Limbaugh confirms that he's trying to buy the Rams

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has confirmed his interest in buying the St. Louis Rams.

Charley Casserly of CBS first reported on Sunday that Limbaugh and Dave Checketts are involved in one of three groups that have submitted proposals to purchase controlling interest in the team.

Checketts already owns the St. Louis Blues of the NHL.

The children of the late Georgia Frontiere — Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez — own 60 percent of the franchise.  Stan Kroenke, who owns the NBA’s Denver Nuggets and the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, owns the other 40 percent of the team.  Prior reports have indicated that Kroenke would like to purchase the remaining 60 percent, but he would need a waiver of the league’s cross-ownership rules, which allow ownership of other pro teams in the same market only.

“Dave Checketts and I have made a bid to buy the Rams and we are continuing the process,” Limbaugh said in a statement released Tuesday.

Limbaugh also said that he and Checketts would operate the team.

It’s unknown whether the duo’s group would purchase only the 60-percent share owned by Rosenbloom and Rodriguez, or whether they would buy out Kroenke, too.

Limbaugh, one of the most controversial figures in American politics, is a zealous football fan.  If he can keep his politics separate from his football, we’ve got no problem with the transaction.

We have a feeling that others might disagree with us on that one.

94 responses to “Limbaugh confirms that he's trying to buy the Rams

  1. I doubt his politics are whats going to make the Rams bad. He does seem like he could be a poor man’s Dan Snyder though.

  2. Cue all the liberal hate comments.
    From those, you know, “open minded” liberals !!!
    None of which will have a single thing to do with running a football team.

  3. “If he can keep his politics separate from his football, we’ve got not problem with the transaction.”
    Why would he interject politics into football? Silly question.
    Here’s a better one: why would Limbaugh make a bid to buy a part of the Rams now, when he could have made a bid to buy a part of the Steelers last year? He’s a Steelers fan, after all. Sort of like you, Florio.

  4. I have been a Ram fan since they were in Cleveland. If this bleeding heart fat drug abusing puke gets any part of them, that will end that!

  5. Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and one of the greatest figures in American history, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to his show.

  6. Maybe someone will take one of those ram horns and ram it right up his………….
    Limbaugh can’t keep politics seperate from taking a dump. How would anyone with any brain cells not see that this is going to be an absolute nightmare!

  7. Who the F are YOU to have a problem with him and his freedom of speech and opinion? I suppose you’d rather have O-BAMA bin Laden as an NFL owner?
    What a worthless piece ish you are…

  8. Rams fans if you think your team is having problems now, wait until this right wing racist is on board. No black guy would want to play for that racist owner and those that do play for him will be addicted to pain pills like that piece of crap

  9. Any chance Limbaugh buys the team and signs McNabb in the offseason? Vick??
    On the bus ride to games (because, as you know, NFL teams take the bus to games), will Limbaugh require the black players to ride on a separate bus than the white players??
    I keeed!
    In all seriousness, there shouldn’t be a problem with Limbaugh buying the team, so long as he doesn’t use the team to promote a social agenda…

  10. Yeah, cause there aren’t any other conservative football owners. I’m sure all those old football families are a real bunch of left-wingers…

  11. Being an NFL owner would force Limbaugh to really reconsider his public persona. He would no longer be able to simply pander to one political leaning at the expense of everyone else.

  12. Keeping his politics separate from football? If racism is a political position, I suppose that statement is accurate.
    How long before he tells one of his African American players/staff memebers to take the bone out of their nose and then call him back?
    This is a guy who said that football games look like a battle between the Bloods and the Crips…

  13. I don’t think Limbaugh will mix his politics with his team if he takes over the Rams. His detractors will certainly take the opportunity to do so, though.
    Also, considering how Steelers majority owner Dan Rooney was a big Obama supporter in 2008 and was rewarded by being named US Ambassador to Ireland, I don’t see how politics is a disqualifying factor to ownership right about now, even if different rules do apply to the Rooney family than the rest of the league.

  14. I used to be a dittohead until I reached the age of reason … I still listen to his show once in a while for the entertainment value, but he no longer speaks for me politically.
    That being said, I couldn’t care less whether he buys the Rams or not. I don’t even care if he can’t keep his politics out of the game. He certainly couldn’t hide them when he was on ESPN, but it didn’t bother me then and won’t bother me now.

