Parker should have attended Crabtree press conference

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago concerns regarding the use of web sites and other media for one-sided, over-the-top criticism of agents, since rivals agents inevitably will use those criticisms as ammunition in the endless quest to land clients.

That said, we’ve got no problem with measured, even-handed criticism when justified by the circumstances. 

And, in the case of the Michael Crabtree contract, some specific criticism of agent Eugene Parker is justified based on the events that transpired earlier today.

We’ve jointly blamed Crabtree and Parker for the holdout about nothing, which resulted in a contract that was roughly similar if not identical to the deal they would have gotten in July.  We haven’t specifically blamed one or the other because it’s still not known whether the player or the agent (or someone else) caused the problem.

Regardless, Parker needed to attend Wednesday’s press conference with Crabtree.  But Parker inexplicably didn’t.

Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat summed the situation up capably with this entry on his Twitter page:  “Still having
difficult time believing agent Eugene Parker hid out today while
sending his 22-yr-old client to face the barrage of questions.

Parker has remained silent throughout this entire ordeal.  And he’ll likely remain silent.  Still, we’d love to know why he didn’t face the music along with Crabtree.

27 responses to “Parker should have attended Crabtree press conference

  1. He bluffed, the 49ers called it, and he is looking to distance himself from this whole negotiation in any way possible.

  2. Leave poor Eugene alone. He’s clearly been living on bread and water these past few months…and had more pressing engagements at the nearest Ferrari dealership.
    Try calling him now. ‘Crab who?’ ‘Nah man, just lobsters and champagne here today’

  3. Parker is spinless, he was probably in crabby’s ear telling him to hold out for more. When it didn’t work he hid so as not to admit it was he that held crab out. Now that is just my opinion, but if parker was innocent he would have presented himself, loud and proud
    I have heard somewhere that parker is related to crabby somehow, does anyone know if this is true? Does parker rep anyone else? As a commercial contractor i was required to carry insurance ( a bond, liability ins, and work comp)
    does an agent require ins? If not parker should be forced to carry malpractice ins. ok ok …. i know bad joke ….lol i think i pulled a muscle reaching for the punchline …… linement anyone????

  4. If there was any justice, Crabtree would be able to fire Parker and donate the agent’s share to charity.

  5. The best thing Michael Crabtree can do now is immediately be the consummate professional, keep his mouth shut, work hard at being the best player he can possibly be, learn from Isaac Bruce on how to run precise routes and yessir Mike Singletary every day in practice. If he does this he could be a difference maker even as a rookie as the season goes on and the 49ers could make some serious noise in the NFC in December and yes January.

  6. distancing himself from the situation is going to have an adverse effect on his future business. doesn’t surprise me that he would make such a poor decision (again)

  7. He held out for more money knowing other teams would pay him and when Deion blew up his spot, he had no more leverage and no where to go because suddenly no one (except the 49ers) was interested. He came in today willing to sign anything.

  8. @jamesz23
    Crabtree still needs to learn the plabook. Don’t expect much, if anything at all, from him this year

  9. My lawyer buddy is offering his services for the first every agent malpractice suit. What do you think, Florio? Would the case hold water?

  10. Another damning indictment on Parker that no one really talks about any more is he is at least partially and perhaps entirely responsible for Crabtree’s draft freefall. First, he didn’t aggressively get in front of the stress fracture/health issue – he just let it happen. Second, there is no doubt at least one or two of the top ten teams passed on Crabtree primarily because Parker was the agent, meaning there would be inevitable signing issues. Parker should be so done, but I’m sure he’ll get some poor suckers signed up next year.

  11. can’t wait to hear the real story.
    would not be uncommon for a player to tell an agent he wants to hold out for the most possible money.
    I suspect somebody like Deion came up with this idea. Perhaps in concert with MC Hammer. No player coming in could be as stupid without somebody bankrolling him and whispering in his ear.
    Methinks there is a reason the NCAA is sniffing around Deion. Sounds like every team in the NFL told him Dez Bryant would be drafted before Crabtree next year.
    Bryant should pre-announce his holdout before the draft. It behooves him to say he’ll hold out for top five money no matter where he is drafted. Then he can name Prime Time, Michael Irvin and Marion Berry as his co-agents (with Eugene Parker getting Executive Producer credits). (and florio as creative consultant)

  12. Parker didn’t attend because he’s a douchebag and a coward. I’m sure Crabby had something to do with it, but the agent bears the brunt of the responsibility. At least he’s signed. Go Niners! Cowturds suck!

