giants: Over the past three years they’ve had three playoff appearances and won the Super Bowl.
    Ravens: Over the past three years they’ve made the playoffs twice.
    Broncos: Over the past three years they haven’t made the playoffs.
    I semi-arbitrarily chose three years because, like I said, people have short memories and don’t remember very far back. You could extend it to five years, which gives the Broncos two playoff appearances and the Giants one more, but nobody’s thinking about what happened five years ago. Things change too much. And so the recent incarnations of the Giants and Ravens have been good teams in good divisions while the recent Broncos have been an okayish team in a bad division. That’s why, even though these teams mostly haven’t played anyone this year (except maybe Ravens-Patriots), the Broncos are the ones with something to prove. They haven’t been good recently, and if they want people to think they’re for real they’re going to have to beat some “for real” teams.
    Long story short: the Giants and Ravens have credibility left over from recent seasons while the Broncos, who have not been good in recent seasons, must prove themselves in order to get back into the club.

  34. The chip is squarely on the shoulder and it is not coming off – they will play with it there all year.
    It is evident that there is an “us vs. them” mentality despite feeble and back-handed attempts by most media outlets to unwind horrendously bad estimates of this team’s quality or lack thereof. When will the media learn that the NFL is not played from March to July? This team has failed to win at least 6 games exactly ZERO times in the past 19 years, but all the sudden they’re going to go 0-16, 1-15, 2-14, 3-13, 4-12, 5-11 (the pundits picks)??. These aren’t the Lions, Chiefs, Bengals, etc.
    National reporters with major outlets (John Clayton, Peter King) had this team going 3-13 and 4-12. We know Clayton was wrong, and King probably will be as well. King had the Chiefs going 8-8, what an idiot. Likely, that’s where the Broncos end up, 8-8, 9-7, maybe 10-6.
    After this week, this team will have been an underdog in 4 of 5 games INCLUDING THE RAIDERS GAME which they won by 3 TDs on the road. They are 4-0 ATS this year. Clearly the betting public hasn’t caught up.
    The teams that they have beat have SIX wins, the teams that San Diego has beat have TWO wins – is anyone talking about that?
    Denver has a chance to win the division because San Diego is Denver from last year….no defense, good QB that carries them.
    No room on the bandwagon, go heap praise on some East coast team…….

  35. You being a fan of Pittsburgh sports teams has been so blatantly obvious ever since your “Pittsburgh Makes History” article about winning the Stanley Cup and Super Bowl in the same year.
    Nah dude, this bs lovefest with the $hittsburg Sheilas has been going on on this site since way back. I remember after the Sheila’s beet Seattle in the Superbowl in Detroit (which was another abominable performance by the refs that gift-wrapped a victory by a team with a qb rating under 8 and an overrated defense which allowed over 400 yds of total offense) HOMerrr O FLORIO came out and announce his “affinity” to his “hometown” team. Florio was basically slobbering all over the city of Pittsburgh and the Sheila’s. He went on to state how happy he was for the “classy” organization and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah………. Typical Sheila crap that makes you want to vomit all over yourself and your neighbor which had to move from Pittsburgh to your neighborhood because their economy is perpetually disastrous and archaic. So they set up shop next to your domicile with the towels, the banners, the grizzwald mobile, the bad teeth, the 80’s big hair, the acid washed jeans, the identical DNA as their spouse, the kids from The Hills have Eyes, the yins references, the decorative household items made out of Iron City beer cans, the proverbial abandoned 1967 camper which convieniently doubles as in-law quarters that sits O’ about 7 and half feet from your property line

  36. All the doubters on here have been OWNED by CSLOAN99.
    All the teams that are 4-0 haven’t beat anyone. But the critics WANT to hate Denver!
    Bring the hate. Just makes the team hungrier!!

  37. Ken1313 says:
    October 6, 2009 3:01 PM
    Still waiting for all the critics who BLASTED McDaniel and said he couldn’t coach….to give the guy some credit now. The Broncos have already won more games than alot of people predicted they’d win for the entire YEAR !!!
    ALL the critics of McDaniel??? You mean all of the lame Patsy fans who were blasting him all preseason long? Because those were the ONLY McDaniel critics I saw on this website.
    Get over yourself, loser Putsy fan.

  38. Shanahan always had the Pats number, but he’s no longer the coach. However, the new coach is an ex-Pat. How interesting!

  39. First let me say im a Steelers fan .
    Denver is a good team . They havent played anyone tough yet but their chance is coming in the next weeks coming . 2-2 would be respectable considering they play the Pats Steelers Ravens and chargers . Or better then Denver is for real . 1-3 and 0-4 would pretty much confirm what the critics are saying about them .
    If Troy isnt back for the Denver game then the Steelers are in real trouble . Lets not forget the game is in Denver . So that means that Ryan Clark wont be there . His disease wont allow him to play there this year . So without Troy and Ryan it would hurt the defense greatly . We all have seen that the Steelers have been sucking in the 4th quarter so far this year , any lead isnt safe at the moment .
    So dont pencil in the Steelers as a win against the Bronco’s quite yet . Denver has a good young Defense . Solid running game and a decent Qb that is 17-2 lifetime at home games . We have struggled offensively this year . Sunday maybe the future of how good we can be . But its one game against a beat up Chargers D . Gotta see how we play to get a good feel . Just as easy as Denver could go 6-10 ( ask the skins who were 6-2 and finished 2-6) The Steelers could flop and go like 06 . Still lots of football to be played so lets see what happens .
    We dont make our own schedule we play who is on it and the order they choose . Everyone kept saying that the Steelers had a easy schedule this season , yet we are 2-2 . Not so easy afterall . So dont use it as a crutch to discount the Bronco’s . They are playing who they have cause the NFL told them to do so .
    But if the Steelers are completely healthy and the offense is playing the same as it did sunday night . And our D is playing better , well then Denver dont stand a chance . The Steelers would walk out of there with an easy 2 touchdown win . But alot has to happend as i said earlier for this to happen .

