Deion lands in the middle of the Dez Bryant mess

On the same day that one situation into which former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders became entangled was resolved (sort of), word now emerges that Deion had a direct role in the ineligibility of Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant.

As John Taylor of CFT points out, Bryant lost his eligibility to play college football because, as the NCAA explains it, he “failed to openly disclose to the NCAA the full details of his interaction with a former NFL player not affiliated with OSU.”

In English, he lied.

As J.T. also points out, Bryant admits that he lied.

Though he still might regain his eligibility, the NCAA doesn’t take kindly to being lied to, even if the liar later admits to the lying.

The kid panicked, man,” Sanders said, per the New York Times.  “He panicked.  He thought it was
a violation to come over to my house and it isn’t.  He said no, that he
hadn’t been over here, and I said, yeah, he had been over here.  I don’t
lie and he panicked.”

Still, at what point is the NFL going to conduct a full investigation into Deion’s business interests that are, directly or indirectly, creating collateral headaches for the league?  The NFL walks on wafer-thin eggshells when it comes to keeping college coaches happy; this kind of stuff will serve only to make guys like Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy go beserk.

Deion is a league employee, by virtue of his relationship with NFL Network.  In little more than a month, Deion has inadvertently blown the whistle on apparent tampering with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, and Deion has now compromised the eligibility of Dez Bryant.

So what’s Deion’s angle?  Why is he involved with these kids?  Is he just being friendly?  Is he recruiting participants for his Prime U show?  Or does he have a direct financial interest in steering NFL prospects like Crabtree, Dez Bryant, and Noel Devine to Eugene Parker?

We don’t know the answers to those questions, but the NFL definitely should be asking them.

36 responses to “Deion lands in the middle of the Dez Bryant mess

  1. Is Deion becoming the Michael Jackson of the NFL… always hanging out and having kids over to his house? I know part of it is because as huge as his ego is, Deion just wants to remain relevant… but part of it stinks like Michael Jackson’s sequined glove.

  2. “The NFL walks on wafer-thin eggshells when it comes to keeping college coaches happy”
    Big deal. The NFL has nothing to fear from the NCAA. In fact, the NFL acquiesces too often to the NCAA’s wishes: for example, that ridiculous rule that newly-drafted players can only participate in a certain amount of OTAs before their school’s graduation ceremony, regardless of whether or not the player is graduating.

  3. What’s your beef with Deion? is there a personal issue?
    Seriously him and Jamie Dukes are the only reason worth watching the NFL network, so stop trying to get themt o fire my favourite person on the show!

  4. I hate Deion so much I wish he would just stop getting involved with everything and shut his mouth he had great skills on the field but i cant stand him as an analyst.

  5. I’d guess Deion benefits by virtue of his dealings with Parker. I.E. a commission on a commission.

  6. I think the issue here with Deion is much like his actual playing career. Number 1, he can’t let it go, as we saw him drag out the ending of what is one of the best CB careers ever. By Meddleing in the football careers of these young kids maybe he feels like he is part of the game still. Or maybe he is some closet racist who feels young black men should get the kind of money he got after proving himself. Either way he needs to let it go. I hope the NFL punishes him for his roll in the tampering with Crabtree, maybe then he will get the point that he is now an analyst, no check that, commentator.
    And he and Jamie Dukes are the NFL’s version of Keith Olbermann, the same reason why no one watches their respected networks while they are on the air.

  7. Real Deal…Are you serious – really?
    The guy is an NFL employee and is tampering with players. Can it be any more obvious? He better get fired for this one.

  8. Deion needs to accept the fact that he is no longer in the NFL and let these athletes be. What has he done for anyone he has been involved with….seriously???

  9. deion is a scumbag. he showed there was tampering with crabbypatty. just getting young kids in trouble.
    he should be fired and released to the tender mercies of carlton fisk.

  10. Could it be that – gasp – Deion is simply an idiot?
    Better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and be Deion.

  11. Dione’s a “mentor.” You know, like he was with Pac Man Jones and Tank Johnson in Dallas. He’s a buddy with a lot of these young guys. Somethin’ ain’t right.

  12. I am so tired of Deion and Dallas Cowboys coverage. He is just trying to feel like he is part of the NFL. The Cowboys are average at best with the “country bumpkin” for a coach. Seriously, is there a bigger pu$$y of a coach in the league? As for Jamie Dukes…Fat, sweaty and irrelevant!!! Makes me gag when I see the sweat pouring off his head.

  13. Deion is a total jackass. A born again Christian my A**. I do not like the guy; he is always in the middle of trouble. Just look at all the controversy he started with Crabtree. So why would Dez Bryant even talk to Deion. He’s a moron as well.

  14. touchdowntrabo says:
    October 7, 2009 8:00 PM
    None of the above. HE’S JUST AN IDIOT!
    Thats what I was going to say.

