Favre's list of injuries grows

Last week, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre landed on the injury report with a foot problem.  (Damned polio.)

This week, Favre’s maladies have tripled. 

He appears on the Week Five Wednesday injury report with a foot, ankle, and knee injury.  Favre was a limited participant in practice due to this trifecta of lower-leg problems.

The Vikings play the Rams on Sunday.

Guard Steve Hutchinson (back) did not practice.  Receiver Darius Reynaud, who missed Monday night’s game with a hamstring injury, also missed practice, but with the designation “not injury related.”  Defensive end Ray Edwards (hamstring) missed practice, too. 

Linebacker Erin Henderson (calf) and cornerback Cedric Griffin (hand) participated on a limited basis.

Back to Favre, the proliferation of injuries could eventually result in a list of bumps and bruises that will mesh with the one we suggested several weeks ago:  “arm, ribs, wrist, hand, finger, ankles, head, shoulder,
knees, toes, back, front, groin, taint, swine flu, polio, lupus.”

49 responses to “Favre's list of injuries grows

  1. It’s probably because of all those hits the stellar Pack defense put on him on Monday. Oh wait, nevermind…..

  2. I find those injuries hard to believe. Actually, I thought he would be totally healed after the Packer game, being that they could not get a hand on the old boy.

  3. Florio let it go. It wasnt funny the first time and it isnt funny now. No one is going to come up to you and say “hey, you were funny and you were right about polio, lupus, etc” so just drop it. You mean to tell me that after the penalties and fines the Jets coaching staff and organization had to pay for not reporting Favre injuries that Childress wont go out of his way and put him on the injury list every week just to cover his and the Vikings organizations ass? If I had a few thousand dollars to lose then yes, I would put Favre down for all sorts of injuries every single damn week so just let it go and stop writing this crap!

  4. Add inflated ego to the list. He says he would never play for “revenge” but he was jumping up and down celebrating like he won the Super Bowl Monday night. Favre has never been a team player. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is “limited” in practice for the rest of the season. He just likes to show up on Sundays.

  5. Oh so funny Florio. I know at least three of those injuries you fabricated, and i’m not talking about the immune system ones.
    H1N1 is no joke.

  6. Aaron Rodgers is the 1 that should be hurting after Mondays game, I think Brett only took 1 hit from Kampman that looked pretty clean.

  7. Favre’s my second favorite player to Barry Sanders and it bums me out to learn he has another injury. Then I cheer up and understand that one thing that will never be injured in his mind is his ego. Planet X is jealous of his ego’s size.

  8. Seriously Beer Cheese, how the hell do you get MORE injuries from not being touched all game? Maybe from all the slapping around after touchdowns or something.

  9. To be funny you have to have a sense when a joke is played out. Just in case, you don’t know, it’s played out. Move on….

  10. Lebowski- I think Beer Cheese might have had just a touch of sarcasm in that one.
    Obviously, Rogers was hit so hard, so often, it hurt Favre just to watch.

  11. # bearsrule says: October 7, 2009 8:32 PM
    You missed malaria and yellow fever.
    And you clearly missed the short bus to school.
    The guys old, no denying that. maybe chilly figures that a little guile is required to throw off the rest of the league, worked so good for the browns after all. Or maybe just the rigors of celebrating all those great throws against the packers took their toll. I’m certain he’ll start and 99% certain the vikes will win again.

  12. Deanna must have been ALL over him after the game.
    Nope. Gruden and Jaws caught up with him after the game and had their way with him.

  13. The last time we see Brett Favre on a playing field it will be waving from a cart. It’s inevitable at this point.

  14. Please enough about Wett Farte already. I could see if there was something worth talking about but enough is enough.

  15. You could have even added gout from/or a case of gang green, if the Pack could have managed just one sack.

  16. Sprained taint and a broken tootie bone. I want someone to get a good shot on this fabulous frankenfag so the announcers will quit drooling over him….

  17. “Nope. Gruden and Jaws caught up with him after the game and had their way with him.”
    Violation of NFL policy for not disclosing the re-injury of the taint?

  18. I gotta wonder what Lord Florio is going to say about Favre when the Vikings go deep into the playoffs!
    Gotta hand it to that outstanding packer D line. They had Favre running for his life all night long! No wonder he is hurtin (cough cough)

  19. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Vikings fans. Drink deep. We’ll see if you’re singing the same tune come December, when Favre begins to break down, makes bone-headed plays, and throws the organization under the bus–just like he did to Green Bay and New York.

  20. Lol, no way he suffered those from the Packers. He was only hit once. I also only recall him throwing one block which he missed I believe.
    I suspect Jared Allen’s forgot the game was over and he sacked him in the locker room. Also Florio you forgot to mention his radiation poisoning.

  21. # fishfan39 says: October 7, 2009 9:07 PM
    Please enough about Wett Farte already. I could see if there was something worth talking about but enough is enough.
    You are SO funny, why don’t you quit leaving comments on websites like this and book yourself for Leno (your welcome florio), You’re going places and EVERYONE had better remember that they heard you here first. Do you allready have a comedy CD out? I’ll bet you do and its gone double platinum. WOW, changing a few letters around is SO funny. Never heard anyone do that before, EVER.
    Go play in traffic, commenting and whinning about it not being worth talking about just makes it MORE worth talking about.

  22. Favre threw Green Bay under a Bus ?
    Did Green Bay get its Bus running again ? Seriously step away from the wheel of cheese, your clogged arteries are stopping the blood flow to your brain.