  15. No way that Lush gets approved…not with his past drug addictions and lawbreaking, on top of his numerous racist comments.
    And he KNOWS this.
    This is just a sad attempt by a rich, fat pill-poppin’ loser to try and paint himself as a victim, all while millions of real hard working Americans struggle to make ends meet.
    Only the mentally-challenged fools who waste the precious hours of their lives listening to his drivel would think otherwise.

  16. mcnabb or anyone of his ilk will be lining up to play for the rams….
    forget the politics, how is a drug addled overweight drunk who shoots his mouth off qualified to run a team? i have no problem with him owning it but the article mentions him wanting to run the operation, like synder or jones.

  17. I’m sure Mr. Florio has to put some kind of political shot in there since PFT is now apart of NBC. We all know which direction NBC leans toward. I think Fox News is the best channel for the political stuff, but the best NFL News is right here at PFT.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Florio you are only bright spot NBC has!

  18. Rush Limbaugh one of the greatest figures in American history?? Kyanz43, you are an absolute moron.

  19. If politics is an issue, why does no one care that Keith Olbermann hosts NFL Whatever in America?

  20. @teke184:
    That’s a great point. Dan Rooney was openly supporting and campaigning for Obama, and former Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga publicly said that his intention was to complete the sale of his team before Obama had a chance to raise taxes. And Florio is trying to tell us that Limbaugh would have a problem with politicizing his potential position as part owner of the Rams?
    That bridge has been crossed long ago.

  21. Kyanz43
    You need somebody to do your thinking for you, do you? That’s really too bad, especially when it’s this puke!

  22. Al Michaels is the only Republican working for NBC.
    Remember, Rush Limbaugh would be just another Republican owner in the NFL.
    Rush Hudson Limbaugh MMM, MMM, MMM!

  23. I don’t know what you guys are so worried about.
    It seems to me Rush brings some positives to this team.
    1) Money
    2) Passion for the game
    3) Business savvy
    4) A competitive spirit
    Also, I really don’t see what his political views have to do with this at all.

  24. I would not oppose his ownership of an NFL team provided he slide me a few smoothies. Besides, like my Grandma used to say, “It’s only the apolitical junkies that can’t be trusted.”

  25. The NFL should be honored that a patriot like Limbaugh would consider getting involved with the LEFT WING PC league. Im glad lord Florio approves

  26. I think the issue is less about politics and more about social agenda. Limbaugh’s social agenda scares me more than his political agenda.
    That said, I don’t think he should be barred from buying into a team as things stand.

  27. TRAMO says:
    October 6, 2009 10:09 PM
    pretty easy to tell the truth sitting behind a mic in a building that is heavily secured…he wouldn’t dare say the things he say about anyone to their face, white, black, male or female…he’s a coward

  28. Florio, how bout the fact that like the old chick who owned the reds Limpdicbaugh is a RACIST!!!
    With the NFL players consisting 70% of American minority (not white people), Who in the right mind would want to play for someone like that dude. But just as long as you’re ok with it Florio…. Well you do live in WV, I guess I shouldn’t expect anything more from someone like you. F’in Pathetic

  29. TRAMO says:
    October 6, 2009 10:09 PM
    Ahhhhhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah. LMAO.
    The first 5 words of that sentence are among the funniest I’ve ever read.
    Having said that, I have nothing against Rush buying the Rams. Let that fatso see if he can succeed at something other than duping scared and frustrated Americans into believing insane conspiracy theories.

  30. The death of liberalism 2012.
    Rush will put money into making this team successful. He is a Football fan just like you and me.

  31. I like ma Americans fat, drugged and a carryin a Bible as big as a tractor!
    To hell wit you fancy city boys with yer readin and a writin.
    I believe that there are plenty of dumb ass people in this country that would vote for Larry the cable guy for president if given the chance.
    “He jus like me!”
    The celebration of stupid has reached a whole new level.

  32. “Kyanz43 says:
    October 6, 2009 9:40 PM
    Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and one of the greatest figures in American history, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to his show.”
    — Ah yes, that great patriot who would have proudly served his country in a war that he supported, except for that debilitating ass-cyst…

  33. @thebootguy
    if you want to bitch about rush actually know something about him
    that is Kyanz43 opinion…just like my opinion of you is your a stupid douche…bahahahahaha
    Oh and this will be good. What Rush said about McNabb wasn’t even about him. Besides the fact that he is overrated. Otherwise it was about the press. So SHUT UP ABOUT IT

  34. “Kyanz43 says:
    October 6, 2009 9:40 PM
    Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and one of the greatest figures in American history, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to his show.”
    — Ah yes, that great patriot who would have proudly served his country in a war that he supported, except for that debilitating ass-cyst…

  35. Here is the prob that I personally have with Rush being an owner.
    He once (prob more) said on his show that anyone that had an opinion other than his, anyone that disagreed with what he said was wrong.
    Sorry, but anyone that cannot handle a difference in opinion, anyone that cuts off someone trying to state what they think, why they think Rush is wrong shouldn’t be in any type of control. He has *HIS* radio show, he can control that all he wants. He failed on TV for that same reason.
    If this happens, it will go down as one of, if not the biggest debacle in NFL history!