  40. All the teams that are 4-0 haven’t beat anyone. But the critics WANT to hate Denver!
    No, the critics are just waiting for true proof. There are five 4-0 teams:
    The Colts. Perennial powerhouse for the better part of a decade.
    The Giants. Consistently solid the past few years.
    The Vikings. An already-solid team that now has someone who knows how to play QB.
    The Saints. Already had a dominating offense, the defense is finally stepping up a bit more.
    And then the Broncos. It’s sort of like a “which of these does not belong?” because, unlike the other four, they do NOT have a recent history of truly consistent success on either side of the ball. Which is why people are taking a wait-and-see approach. People aren’t really disrespecting Denver, it’s just that Denver hasn’t been in the same league as the other four the past few years. The other four have a reputation, they’ve been “for real” for a while already and don’t need to prove it. The only reputation the Broncos have had prior to this is “meh.”
    So we’ll see if they can prove it. I certainly wouldn’t mind if they did.

  41. I’d like to add that when Gary Kubiak left Denver and their “mastermind” coach Mike Shanahan for Houston, the Texans lit the Broncos up the following year. They were playing against a weak defense but the offensive scheme resembled that of Shanahan’s and Mike could do nothing to stop it. Who says McDaniels won’t do the same to Belichik? Especially when his defense lacks that of the years when the Patriots were so dominant.
    To elaborate on the “they haven’t played anyone” comment: they haven’t… exactly. The Cowboys are a decent team, at least a great rushing attack. Felix Jones was out, but Tashard Choice and Marion Barber were held to a total of 74 yards in that game. Orton came through with a tremendous offensive effort, well pretty good at least, the 51-yard catch and run by Marshall sort of padded his stats… But nontheless he got the job done. Orton has yet to throw an interception, the Broncos have only lost the ball on offense two times now this year, and their three-sometimes-four-headed rushing attack is tearing holes in defensive lines. Let’s also mention Elvis Dumervil’s record pace 8 sacks this year.
    They may have a tough time against New England, but with McDaniels incorporating 30 new plays on offense and defense (that’s 60 together,) (every game), Belichik won’t have the advantage of film and defensive game planning that he normally would.
    I’ve gotta go ahead and lean towards Denver in this match-up and take all the heat associated with it, and I’d like to reiterate the point made about power rankings… No, Denver has not played any great teams, but we also haven’t lost to any bad ones. So… Steelers lost to Cinci… Period.

  42. I’m not pro- or anti-Denver, I just find this discussion interesting, but I’d like to point out one other difference I see between the Broncos and other 4-0 teams. I haven’t gotten to see much Bronco football this year, but what I have seen shows them beating the easy-ish teams, yes, but still in a sort of “by the skin of their teeth” fashion. They beat Cincy on a fluke play at the last second. They almost lost to Dallas but Romo somehow missed the memo that it was fourth down. I didn’t see any of the Cleveland or Oakland games, but: they were playing Cleveland and Oakland. Enough said.
    As MileHighMentor says, Denver hasn’t lost to any bad teams, but “not losing to bad teams” is not the measure of a great team. Even “beating bad teams” is not the measure. Compare the examples above with, say, the Colts so far. Indianapolis put on an absolute clinic against Seattle and Arizona, dissecting them like a high school freshman dissecting a frog. They beat Miami with a mere 15 minutes of game time, managing to score 27 points (and pass for over 300 yards) in that time. That’s obscene. And the close score against Jacksonville obscures the fact that they controlled that game well, keeping the Jags from scoring a TD until the fourth quarter and limiting MJD to fewer than 100 yards despite a traditionally porous run defense.
    I’ll give Denver a golfers’ clap for managing to not lose so far (they really should be 3-1, and barely managed to stave off Dallas. This team could easily be 2-2), but the difference between the Broncos and the other undefeated teams is that the Broncos’ wins against anyone remotely respectable (Cincy, Dallas) are very very sloppy while the “elite” teams go out there and make it look easy.

  43. Where to begin? First I remeber not to long ago when the Steelers won the SB and the next year the Broncos went in Heinz field and beat the Steelers with I believe Jake Plummer. Well guess what the Steelers won the SB last year and the Broncs are back again with yet another neck bearded QB. Not looking good for the Steelers as far as History goes. Why are people saying that Denver won the game because Romo couldnt scored a TD on the last play. Last time I looked the final score was 17-10 so even if the Cowboys did score that would have made it 17-16 pending a extra point and then it would have been tied. So how would that have been a loss? Its is basic mathmatics so I know it can be confusing at times

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