Sharper wins NFC defensive player of the week prize

When the Vikings announced that quarterback Brett Favre won the NFC offensive player of the week award in a release that said nothing about the wild man who roped the invisible calf 4.5 times, the message was that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen likely hadn’t won the NFC defensive player of the week prize.

And he didn’t.

Saints safety Darren Sharper gets the nod, thanks to a two-interception performance against the Jets, which included one that was returned 99 yards for a touchdown.

It’s the second time Sharper has won the award during his 13-year career.  The other occasion came in November 2005, when Sharper picked off New York’s other golden-boy quarterback three times, returning one for a touchdown, in Minnesota’s 24-21 win over the Giants.

24 responses to “Sharper wins NFC defensive player of the week prize

  1. Best safeties in the league
    1. Darren Sharper ( Never gets any respect)
    2. Ed Reed (If he had a Superbowl ring he would be the best)
    3.Bob Sanders (When healthy)
    4. Space
    5. Space
    7. Sean Taylor (R.I.P.)
    8. Space
    9.Troy Polamalu (maybe)

  2. Ridiculous. Sharper was great. But Allen was unconscious! That was one of the most impressive defensive performances ever witnessed. Can the OPOTW and the DPOTW be on the same team? Has that happened before?

  3. Enough already Karen we get it, TT worst GM ever the Green Bay Packers the worst organization ever. The GB haters on here are more relentless than Jared Allen. Some Packers fans stay loyal to the team no matter what.

  4. Now I’m not hating on the Vikings at all, and I respect Jared Allen and know that he is a very good player, but did anyone actually watch his 4.5 sacks? I’ll break it down how I saw it for those that didn’t and are praising him like he’s some kind of Bruce Smith/Lawrence Taylor like hybrid:
    Sack 1: Left tackle inexplicably goes for a cut block, whiffs and Aaron Rodgers doesn’t complete a quick pass. The other DE legitimately beat his man, and forced Rodgers into Allen.
    Sack 2: Good push and pass rushing moves.
    Sack 3: Blown play and completely unblocked.
    Sack 4: Blocked twice by a back and the tackle, had time to reverse field and still get to Rodgers because the ball hadn’t been released. His own fault for holding onto it for so long in the endzone after stepping up.
    Sack 5: Nice stutter step, good burst and a good sack.
    So that’s what? 2 sacks through legitimate effort and not a combination of bad blocking and Aaron Rodgers being an idiot? Antwan Odom got 5 sacks the other week against the same team and no-one’s going on about how much of a beast he is?
    This is not the rantings of a Bears/Packers/Lions fan who hates the Vikings. I just watched the highlights and was thoroughly unimpressed considering all the praise he had got.

  5. Willis – 8 tackles, 3 for a loss, 3 QB pressures, 2.5 sacks, 1 INT for a TD… he should have won this.

  6. Willis got hosed. 2 picks for a Free Safety vs. a rookie QB? Come on. Just another example of no respect for the West Coast teams.
    Jared Allen played against a rookie LT and a b/u LT. If Allen would just play (like he does) without the smack talk, bullsh**, and hollywood drama he may get a little more respect.

  7. jamesz23 says:
    October 6, 2009 8:29 PM
    Enough already Karen we get it, TT worst GM ever the Green Bay Packers the worst organization ever. The GB haters on here are more relentless than Jared Allen. Some Packers fans stay loyal to the team no matter what.
    That last sentence is exactly why the pack fans suck. They blindly follow TT and think the Pack can do no wrong. They need to be more critical of the franchise and hold them accountable more often, hopefully they will after the pack end up going 6-10 again..its gonna get ugly when the weather turns and that craptacular O-line is constantly under attack..I wonder if Rodgers makes it through the entire season? I am betting he misses games. He has a history of injury.

  8. # this class sucks says: October 6, 2009 8:25 PM
    Pretty sure the Packers secondary is pretty good why would they need Sharper?
    Yeah, that’s why Green Bay is 24th in the league in points allowed, and 18th in Passing yards allowed, because their secondary is “pretty good.” Kyle Boller threw 2 TD’s against that secondary. At this point, they should consider bringing Leroy Butler back.

  9. For the record . . . like what others have said on this site . . . Patrick Willis should of won this award . . . AGAIN!

  10. Darren Sharper is smart I give him that, but he isn’t or wasn’t picking off good QBs because hes lazy and useless and not as good as some people think. Notice his picks have come off of;
    1. Matthew Stafford 2ints (rookie)
    2. Kevin Kolb 1int (first 2 starts)
    3. Mark Sanchez 2ints (rookie)
    As you can see they come against first time guys. They make horrible mistakes and just gun the ball into double or triple coverage. Also go back and watch footage of him, any team he was on. Missed/unattempted tackle after tackle. Or just a push out of bounds. Until he actually gets the ball in his hands he is useless and always will be.

  11. Osterhouse I hope TT gets fired I am very critical they should have fired James Campen the OLine coach looong ago. Just because I don’t like the way the team ignores free agency, shaky draft choices, inability to develop other young players – isn’t enough to change my screen name to something stupid & start rooting against the team. That is sooo wack.
    And Brett Favre played a great game last night but I could care less what the haters say ARodg with an OLine and a running game would be sick – the guy does not get scared, rattled and it was his 20th career start – he has a bright future. Now they must fix the rest of the team starting with the GM position.

  12. Lets face it…it’s been a LONG time since any Saints player was even considered for defensive player of the week (Vilma being the one bright spot)…not to mention the fact that this is the first time in a few years that a Saints player wearing the #42 has not been “burned” week in and week out…aka Jason “Toast” David…lol…

  13. the packers oline is in shambles….they have 2 rookies starting one of whom is named andy cialis……

  14. this class sucks says:
    October 6, 2009 8:25 PM
    “Pretty sure the Packers secondary is pretty good why would they need Sharper? ”
    Yeah, they looked great last night.

  15. @ Jay- Just watching the highlights don’t cut it for observation. Obviously you didn’t watch the whole game. And the “how he got it” by numbers shit don’t make sense either. Sharper picks off rookies this season but those are still good plays. Allen was a pain to Green Bay the WHOLE game wether he got the sack or not. Never judge a mans game until you watch the WHOLE game.

  16. May I suggest throwing some awards Patrick Willis’s way? Otherwise the entire league will feel his mighty wrath.

  17. “Best safeties in the league
    2. Ed Reed (If he had a Superbowl ring he would be the best)”
    How would having a Superbowl Ring make him a better safety? Would the extra weight increase his downforce when changing direction?

  18. You Vikings fans ought to take some advice from one of your own.
    Fan_Of_ Four says:
    October 1, 2009 11:45 AM
    This is a tainted award, how proud can you be when your success came against Green Bay ?

  19. Sharper has his moments, but if Favre played for the Niners Willis would have been seen more and noticed more. And I hate the Niners, so don’t call me a homer.

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