  36. Rush believes in paying people that produce, there will be plenty of players willing to play for his team. The real test will be if the race pimps (Jesse, Al, etc…) will throw such a fit that the other owners and the league cave, and dont approve the sale.
    The “racism” charge against Rush with regards to the McNabb comments was nonsense. He simply commented that he thought McNabb was over rated, because some people wanted to see a black quarterback do well. What part of this is contraversial? McNabb being overrated is a matter of opinion. Every player in the league for the most part has people who thing they are over/under rated. As to people wanting a black QB to do well, this is true, and not limited to QB’s! Here in Jacksonville, up until last year we had a GM (Shack Harris) that openly bragged about having 3 black QB’s on the roster. How many thousands of times did we hear how great it was that the Bears-Colts superbowl featured two black coaches? How often do we hear of the need for more black coaches in college. Of COURSE there are people wanting blacks to do well. This was only a contraversy because Rush said it, and his political enemies saw a chance to play the race card.
    The two black guys on the ESPN panel (Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin) with him at the time he said it didn’t at all act offended, and in fact responded to the substance of his comment without even a hint of angst. McNabb himself was “so” outraged that he didn’t even respond for 3 days, then Al “Where de camera’s at?” Sharpton waddled out with McNabb and it was a national crisis.
    The bottom line is that people who hate Rush are going to find a reason to oppose it. The guy has enough of a football mind that until pressured to bounce him, the Four letter network had him on as an analyst. So the only question is going to be if the “tolerant” in society can tolerate someone with opposing views owning a team.

  37. #1 -Limbaugh is only controversial to the liberal left. It’s quite humorous how he goads your goat. You must be jealous at the size of his audience and the number of zeros in his pay check.
    #2 – 30 owners would happily vote for Limbaugh as a owner. He is one of them. They can’t wait to rub elbows with El Rushbo. I’m sure this chaps your butt.
    #3 – We could only be so lucky if Limbaugh kept his politics separate from football half as much Florio does.

  38. “If he can keep his politics separate from his football, we’ve got not problem with the transaction.”
    Yeah and you don’t feel that way about say, Dan Rooney exactly why?

  39. Rush is fat, pos junkie! If you get fired from bspn and these other idiots on there are still on, then you know he is truly stupid! Maybe he can sign mcnabb… with Jimmy the Greek as his gm

  40. @this class sucks … “I doubt his politics are what’s going to make the Rams bad.”
    Nothing’s “going to” make the Rams bad. The Rams are already bad.
    @Desides … The Rooney family weren’t in a “beggars can’t be choosers” position when it came to their minority owners. They were able to approve who bought in to the Steelers. Even if Dan Rooney weren’t President Obama’s Ambassador to Ireland, I doubt he would have approved Limbaugh’s group. The Rooneys have always been low key–something Limbaugh definitely is not.

  41. Rush has been destroyed so many times, but no better when he did it himself, regarding the Republican controlled house, when he admitted on air, and I quote,
    “I carried water for them, and I didn’t believe in what they were doing and saying”.
    If you are a dittohead, that is Rush admitting he just repeats what he is told to repeat, and you dittoheads do the same thing. He is a draft dodging chickenhawk tool that has millions fooled as he laughs his way to NFL ownership.

  42. A racist drughead ultra conservative……just what the NFL and the Rams need. I would feel for the Rams fans. Here’s a guy that thinks every nickel spent by government is a waste…….I can already see how much $ he would spend on free agents and building a winner, LOL. Although, it would be poetic justice, Rush owning a team and then having to ask for a state funded new stadium, LMAO!!!!

  43. @Kyanz43 …
    Abraham Lincoln was a great figure in American history. Rush Limbaugh is a radio talk-show host–an entertainer whose performance netted him a $400 million dollar contract. It’s one thing to agree with his views. To confuse him with great figures in history shows that you should spend less time listening to the radio and more reading history and trying to expand your intellect.