  23. haha To the delusional Viqueens fans. I hope you finally win a Super Bowl. I mean come on everyone you’ve been in you pretty much got blown out. So maybe you desirve one. Ok not really. But if you do (which you won’t come on your the Vikings) and your Star quarterback who according to Viqueen fans two years ago is washed up and can’t throw retires finally. You’ll be in the same place you were last year and the year before and the year before and on and on with no QB.

  24. Hey douche bags Favre is about a year and a half older than Elway was when he won the Superbowl. The combined with the fact he has started 273 games straigh should be plenty to prove he has more than enough left in the tank to take the Vikes farther than any other QB on the roster. Jesus Florio you are like a 5th grader, get over it already.

  25. @Sportygal
    Where have you been for the last 18 years? Favre is the ultimate team player, he plays hurt, leaves everything on the field every game, and sacrifices his body to make the play.
    You’re right about Sundays, all he does is win, in fact he has won more than any other player in history.
    All Favre did to Green Bay was change his mind about playing. It was Green Bay that treated him with zero respect, and did everything they could do to avoid ever having to play against him. ( We can all see why now).
    For the Jets, he played his ass off, made them competitive, and then asked for his release when they went another way.
    @Favre haters,
    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why virtually every analyst, coach, and teammate loves Favre? The guys been in the league 20 years and you couldn’t find five people with something negative to say about him. Let me guess? They are all wrong, thought so.
    If you want to hate Favre because he changes his mind about retiring, go ahead but knock off the nonsense about him not being a great player and teammate.

  26. Dude, I am a Pats fan and could care less about the NFC North and have no particular afinity for Favre (mostly due to that ’96 Super Bowl loss…)
    Give it up Florio!… (really, its old…especially the polio joke you’ve used 40 times over)
    I know that Favre’s success this year must be a very bitter pill for you to swallow, especially as it makes you sound like such a moron for your non-stop pre-season diatribes about how the Vikings would be better off without him (catch the game Monday night?? you know…the 4-0 Vikings game….) but to try to somehow make Favre out to blame for him showing up on an injury report???
    He doesn’t fill out the injury report moron, and as he showed last year, playing with a torn rotary cuff and never being on it with the Jets….he obviously isn’t a whine bag. The only whine bag is you for taking any chance you can to throw this guy under the bus. GET OVER IT – He is great for football. The game Monday night wasn’t the highest rated cable broadcast of all time because Aaron Rogers and/or Adrian Peterson were playing in it…..
    Next you will bore us all with a story about how “it was a great game….but look at all this media circus Favre created, it was a distraction…blah blah blah” NEWS-FLASH: Favre just showed up to play, and played well…..it is you morons in the media that decide to make a circus out of it.
    Give the dude a break and appreciate him for what he brings to the game.

  27. Amen fogs77…..Brett doesn’t cause the circus or the storylines….the media does. With all the unnamed sources and point blank questions…..just give the guy his due. He is great to watch and will be missed when he finally retires. Oh…for all you fans that hate the fact that he retires, unretires etc….have you been reading….Seau just unretired for the third time and I see no hatred articles for that one…what gives?
    Since it is not your lives….get over it.
    Brett played fantastic and yes at the age of almost 40 he is going to have problems with his body in a world of NFL football…..as long as his arm is okay….vikings will make it to the playoffs.

  28. TheHydra thinks old man Favre has found the fountain of youth with his surgically repaired arm. TheHydra also would like to know what a taint is.

  29. Hydra:
    4th incarnation? lol, gotta be a record!
    The taint is right in front of your cinnamon swirl, as much time as you spend in the swirl, I can’t believe you don’t know what a taint is!

  30. Hey Florio (or should I say Flower Girl)….When and where did YOU ever play football….to be able to sit there under the protection of your computer and denegrate Brett Favre’s accomplishments? The man is 40 years old tomorrow….he’s gonna have some bumps and bruises. But he’ll still be there at the end of the year. And you’ll still be spewing your jealous venum because he left your NY Jets.

  31. Glad you think enough of me to follow my posts.
    Your interpretation is way off though. I didn’t expect anything less out of you.
    You should watch the Mutha word though, that’s what keeps getting you booted. That and your idiotic posts.
    I have a bet for you, how about you man up for once?
    Rams win, I leave this site for good.
    Vikes win, you take your cinnamon swirl and disappear?
    The ball is your taint, smart guy, how about it?
    Or, don’t you have the sack?
    Anyway, it’ll just take a couple more packer losses and you’ll be gone…….
    Or booted.

  32. TheHydra has decided to take you up on your wager. TheHydra does nto have a issue with his cinnamon swirl. Just the posts that come out of yours. Queens go down to the rams. How about we up the ante? Queens win and TheHydra will make you scream playing with your cinnamon swirl. They lose and your all TheHydras

  33. Hydra:
    I knew you were a “rainbow warrior”!!!
    I will not accept that upping of the wager.
    Not because I think the Vikes will lose, but because I don’t swing that way.
    I must remind you of your father, the way I verbally beat you down. That doesn’t mean I will be giving you the “special punishment” that you hated at 1st, but grew to love.
    No sir, I will not take that bet, as it is a win-win proposition for you.
    I may suggest though, that you look up Deweyactswooned or Adamchris schefterson, as i think that they are at least AC/DC.
    They may like the idea of you playing with thier swirl.
    Let’s just stick to the original bet, unless you can find something a little less, how do you say, repugnant?

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