Tebow not likely to play, even if cleared

We care about college football in two situations:  (1) when West Virginia University is playing; and (2) when the issue relates to the NFL draft.

Since the Mountaineers play at Syracuse this weekend, we’re primarily interested in the status of Tim Tebow, since it’s now a given that he’ll be drafted in round one by the Jaguars, if not by anyone who picks before them.

Tebow hasn’t been cleared to play after suffering a wicked concussion on September 26, and he reportedly won’t play even if he’s cleared.

John Taylor of CFT has the details.

OK, there’s a third occasion when we care about college football — when we can pimp something on our sister site.

8 responses to “Tebow not likely to play, even if cleared

  1. you guys can talk about guys like Tebow, Bradford, McCoy here because they’ll be in the NFL next year & they’re all a big deal with the pre-draft news & speculation. thank you for not making me go to CFT for this.
    Tebow being out is a big deal, but i think it would be more mental for the team than anything else. Florida’s strength is their defense anyway, which returned all starters from last year. LSU’s offense is ranked, what, 99th in the country? Florida’s D is in the top 5. I would be very surprised if Tebow’s absence somehow makes the Florida D fall apart.
    Brantley isn’t half bad either. He’s a better passer than Tebow anyway. I’m guessing you’ll see more 2-RB sets where the RB’s swing out as receivers in the flat. Obviously Brantley won’t be rushing the ball 20 times a game like Tebow did.
    This will probably make more fits for LSU’s gameplan than anything. I don’t understand why they didn’t come out and say this on Friday – at least leave LSU guessing as to who would start.

  2. How often can one man be wrong in one day Florio? Weaver didn’t declare that the Jaguars would draft Tebow in the first round. Here is the quote; “Clearly there’s going to be a groundswell for Tebow, and we’ll have to make that evaluation if we have a draft pick that’s going to be anywhere near him.” Is it difficult to understand that he was saying that if the Jaguars have a pick close to where they have Tebow rated then all the other factors he discussed will be given strong consideration? He never said that they have or will have Tebow rated as a first round talent. I guess that truth doesn’t have nearly the same shock value, does it? Give me a break.

  3. why wouldnt they protect him and keep him on the bench? even if they lose 1 game, the media will stroke florida and they will be in the national championship. sec teams are so frigin overrated, it drives me nuts. frigin lsu won a title with 2 frigin losses, so obviously if florida loses and wins out, they will be in the title game. nobody will give usc the benefit of the doubt for the game matt barkely missed. I am so sick of hearing about the sec….it is time for playoffs, now

  4. I think he’ll be an excellent special teamer/wedge-buster if these concussions don’t slow him down.
    -an NFL GM.

  5. sim448, I’m with you.
    Texas is *probably* going to walk into the BCS Title Game, even though their strength of schedule is horrible. Yes, they’ll probably be undefeated, but who have they played?
    OSU lost to Houston, who lost to UTEP, who was ransacked by the Texas JV team.
    OU, well, is just lost. QB still out. TE out. Top WR now out…. already lost 2 games this year.
    Texas A&M got blasted by Ark.
    Tech gave Texas a run for their money…and Tech isn’t even rated!
    If Texas makes it to the title game and gets blown out like Jason White’s Sooner squad a while back….perhaps then a playoff will actually be entertained. Or these powerhouse schools will stop booking cupcakes.
    Or pollsters won’t count cupcake victories.

  6. sim448 – you think the SEC is overrated? they’re 3 of the top 4 teams in the country right now. they’ve won 4 out of the last 6 national champsionships. how is that overrated?
    why are SEC teams ranked so high? because teams like Florida, Alabama, and LSU don’t lose to Washington. LSU managed to beat (albeit barely) the same Washington team USC lost to.
    You can’t trumpet how great USC or the PAC-10 is when they lose games like that.
    Texas is the biggest unknown on the list right now – they will not play anyone until the big 12 title game, so their schedule is relatively soft. If Florida loses to LSU, i expect to see Texas & Alabama shoot to 1-2 and Florida probably falls to 4 and LSU moves to 3. I honestly don’t think Florida will lose to LSU. Remember Florida beat LSU last year 51-21. 😉

  7. Aren’t the Mountaineers that team with the lady coed playing the role of the Jed Clampett mascot?
    How does she get that gun past stadium security
    Why would anyone want to watch that team unless Florio Jr is playing there?
    90 days later and we’re still waiting on a fix for the login problem and a return of the comment ratings.

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