Parker, Marathe still meeting on Crabtree deal

A league source tells us that agent Eugene Parker and 49ers V.P. of football operations Paraag Marathe continue to meet regarding a contract for receiver Michael Crabtree, the sole remaining unsigned player from the 2009 draft.

It’s unknown whether the two sides are close to a deal.  We’ve previously heard that progress has been made.

Regardless of how it all shakes out, someone will come out of this thing looking bad.  The 49ers have made it clear that they won’t be paying more than the slotted value for the tenth overall pick; Parker has made it clear that he wants much more than Crabtree’s draft position would dictate.

8 responses to “Parker, Marathe still meeting on Crabtree deal

  1. So they’ve both stated what they want, which wasn’t acceptable before, and now they are going to renegotiate. And they will probably come to a COMPROMISE, which doesn’t necessarily make either one look bad (or worse)..
    Look at me, look at me, I can blog! Call me Florio!

  2. Why not give him a shorter contract but less money up front? Niners get less risk if he’s a bust. He gets to free agency sooner. Win, win in my opinion.

  3. GET IT DONE! It may spread the field a little to give frank a little more room. one more weapon, if the team embraces him

  4. Apparently MC hammer is in on the negotiations. Deon + Hammer + Crabtree=LMAO.
    Leave the “dance machine” out of this, Mike.
    Talk about the 3 stooges.

  5. Niners need to tell Crabtree who the boss is…the Niners, that is. Crabtree takes the deal that they are offering or he can become a second-rounder and get even LESS money PLUS lose an entire season of his playing career instead of just the part that he has already lost. Fine his sorry ass for missing training camp and the first part of the season as well even if he accepts the deal.

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