  44. “Steelers majority owner Dan Rooney was a big Obama supporter in 2008 and was rewarded by being named US Ambassador to Ireland”
    What are you suggesting? Don’t you know that Dan Rooney has lots of foreign policy experience and was given that job because he is eminently qualified? Doesn’t he sponsor the Mr. Potatohead float in the PGH St. Paddy’s Day Parade every year?

  45. Show a little decency here you bleeding heart liberals, shouldn’t you all be open minded and willing to hear all points? Funny how you people claim that the right is facists and then do everything you possibly can to make sure that no one ever hears a word from us…..
    Your done in congress in 2010, you are done in the whitehouse in 2012. Its time to reward people for working, not sitting on their backsides. Porkulus was a failure, so will obamacare, so will cap & tax. The good news is that republicans will be able to fix the nobama mistakes before it runs this country completely off the map. You are welecome to your opinion, but you have no right to silience mine.

  46. “If politics is an issue, why does no one care that Keith Olbermann hosts NFL Whatever in America?”
    Because we’re talking about the National Barack Channel, and they can be very selective about what they want to talk about when they are trying to shape the news.
    The feds released a draft report that blames multiple design flaws on the collapse of the Cowboys indoor training facility. Big news, nowhere to be found on PFT. Also no followup on the “Romo forgot the down” story. Crayton says that Romo calls the down and distance in the huddle on every play and did on the play in question. Sideline markers said third down when Romo looked and he was hoping to get an extra down a la the 2006 game between the Bengals and Ravens. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

  47. I imagine the other owner’s would have some concerns about the controversies he generates. If he will be operating the team, would he leave radio? How about all political commentary?

  48. At least once the franchise is out of the hands of the grandchildren of Lucia Pamela, we can end the speculation that the Rams will move to the Moon.

  49. i’ll preface this by saying i’m a proud blue-blooded bleeding heart liberal who despises rush and understands very well his shtick is mostly entertainment value.
    he can most certainly try to buy a team but any of you right-wingers who think the owners are simply going to let him take over a team just like that are completely misguided. a lot of the owners are old-school repubs who probably look at rush as a charlatan who has completely warped what real conservatism is all about. he’s turned their beliefs into a sideshow and now he’s going to get a pat on the back from the likes of the rooneys? the maras? the glazers? jeffrey lurie? al davis?!!!
    come on, guys. think!

  50. “I believe that there are plenty of dumb ass people in this country that would vote for Larry the cable guy for president if given the chance.”
    Hell yeah, look what’s in there now. Some people will vote for any damn body if he’ll just tell them what they want to hear.

  51. People that listen to that blowhard/fearmonger/racist/hatemonger/disinformation artist are the same retards who follow Hannity, Coulter, and Beck. They’re the same intellectual midgets who watch Fox News in general.
    These people look to these political entertainers for affirmation, not information. They want to be told things that re-affirm their pre-determined beliefs rather than actually find out what’s going on in the world and basing their opinions on actual events. They’re the same ones who gave rise to the international term “ugly americans”. They are generally known as the most ignorant people on the planet with regard to other countries and other cultures.
    Like that British newspaper headline said the morning after all these retards re-elected George W Bush to enable the most disatrous 8 year run of leadership in modern human history…………..”How can 64 million people be so DUMB?!”

  52. If he can keep his politics separate from his football, we’ve got no problem with the transaction.
    LOL, why should Rush keep his politics separate from football? Loud mouth leftists in Hollywierd are always shooting off their mouths.

  53. if Oxy-Moron bought my fav team, I’d change teams. but if he’s going to buy one [which makes me sick he has the ability], at least let it be the team that will be very bad for very long.
    The team would slowly become all right, errrr, white, too.

  54. @VoxVeritas …
    We all know you hate the Steelers, but it would be nice if you at least attempted to get your facts straight.
    Dan Rooney was involved in the behind-the-scenes negotiating surrounding the Good Friday agreement that resulted in the Irish Republican Army’s decision to disarm and end nearly four decades of guerilla war in the north of Ireland. Not a big deal to you, but it was kind of a big deal there.
    So given that he’s Irish American, well-known to the political factions there, and well-versed in the history and extremely complicated politics of Ireland, he was considerably qualified to be the ambassador–a position usually given to political cronies with ZERO qualifications. Maybe that’s why BOTH parties supported his confirmation without a hitch.

  55. The Rams will become the first all white football team in the modern and go 0 and infinity.

  56. If Jerry Jones can own a team, why not Rush? It will be fun watching those two trying to out do each other for the spotlight, spend billions, and get nowhere. Rams have done far, far better in the playoffs in the last 14 years than Dallas has. With Jerry setting the bar so low, Rush is bound to do better. Maybe Rush will use his connections to score Jerry some real high grade Peruvian Botox.

