Packers-Vikings delivers top rating in cable history

To no surprise, Monday night’s game between the Packers and the Vikings resulted in a record-high cable television rating, and thus the highest ratings in ESPN’s 30-year run.

More than 15 million households tuned in for the game, besting the prior cable and ESPN records set in September 2008 for a game between the Eagles and the Cowboys, which drew 12.9 households.

By way of comparison, the classic 1985 Monday night game between the Bears and Dolphins on ABC drew more than 39 million viewers.  A December 1990 Monday nighter between the Giants and 49ers racked up more than 41 million viewers.

So even though pretty much everyone now has cable, there’s a fundamental difference between the largest audiences that can be generated via the cord that goes into the back of the television and the metal ears of a rabbit.

22 responses to “Packers-Vikings delivers top rating in cable history

  1. 15 million households and the average household size is 2.6 people. That comes out to about 39 million viewers.

  2. The ratings are based on 5,100 households with the special AC Nielsen box. Ted Thompson somehow got his mitts on the list of those households and paid them to watch.

  3. Where in the hell are all you stupid Packer fans! C’mon, you talk shit all offseason and thru the preseason. All the shit you said, where are you NOW! “Vikings are paper champs again”, looks like you are the PRE-season champs!
    Did you guys hear the sad news that you fans no longer own a part of the team. Yea, its true…
    Mr. Jared Allen now owns the Green Bay Packers! Oh yea, maybe Antwaan Odom has a share as well.
    What now…was it the bad calls, yea that was a terrible call on Woodson. Man you guys got screwed big time! Well, SUCKS TO BE YOU!
    I dont wanna hear your pissin and moaning. Or about the Vikes never winnin the big one. I’m not talking about ancient history, lets talk the here and now. Cause wasnt that the stinkin crap you guys were talkin out your asses since February.

  4. it’s really not even a fair comparison though, in 1985 how many cable stations were there, and how many households had them? I’d guess that about 75% of all households had four channels…ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS…ok ok, I know there was some stuff on UHF channels too, but basically we had four choices, so realistically the 1985 record should stand for a really really long time. all these choices and never anything on…

  5. The Twins one game playoff victory over the Tigers to win the A/L Central did pretty well in the ratings department as well. = )

  6. The Packers got Favred, there’s no way around it.
    Take it like a man, Packer fan.

  7. “More than 15 million households tuned in for the game, besting the prior cable and ESPN records set in September 2008 for a game between the Eagles and the Cowboys, which drew 12.9 households.”
    I was in that .9th household and let me tell you, the the .1th of the house that didn’t tune in was PISSED.

  8. Yes, Carter, you won. Yes, Jared Allen made our entire NO-Line his bitch. Congratulations.
    For the first time ever, that championship you’ve all been claiming since April looks like it has a chance of actually happening. I still doubt it, but who knows. Monday definitely proved it’s not OUR year, we’ll see if it’s yours.
    In the meantime, find something to do, okay? don’t waste your time trying to get Pack fans to make excuses as to why we got our asses handed to us. We don’t usually bother. We admit it when we lose.

  9. Beer:
    You are handling the BS quite well, better than I would after reading some of this garbage.
    Carter: Where were you the last few weeks? Had to wait to make sure they beat the Pack before you came back?
    I only get on the Packer fans that made excuses.
    Beer, once again, hats off to you.

  10. I love that so many of you Diking fans are so fond of crowning yourselves SO early in the season…
    A couple wins over cupcake teams, one win at home over a good team (missing its best player) on a last-second prayer, and one win over the Pack in the Homodome, and you deluded braggarts start laying claim to the division already and picturing yourselves pulling tricks in the back alleys of Miami on Super Bowl Sunday.
    Not over by a longshot, kids.
    There’s that nagging little thing called history, which is a pretty good indication of what’s to come–past is prologue and all that–and history says your team only gets WORSE as the season progresses, as does your new Lord & Savior.
    Both master choke artists.
    Plus, how many teams that “peak” early sustain that level of play come November & December?
    Few, and far between.
    And Bratt’s already played his Super Bowl v. 1.0, with one more to go–after that, I bet he mails it in, or his taint flairs up.
    Even if you secure a Homodome game in the playoffs, I say your failure is inevitable.
    History and hubris support that.
    Either way–your team is ONLY exactly where everyone said it would be at this point, even “haters” like me, and the purple-slurping is at its crescendo, too (as promised), but there’s A LOT of football left to play.
    And you’re not the only team with an *upgrade* at the QB spot.

  11. Said Pack team beat your Bears .
    Had trouble with the “cupcake” lions.
    Played the Steelers tough, will give you that, how often does Pitt’s kicker miss 2 FGS?
    Beat a Seattle team missing a starting QB, LT among others.
    Yeah, that sure was Brett’s super bowl, you frickin idiot.
    I just love how you know what’s going to happen, you been talking to Madam Cleo again?
    You keep hoping and praying.
    The team sure folded last year, your crappy Bears team couldn’t keep up could they?
    Got a 20 point loss hung on you by the Vikes late in the year didn’t ya?
    Keep up with all your garbage talking there asswound. You see where it got the Packer fans.
    If you want to call Jayne an upgrade, go ahead.
    You’re still in 2nd place, just where you were last year.
    Keep up your gay porno posts, you can’t make it thru one without bringing your lifestyle into it can you?

  12. Larry: thank you for your always insightful, respectfully worded and intelligent perspective.
    Other Viking fans: What I think Dewey was trying to say, and I’ll admit it’s very hard to decipher, is that the season is far from over, and that anything can happen.
    Not to take anything away from you, 4-0 is 4-0 no matter who you’ve played. You are what your record says you are, and that’s a damn good football team.
    Without a doubt, if all the North teams continue to play like they have thus far, the Vikings take the division without question, and probably with a five game lead.
    However, there are a lot of factors between now and January that could potentially change that.
    For instance, if the Bears’ defense continued to play like they did against the Steelers, and not like they did against the Pack, that’s a solid football team. If the Pack’s offensive (pun intended) line learns to block and gets the pad level fixed like McCarthy says they will, that’s the potential to be a powerhouse offense. If the Lions…. well, nevermind.
    Also, if Favre gets hurt like the 40 year old he is, or Peterson or Allen for that matter, the Vikings become a one-dimensional team again. Harvin hasn’t had time to learn the jump pass offense yet, no one’s fearing Chester Taylor, and without the amazing pass rush your rather suspect secondary would be exposed.
    This is all speculation and if’s of course, but the point here is that it’s a long season and anything can happen. A lot more people had the Jets in the Super Bowl than the Cardinals this time last year. It’s simply too early to crown ANY team regardless of how well they’re playing.

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