Derek Anderson is glad that Braylon is gone

Though he hasn’t and likely won’t say or do anything publicly to indicate his feelings on the matter, a league source tells us that Browns starting quarterback (for now) Derek Anderson is  happy that receiver Braylon Edwards has been traded to the Jets.

We were surprised, given that Anderson likes to throw the deep ball and that Edwards had been the team’s top vertical option.  Then again, the number of dropped passes over the past year and change likely influenced Anderson’s thinking.

The eight catches and 148 yards from rookie Mohamed Massaquoi probably increases Anderson’s comfort level regarding Edwards’ absence, too.

And so the Browns have in little more than seven months dumped their two top-ten draft picks from 2005 and 2004 — Edwards and tight end Kellen Winslow. 

Two years ago, it appeared that both players would be Cleveland fixtures well into the next decade.

25 responses to “Derek Anderson is glad that Braylon is gone

  1. Cleveland is glad he is gone? I bet Edwards is the happiest of them all. Who would want to play in Cleveland under Mangini……..

  2. good, now when braylon goes over the middle, brandon meriweather will have a chance to take his head off.

  3. I drafted Edwards in three fantasy leagues. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to trade him but no one has wanted him. I dropped him for Garcon in all three leagues. I think Cleveland and I are better off. If only he could catch.

  4. Another fact-less article with no source. Sweet. Saying “a league source” isn’t a source. Give a name or it’s just made up.
    that being said, Edwards stinks. As a Bengals fan, I was hoping he’d stay there in Cleveland.

  5. What is it about wide receivers? “Character” may not matter on draft day but it sure matters after that.

  6. Maybe he was dropping passes on purpose, I know it sounds craZy but that’s how Manny got out of Boston, Doggin it and before you doubt that it could happen maybe he wanted to get away from Mangini too.
    San-chise LQQKIN DEEP and connects with Edwards, that’s 6points……….

  7. You people need to stop letting your love of Diva Hating overcome your judgement. Edwards is a good player that will thrive now that he finally has a QB and a decent coaching staff.
    All the guy needed was a change of scenery and he got it.

  8. If he goes to the Jets and returns to stardom…fine….but he was never going to be anything than a pass dropping distraction in Cleveland. Throw the Browns under the bus all you want, but the dropped passes didn’t start when he came to Cleveland. Ask any Michigan fan and they will tell you that the guy can make the acrobatic catches, but routinely drops the easy one. Stucky, Trusnick sp?, a 3rd and a 5th…I’ll take it

  9. Why would DA be happy that a WR who shows him up on the field when he makes a bad throw, but then drops his fair share of passes and takes no accountability be glad he’s gone?

  10. Unfortunately what “franchise” DA doesn’t get is that Edwards was his top receiving “threat”. The Bengals were doubling Edwards on Sunday and now that he’s gone, they will be doubling on the rookie Massaquoi. Who is going to pick up the slack? Cribbs? Furrey? I don’t think so. There’s a reason Cribbs hasn’t made an impact besides as a kick returner.
    While stonehands didn’t pose much of an actual threat, it was the potential of him being a big-time receiver that opens the field for the other WRs. Now you have no legitimate TE and a rookie WR as your best option. Derek might change his mind after a few more losses.

  11. Cleveland wasn’t big enough for LeBron and Braylon. Maybe NY will be big enough for them, we’ll see next year.

  12. redsysu says:
    October 7, 2009 10:49 AM
    This team is a mess!
    LOL!! Thanks for making it so that I don’t have to continue to post in these related threads. You sir have hit the nail FIRMLY on the head.
    1 reputation point for you.
    And btw Florio.. if you do install some sort of reputation system don’t forget where you got the idea from huh? Brohamma is the name. 🙂

  13. he’ll get his deep passes to stuckey. not sure if stuckey would benefit quinn too much though.

  14. Title says:
    “Derek Anderson is glad that Braylon is gone”
    First line of the article says”
    “Though he hasn’t and likely won’t say or do anything publicly to indicate his feelings on the matter”
    So… you said he said it, then you said he didn’t.

  15. Braylon Edwards. One year left on contract and wasn’t wanting to re-sign in Cleveland. Leads the league in drops since ’07 with 30. Has really only had one productive season. Has issues on and off the field with his hands. The Browns getting anything for this guy is a miracle. 2 draft picks for a guy who cant catch is pretty good. People need to lay off Mangini. He took over a 4-12 team, not a good one. Then browns fans whine “HEY! we wanted to keep our under-achieving overpaid “star” players! ” Cant exactly hurt to get rid of the guy. Teams build through the draft…adding two draft picks was a big move. Some people just hate Mangini no matter what.

  16. The happiest person in Cleveland is Edwards. He goes from the slop in Cleveland to New York. Pretty good reward for being a bust.

  17. Is it really news that Florio uses “league sources” to make up news? If he had any credibility, it was lost on that ‘Moss is dogging it to get traded…possibly to Minnesota’ article.

  18. Mark Sanchez is screwed. Whats the difference between Edwards and a Turd? Nothing, they both are pieces of shit with no hands.

  19. This is good for the browns. Only problem is whos going to be the 2nd wr.
    Good luck Jets fans. Edwards is the next Plexico. Hw likws to party. He was with stallworth and then he went out and killed someone. Just make sure edwards doesnt own a gun, hes bound to drop it and shoot himself in da club.
    Good trade

  20. Gee, who is DA going to throw to? The reason Massaquoi got all those catches, was that Edwards was being doubled teamed. Now, teams will probably just have single coverage on all the receivers, with the saftey either blizing or using to stop the running game.

  21. Browns are up shit creek without a paddle. Just call it rebuilding and trade off Rogers and Anderson too. They already gave away their passing options.

  22. To all the people saying that Edwards is going to catch deep “bombs” from spic-chise… do you even watch or pay attention to football? Edwards can’t catch. Period. Dot com. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the 2-3 drops a game we enjoyed in Cleveland for almost 5 years now.

  23. # hitdog042 says: October 7, 2009 10:43 AM
    Another fact-less article with no source. Sweet. Saying “a league source” isn’t a source. Give a name or it’s just made up.
    Are you guys who berate Florio for not giving up the name of a source that stupid? He wouldn’t even get the information if the party knew he would attach their name to his story. How hard is that to understand?

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