Merriman not happy with A.J. Smith

On Tuesday, Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith called out his team, publicly describing the players as at times “soft and bewildered,” and expressing embarrassment regarding their overall performance.

At least one player on the team wasn’t pleased.  And he said so.

Need three guesses as to who it is?  (Hopefully not, given that his surname is in the headline.)

Said linebacker Shawne Merriman, “I don’t know too much of that.  That’s an
opinion of a person, and it’s not needed.  We know that
we have to play better.  We met for an extra hour and a half as a
defense as a whole to discuss what we need to do and things we need to
do to get better.  And we’re going to make adjustments in this locker
room as far as players and our attitudes and getting after people a
little more.  But all that extra [stuff] is not needed at all.”

Merriman seemed to be particularly miffed that the criticism came from someone other than a member of the team, even though the criticism came from the guy who built the team. 

“The only opinions that matter to me are the ones in this locker room.  Anything else, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

Here’s the reality — Merriman is only going to be in that locker room for another 12 regular-season games, plus any playoff teams that the Chargers are able to muster.

If that long.

30 responses to “Merriman not happy with A.J. Smith

  1. Weather is getting colder.
    In a completely unrelated story, the window is closing in San Diego. (Yes, I know, its 75 degrees there year round)

  2. Maybe he wants to leave. Maybe he’ll wear a naked suit to the next game and then drag their 1994 AFC Championship Trophy behind his car in the parking lot.

  3. tell shawne to stop crying and prove it on the field. cromartie, too. we dont need guys that show no effort and live off their past.

  4. Merriman needs to STFU. His attitude is part of the problem, not the solution. Talent never trumps class.

  5. If he would stop pulling his groin and beating up 100 LB women maybe he could focus on football
    This assclown is one more reason I am glad we have Eli

  6. Gave up 38 points, 497 total yards and 177 on the ground. Not a great way to head into a bye week.
    Week 6 they face Denver on Monday night, going to be interesting.

  7. So you’ve got a washed up, ‘roided out idiot telling his boss that he doesn’t care what he thinks?
    Yeah, that’s a functional team, alright.
    San Diego is starting to look a whole lot like Oakland.

  8. 14-2 and playing in the AFC Championship looks pretty good now, doesn’t it, Smith? Sounds to me like Smith is worried more about himself than “his” team.

  9. I wish Merriman, who has a horrible hair do by the way, would roid out and bust J.A. Smith in his smug fat mouth.

  10. Bye, Shawne. Enjoy playing for a shitty team next year. You sure as hell won’t get to party in San Diego anymore

  11. I don’t like A. J. Smith and I’m not a Chargers fan. Ever since he fired Marty Schottenheimer, I know the Chargers were headed for medocrity. If the Chargers want to go to the Superbowl then fire A. J. Smith.

  12. Merriman has been active the past two games but has been on the field for just as handful of plays, as the groin becomes aggravated when pushed. Merriman likely will shut it down this week and try to get his health back for the Oct. 19 game against the Broncos.
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  13. Oh is Merriman’s feelings hurt? Get the guy a bottle. AJ Smith speaks the truth. If the Chargers players dont like it then they should play harder.

  14. Smith has a right to be upset with the defense. It’s terrible. The Chargers can’t win with what’s on that side of the ball.

  15. You could see this one coming for a while. . . . .no way that Merriman is back next year.
    First he got busted for steroids,
    Then he blew out his knee and missed all last year,
    This year he doesn’t resemble in any way the player he used to be.
    But he continues to run his mouth about everything. He knows that Smith isn’t going to resign him, thats why he’s talking s**t about the GM.
    The simple fact is that he hasnt been the same player since he came back from the steroid suspension. It’s a shame because he WAS one hell of a football player

  16. Merriman needs a fire lit under his ass!
    This defense plays with No desire, No heart, No dedication, No attitude, No pride, No vision, and most importantly NO MOTIVATION!!

  17. maybe the chargers shouldnt have been so quiet in the off season. Merriman is a FA after this year. Makes things a little interesting nearing the trade deadline.

  18. Anyone else think that Merriman is over rated? I mean he had one good season, created a “lights out dance”, that resembles more of a seizure than anything regarding putting lights out, and choked his gf. I didn’t see too much production on the field against Pitt or anyone else for that matter. It just goes to show, that just because a player has one quality season, it doesn’t mean they are superstars.

  19. Don’t tell your boss you don’t care what he thinks. That is not good for your career no matter what job you have.

  20. looks to me like norv is ding what norv does. the guy is just not hc material. he is a great oc but is clueless when it comes to being a hc.
    the defense looks “soft and bewildered”? look at norv that is the same look he has on the sidelines every game.

  21. What’s the over/under week 8? AJ will send him packing! I don’t see any team giving up much.
    The Patriots need a true pass rusher, but I doubt seriously they’d consider him because of all the baggage!
    I would think at most, AJ would be lucky to get a 4th for him….his best year was the steroid year, no?

  22. Let’s all play a game, and see if we can predict the futre of this clown shall we????
    He’s a once multi-talented player, who
    A) signs a gigantic contract
    B) underperforms with that contract
    C) more often injured than healthy
    D) argues with his management staff in the media
    E) arrested for beating up his 13 pound girlfriend
    Yep… you guessed it!! He’ll be a New York Jet by opening day!!!
    J-E-S-T-S Jests Jests Jests!!

  23. RE: Norv as a great OC. I use to think he was a good one also until they showed the stat that SD hasn’t scored on an opening drive in 21 games including the one vs. Pitt. That’s utterly disgraceful for any OC especially as he has some good talent on offense.
    As a Pats fan I know they’ve long been “dish it out but can’t take it” whiners though.

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