  57. These comments are great.
    I never would have thought that a talk show host could engender more foaming-at-the-mouth hatred than a child-rapist, but Rush Limbaugh and Roman Polanski continue to prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

  58. No politically active person, regardless of what side of the isle they hail from, should own any professional sports team in my opinion.
    Professional sports are one of the few things in this country that still brings a community together regardless of age, race, creed, religion, socio-economic class, gender, etc. I fear that very special ability is hurt when the owner, players or coaches have well known political positions. I saw it in Boston with the Red Sox where it happened on both sides of the isle. If you don’t think it had no affect then you haven’t really looked into it.
    Just read some of the posts here to see what I mean.
    If somebody with whom they disagree with politically they hate the idea. If it’s somebody with whom they agree they love the idea. That divisiveness does not need to be introduced into the NFL.

  59. Reading all the negative comments about Rush is quite comical. First it is highly unlikely that any negative commenter has actually listened to or ever heard any part of the Rush Limbaugh Show.
    Most if not all negative commenter’s posting hateful comments are only repeating the mantra they have heard others use. It is easy to tell they have not developed any of these thoughts on their own.
    Second all the racist comments and comments about Donovan McNabb are based on wrong information. The liberal media misconstrued what Rush actually said and reported it as racist comments directly against McNabb. Rush’s actual comments were directed at sports writers who were reporting McNabb’s performance to be better than McNabb had actually performed because McNabb was black. Because McNabb is black these sports writers were also reluctant or afraid to report anything negative against McNabb. As it turned out Rush was Right!

  60. Kyanz43 says:
    October 6, 2009 9:40 PM
    Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and one of the greatest figures in American history, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to his show.
    That’s either the funniest or saddest statement I’ve ever heard.
    The fact is that if you have an average IQ or better, an education and some common sense you see right through Rush’s cheesy tactics and blatant lies in the first 30 seconds of listening to his show. He’s a sleazy liar and his impact on America has been nothing but toxic by purposely misleading and misinforming millions of Americans to line his own pockets with enough money to buy a pro football team and then some. Rush is to the truth what John Wilkes Booth was to Lincoln.
    If Rush buys the Rams and they absolutely suck, how long before he blames his team’s problems on the liberal bias of NFL refs? I put the over/under at 3 games.

  61. VoxVeritas says: “Some people will vote for any damn body if he’ll just tell them what they want to hear.”
    Yeah! Look how many people believed Iraq was responsible for 9/11, had weapons of mass destruction (that we didn’t give them), that with the armed forces spread desperately thin we could ignore Afghanistan and not face consequences, that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia- both of whom played key roles in 9/11 – were our allies, that the Iraq war would pay for itself, that our soldiers would be greeted as liberators, that you could invade and hold Iraq with far fewer soldiers than leading US Generals asked for, that water boarding isn’t torture, and that you could fight two wars, cut taxes and balance the budget. Wouldn’t surprise me if you still believe it.

  62. Finally! A reason to hate the Rams.
    Fat @$$ Limbaugh sucks!
    The right wing loonies don’t know when to quit.

  63. If you so much as mention Rush Limbaugh’s great name, the liberal bawl-babies are sure to come out of the wood-work.

  64. The Rams would go from the laughable losers to the most hated team in the league. Bank on it.
    Minorities would avoid the team (not all of them, but a majority) and in return, the team would get even worse than it is (lets be painfully honest, most of the skill players are minorities).
    Yeah, go ahead and do that Rush. You’ll make it much easier to be a Lions fan. We love watching other bad teams get even worse.

  65. He’ll have to cede control once he takes office, so don’t worry about how he’ll run the team….

  66. To be A-political for a moment: If I were a Rams fan I would be VERY afraid.
    He could very well be a combination of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, which regardless of politics, would be death to a franchise.
    That said, the point made early that he will never be approved is right on the money. No way he passes the NFL Security Background Check. His drug use probably brought him in contact with the type of people the league does not want around the ownership group (unless they are playing football that is).

  67. Limbaugh can’t and won’t separate politics from anything. If he buys part of the Rams it will assure their mediocrity long into the future.

