Martellus Bennett quiet when it counts

Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett owned the offseason: he rapped, he blogged, he tweeted.

Bennett also owned the preseason, catching 12 passes for 155 yards and generating a lot of excitement about Dallas’ two tight end set.

Once the real games started, however, Bennett has been hard to find.

Oh, he’s on the field blocking, a skill at which he’s improved as a pro.  But Bennett has just four catches for 40 yards, exactly one catch in each game.

Bennett is trying not to sweat it.

“I’ve got to let my game come to me. Sometimes basketball players force
shots. Some guys force shots, Kobe. Some players let the game come to
them, LeBron. I’m a LeBron player, although Kobe is great. I believe my
chances are coming later on this season, this game or the next game.”

(We’d argue he’s more like an Anderson Varejao player.)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says the team isn’t designing plays for Bennett, but his problems are symptomatic of the entire Dallas passing game.

Other than Jason Witten, who is producing close to expectations?

Roy Williams is a number one receiver producing like a number two.  Patrick Crayton is a number two with 64 yards in the last three weeks.  Miles Austin has largely been invisible.

If Tony Romo can improve his accuracy and ability to make plays inside the pocket, the receiver’s numbers will rise.

In the meantime, Bennett may realize something Chad Ochocinco learned last year: No one pays attention to what you say if you don’t fill up the box score.

15 responses to “Martellus Bennett quiet when it counts

  1. “If Tony Romo can improve his accuracy and ability to make plays inside the pocket, the receiver’s numbers will rise.”
    Possible, against a horrible KC Defense…but unlikely!

  2. Actually they (the media) do. They just write about how they’re not producing, but keep on talking. Much like this article is harping on the fact that he is doing nothing considering how active his mouth was in the preseason.

  3. Jason Witten actually isn’t producing anywhere close to expectations anymore now that teams can dedicate a safety to him since they don’t have to double team any of the WRs.
    He used to break 20-30 yard catches all the time but now it’s just 7-10 yard gains.
    Sad, really.

  4. Gregg, this is “news”?
    Or, maybe Bennett controls Romo?
    Maybe this is a story if it’s about Romo, but it’s not a story if it’s about any receiver on the Cowboys.
    But, kids don’t always understand, Gregg.

  5. Oh, he’s a keeper.
    Judging by his You Tube crap he thinks he’s WAY better than he is, which should make him feel right at home in Jonestown.

  6. “If Tony Romo can improve his accuracy and ability to make plays inside the pocket, the receiver’s numbers will rise.”
    If if’s & but’s were candy & nuts everybody would have a good Christmas.

  7. First thing you have to realize is that all players talk. The volume of what they say is turned up or down by you mainstream media retards.
    My second point is that you’re talking about a second string TE. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there’s another NFCE team whose backup TE has four catches. There might not be another NFL team where the backup TE has 4 catches but again, could be wrong about that.
    “No one pays attention to what you say if you don’t fill up the box score.”
    He wasn’t filling up any box scores in the off season but you guys were sure paying attention to him, weren’t you?

  8. This post is garbage.
    Dedicating a post to a back-up tight end on a struggling offense? Seriously?
    You’d think it was June.

  9. He got a lot of media attention because of his mouth, not his play. It’s time for the media to ignore him. He needs to go away.

  10. “He just want to convey that it take more than heart, brain and brawns to win a football game.”

  11. If it weren’t for the sports media ragging on him, I wouldn’t even know who Martellus is. Has he ever even done anything in the league? I get all these CowGirl names thrown at me, like I’m supposed to have any idea who they are. Sensabaugh, or whatever his name is? Is he like a DB or something? And who is this Sam Hurd they kept trying to throw to last week? I wouldn’t have any idea who Tashard Choice is if he hadn’t played well against my Steelers in a loss last year.
    Memo to CowGirls – if you want to have a bunch of well-known stars on your team, it would help to win a playoff game more than once every 14 years.

  12. On the 3rd and 4th down passes that Tony Romo attempted to WR Hurd it seemed if the ball had come out before the cut in front of Champ Bailey was made the pass would have been completed. Also the ball was much too high and allowed Bailey a shot at it reaching around Hurd. If memory serves me, good QB’s like to put this pass low and get it off quickly. A misfire to WR Williams allowed the DB to tee off on him. Someone on the Dallas staff needs to help Tony with his fundamentals or he is going to have a tough year.

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