  13. HI All,
    I disagree that it was Parker’s fault. This guy has lots of clients, and has negotiated many, many contracts with teams.
    He’s not known for holding out and promissing clients unobtainable goals. Why would he start now?
    Parker’s not stupid, but Crabtree is a young 20+ year old that has issues and befriends the Dion’s of the world to “advise” him… you get what you get. At least whomever is now advising him seems to have brought him back to earth.

  14. Crabtree is the employer NOT the employee … I blame him more that the agent … An agent is gonna make all kinds of suggestions to his/her client but ultimately the ball is in the clients court. Crabtree’s problem was greed and letting too many people in his business to make him think he was getting more. From what i’m understanding it had more to do with the escalators then the actual guaranteed money … either way, this whole process is ridiculous, and downright disrespectful to the proven veteran players !!! Nothin’ against someone makin’ that money, but how can he hold a teams draft pick hostage when he is unproven in the NFL ?!? and to top it off he’ll end up making more than some good veterans in the league … Whose to say that he won’t be a bust (like that other hold out JaMarcus Russell – who is really showing the Raiders that he was worth EVERY penny !!! RIGHT !!!) Like a fan said early on, there ought to be a clause in the players contract that if there are underachievers or BUSTS they have to return certain amounts of monies alotted to them. I guess i’m just old school, players should have to prove they belong in the NFL, not rewarded for what they COULD be !!! Good luck Crabtree, i hope in the future you make MUCH better decisions and keep the world out of your business affairs, cause at the moment you have a s*** load of fans to prove you were worth all of the BS you put that team through !!!

  15. Niners fan just hoping this kid isn’t a bust and that if he is a superstar…Parker doesn’t take us to the r@%& stand like he did the Cardinals for Fitz…only time will tell

  16. Parker has been an agent for decades now and I don’t remember him EVER appearing in front of the cameras. Yes, he has had holdouts in the past and he never appeared at the other player’s new conferences when they eventually signed. Why would he start now, simply because this one was longer??? Hey, do you think Michael visited Deion’s house too???

  17. jshawaii wrote: “I disagree that it was Parker’s fault. This guy has lots of clients, and has negotiated many, many contracts with teams.
    He’s not known for holding out …”
    On the contrary. Parker is well know for holdouts. Last season he represented at least four: Bills T Jason Peters, Rams RB Steven Jackson, Bears returner Devin Hester and Cardinals CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.
    First round picks choosing him as an agent are very likely to hold out. This holdout was longer than an average one, though.

  18. Stop giving Crabtree a pass. I think it was previously out there in the media that Parker disagreed with Crabtrees attitude in this situation. Parker didnt want to dump him, cause there was cash to be made, but I don’t Parker thought this was the best course of action. However as has been said before, the agent works for the player. Parker knows this could kill him with first rounders next year, so he is running from Crabtree. Singletary said Crabtree was getting bad advice, however it could be that Crabtree was acting in the manner so many before the draft predicted. The fact that the NFL did not throw a party in his name seemed to be a shock to Crabtree. Lets see how he acts after getting decked by a NFL safety.

  19. The player decides whether or not to hold out. However, the agent is supposed to give them advise. They do not have to listen to the advise.
    Just look at the holdout record of Parker’s clients and compare it to other agents.

  20. You guys need to do your research. Parker is well know to hold his clients out. He holds draft picks out and he holds players out that have not reached the end of their contract. In 2008 he held Jason Peters out with 3 years remaining on his contract.
    He was the driving force behind this. He found a sucker in Crabtree who he convinced he could break the slotting system. If Parker had broken the slotting it would have meant millions for him.
    He is a very good agent because the agents job is to get the most possible money for their clients, but he goes about it in a way that can be a detriment to the team and the players career.

  21. easy answer: parker is an idiot who screwed his client. he’s also a p*ssy since he won’t own up to his actions, or help his client at a time like this.
    i still maintain he should have his agent license revoked. he’s done nothing but show a pattern of poor moves & actions that are not in the best interests of his clients.

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