  68. well dan rooney sure didnt have to keep his politics separate.
    modern liberals are real fellow travelers. any opposition dare not speak up, the libs have decided they and they alone are always right.
    florio and company, you arent. time to get over it.
    resident zero is crooked, incompetent, was born in africa to a mother who would soon shed her citizenship (and thus his), and has traveled on other than a US passport. he is not a citizen here and should not be in the white house, even as a tourist.
    lincoln was a monster. ask all the folks he illegally ordered to be shot. ask the indians he had killed, since his administration saw more indians killed than any other. ask the southerners who got shot, since secession was and is legal. ask the northern newspapermen, legislators and unwilling draftees who got shot.
    right wing-ism works. and the left knows it. that’s why the left squeals like a stuck pig at the mere possibility that the left wont get its way.
    no one has confidence in resident zero being competent or not trying constant power grabs. why else does one think weapon and ammunition sales are way up?
    the left is unnatural.

  69. What if Keith Olbermann were trying to buy into an NFL franchise? Would the media care or whine about it? Would conservatives post all over the internet about what an egomaniacal nutcase he is? (And he appears to be just that.) He is every bit as outspoken as Rush. The difference is that no one listens to Olbermann, so he has neither Rush’s audience nor earnings power. And speaking of Olbermann, has anyone at NBC ever bothered to find out how many of us will not watch their Sunday night pregame show because Olbermann participates? Check his cable show ratings and it might give you a clue.

  70. Rush is just a pusher for the Republican drugs of choice: Racism, hatred and fear.

  71. There are a lot of “zealous football fans” out there but that doesn’t mean they know how to run an NFL franchise. Rush won’t be able to just spew his rhetoric and have millions of sycophants believe every word he says as if it’s the gospel.

  72. If Limbaugh does own this team, they’ll become easier to defend against.
    All of the offensive plays will go to the right.

  73. Bwa Ha Ha says:
    October 7, 2009 6:01 AM
    I dunno, a team wearing tin foil helmets is bound to get hurt

  74. Kyanz43 says:
    October 6, 2009 9:40 PM
    Rush Limbaugh is a patriot and one of the greatest figures in American history, and anyone who thinks otherwise has never listened to his show.
    How do you equate an ‘entertainment show’, not even a news show, as the underlying pinnings of “one of the greatest figures in American history”?

    I bet you also think that the Home Shopping Network has the best deals around, barring your country Super-Wal-Mart. You know, the one just past the three Meth houses “down the road.”
    People like you scare me. It’s no wonder our country has gone to pot in the last eight years. Thinking for oneself is looked upon as a “liberal” philosophy. Go back and to building your Saturns, oh wait, that brand has been discontinued, I meant Pontiac, D’hop another one. Kyanz43 you’re a sheep. Go back to your herd.
    As for Limbaugh owning the Rams. I never thought I would say this as a St. Louisan, but…Go Bears!

  75. @ getagrip …
    Are you trying to tell us Roman Polanski wants to buy an NFL team???
    @ slipkid …
    Okay, you are very scary. Let me guess: Slipkid Jr. is on lookout and the ATF agents are about to storm the cabin …

  76. Bwa Ha Ha says:
    October 7, 2009 6:01 AM
    I dunno, a team wearing tin foil helmets is bound to get hurt
    Rush after repubs lose the H.O.R. – “I’m glad I don’t have to carry thier water anymore”
    That is Rush admitting that what he was telling you to believe, and buy into, HE DIDN’T BELIEVE OR BUY INTO.
    Dittoheads as if that is a term of endearment. Our country is where it is because of people like Rush and his followers.

  77. You left wingers are really something.
    Rush is part of the left wing media and his politics are middle of the road.
    His eloquence and media savy would be a great addition to the ownership group.

  78. If you ever use the term “liberal media”, your argument is null.
    The reason Rush has such a big audience is because the ignorant and racist in this country have nothing to do but sit on their fat asses and listen to him! Liberals have things like “jobs” and “hobbies” outside of watching So You Think You’re Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Larry the Cable Guy’s new standup.
    If you try to win an argument with “but, but, but.. liberal media! You probably drive a tow truck or work at McDonals.
    Or you’re Vox Veritas.

  79. Once again, Vox proves he doesn’t fart.
    He never shuts his pie hole long enough to build up any pressure.

  80. @Ocelot138 …
    Couldn’t resist visiting Vox’s myspace page. Found his “loving” tribute to House’s Dr. Lawrence Kutner who died so that Kal Penn, the actor who played him, could leave acting to go work for President Obama.
    At least Vox can appreciate actors who disagree with him–assuming he knows the guy he’s lovingly featuring on his site works for the “liberals” he keeps ridiculing.

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