    Anyway, thanks for the laugh, Bears123. That was the funniest thing since that guy commented that he, along with Channing Crowder, wants to beat up Florio too…

  16. Wait, so people are starting to claim Deion is gay?!? How stupid are you people? In a lot of jobs, it’s good to have a mentor or someone in your field that can be a sounding board or put you in touch with people they know. In police department parlance, the mentor is called a ‘rabbi.’
    How exactly is Sanders a ‘scumbag?’ More repugnant to me than an ex-player giving advice is a bunch of fat, white, 60-odd year old
    ‘boosters’ that have an irrational obsession with 20something african-american athletes and buying them gifts like they’re courting them.
    A lot of people like their athletes seen, but not heard, it seems.
    ‘amateur’ is a joke. The NFL shouldn’t be allowed to use the NCAA as a free farm system, and the NCAA shouldn’t be able to make ridiculous amounts of money off kids who ‘are usually going pro in something other than sports!’ that is, if they can find a job.

  17. If I were Dez Bryant, I would sue the NCAA for multiple civil rights violations. Denial of an agent or lawyer, denial of freedom of association, etc.

  18. What Deion does nowadays is play the “good christian” business man. He gets these young starstruck kids to listen to his advice not only on football, but on investing. Deion is smart. He sees a bunch of kids that are turning into millionaires, have little money sense, and want to get rich as possible, and he is able to get these kids to invest big money in his projects.
    Crabtree has said he wants to invest in fashion. Well guess who just so happens to be involved in fashion and has contacts throughout the apparel business? Deion. Deion is targeting these projected first rounders for good reason.

  19. JustinG says:
    October 7, 2009 7:42 PM
    Deion Sanders is a scumbag that should be investigated
    JustinG …… thats not fair to the real scumbags
    Bigguy says:
    October 7, 2009 8:42 PM
    I am so tired of Deion and Dallas Cowboys coverage. He is just trying to feel like he is part of the NFL. The Cowboys are average at best with the “country bumpkin” for a coach. Seriously, is there a bigger pu$$y of a coach in the league? As for Jamie Dukes…Fat, sweaty and irrelevant!!! Makes me gag when I see the sweat pouring off his head
    Bigguy, Thats amazing …… as you can see i’m a Giant phan which means i despise the Dullass Cowboys ….. I find it amazing the way you were able to turn this into a cowboy hating thread ….. my hats off to you bigguy ….. ya can’t hear it but i am truly applauding you ….. your first sitting ovation lol
    good luck in the season my friend

  20. Help please ….. whats a comment submission error???
    please help the intellectually challenged

  21. For once I agree with Desides about the NFL, the NCAA, and the eggshells. Since when do colleges dictate to business owners how to run their businesses? The NFL needs to tell the NCAA to take a flying leap.
    But since the NFL hasn’t done that, this is a conflict of interest. Sanders is an NFL employee whose agent wants to represent these athletes. If the agent is barred from contact with them, then it seems unethical for them to hang out with Sanders only to be signed by his agent later. Maybe Bryant lied because he and Sanders were discussing issues that were off-limits. I enjoy Sanders as a commentator, but his meddling in the Crabtree situation was inappropriate and threatened to deep-six the kid’s career before it began. And for whose benefit? Crabtree’s? Or Parker’s?
    The NFL needs to draw a line here.

  22. arguably the best cover corner in the history of the game, great return man as well
    no one complained when he took a relative unknown at the time under his wing – devin hester – who started mentoring while he was still at the U –
    How did that work out?
    U mention Tank Johnson – when’s the last time you heard anything negative about him?
    and the last thing any “christian” should be doing is questioning the faith of another “christian”…
    Even Jesus said something about a splinter vs. a beam…and something about casting stones too…

  23. A couple of questions: (1) where does Deion live? (i.e. Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, New York???), (2) where does Dez live? (both in and out of school), and (3) assuming Deion and Dez live a significant amount of miles apart, did Dez drive or fly, and if he flew – how did he pay for the plane ticket??? I would doubt the NCAA would simply suspend him for lying even though it is a rule violation. If they did suspend him for lying, why don’t they take action against USC for their players (or ex-players) lying?

  24. deion is an idiot that is trying to inject himself into other people’s affairs to remain relevant.
    it’s either his ego, or maybe he thinks he’s a role model or mentor. If so, he’s a crappy one as everyone he’s been “helping” has hurt themselves & their careers.
    the NFL should ask deion to stop talking to NCAA players and NFL hopefuls that are not under contract – conflict of interest. If he wants to make a career out of “helping” college kids, he can do it once he is no longer employed by the NFL.
    sadly, i don’t think any other future NFL prospects will look at deion’s track record with “helping” people – he’s only hurt everyone he’s tried to “help”

  25. Reading these comments is hard on ones brain. First let me say Deion Sanders is one of my least favorite players in the history of the league (Woodson was better!) and I am a much bigger fan of the NFL than NCAA.
    Now to the point, Sanders has always mentored college athletes, it is what he does, he considers it his mission, and as much of a show boat he was on the field he seems to have always been a decent person off the field so its probably a good thing. The kid should have just told the truth and the NCAA should cut him some slack.
    As far as the question asked why does the NFL cater to the NCAA? The answer is simple they have a free minor league out of the relationship. Developmental leagues have never been profitable for the league and college provides just that free of cost, that is why the NFL usually listens when the NCAA speaks.

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