Bye week allows most Eagles to get healed

The first official post-bye injury report for the Philadelphia Eagles contains plenty of good news for the team that will host the Buccaneers on Sunday.

Only one player missed practice due to injury.

Absent was guard Todd Herremanns, who has been battling a foot injury.

All other injured players fully participated in practice:  receiver Kevin Curtis (knee), safety Quintin Demps (hamstring), cornerback Ellis Hobbs (illness), guard Max Jean-Gilles (shoulder), tackle Winston Justice (hamstring), quarterback Donovan McNabb (rib), cornerback Dimitri Patterson (hand), and running back Brian Westbrook (ankle).

Coach Andy Reid has said that McNabb and Westbrook will start on Sunday.

McNabb suffered a broken rib during a Week One win over the Panthers, when defensive tackle Damione Lewis dove on McNabb in the end zone after a rushing touchdown.

15 responses to “Bye week allows most Eagles to get healed

  1. “…..McNabb suffered a broken rib during a Week One win over the Panthers, when defensive tackle Damione Lewis dove on McNabb in the end zone after a rushing touchdown….”
    Could you please emphasize “after” in this post, please?

  2. “O Yes Sir its time for the Eagles to start flying up that Power Ranking.”
    Yeah Florio would probably put them in the top 5 if they beat another 0-fer team.

  3. 41-6 Philly on Sunday. You Bucs fans wanting Gruden to get fired last year, EAT IT BABY. I’ve been with the Bucs for 0-26 and I can deal with this crap, but Junior Morris isn’t the answer. Wake up.

  4. If that were T Brady instead of McNabb…. someone would have been fined for landing on him (Brady) after the play.

  5. If the Eagles season starts week 7 on Monday Night. If they can’t beat the two hapless pirate clubs. Then ho do they expect to compete in the NFC east.

  6. I still don’t see why they play McNabb right now. We can beat the next few teams without him and after that he should be feeling pretty good. If some clown from the Bucs or Raiders spears him in the ribs, while he’s laying defenselessly on the ground, he could be out for the season. I think he’s rushing it because Kolb’s success scared him. Three good QB’s. What a nice problem for Andy to have.

  7. Keep the eagles low on the power ranking, let us sneak up on the other teams.
    We’ve played half ass ball and demolished teams, bad teams, but demolished them none the less. The saints game was closer than the score let’s on.
    All of these flavors of the month, broncos and bengals, will soon show their true colors like the jets did last year.
    When its all said and done we’ll see how the eagles fair

  8. McNabb feeling healthy is great, but starting this week is not a great idea. Kolb and Vick can take the reigns for AT LEAST the next game. If Mcnabb gets one good hit on him, hes going to be off from that point on. There is no reason to miss more time just because Kolb finally showed what he can do. Also, Westbrook is going to be gone in a season, he’s going to be splitting carries with McCoy. It’s sad because Westbrook is still talented but is just showing his age. He is still a player you have to respect and account for on the field.

  9. Vox,
    How did i know I’d find you on an EAGLES post ?
    I think you should be worried about your own trainwreck of a team then to be commenting on the EAGLES!!
    We can only play who’s put in front of us , and it will be your team soon enough , so enjoy your mediocre season ,and start now on thinking up some compelling reasons for when the EAGLES beat The Cowboys ( notice how an adult doesn’t TRY to be funny and say ” CowGIRLS” )
    Good luck

  10. I’m watching the Phillies in the NLDS as I’m writing this now. The Flyers are 3-0 and McNabb and Westy will be back this weekend…What a great time to be a Philly sports fan!
    Dallas Sucks!

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