PFTV looks at contract year players who aren't earning their next contract

Though a little bit dated in light of the trade that sent receiver Braylon Edwards to the Jets, our next PFTV segment for the week looks at curious inability of various players in their contract years to perform like they’re trying to get new contracts.

One of them, obviously, is Braylon Edwards.

We discuss a few others, too.  And then you can discuss them and others that come to mind in the comments.  And then you can watch the segment again to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

And then you can watch it again because you can’t really tell whether or not I’m wearing a toupee.

16 responses to “PFTV looks at contract year players who aren't earning their next contract

  1. Leave it to you Florio to just hit the high spots, you F’n Hog Farmer!
    Derrick Johnson, selected 15th overall in the 05 draft is not even starting (I’m sure his pussy hurts to bad) replaced by a guy, Demorrio Williams selected in the 4th round (101st overall) and an guy that made it in the league as a college FA in 06, Corey Mays. This guy (DJ) will be lucky if, even a team like the Browns sign him for the league min. F’n Hog Farmer!

  2. The Jets would not have given away two picks if they didn’t intend to re-sign Edwards. Ware and Merriman will find a team who’ll throw a lot of money in their direction (probably Ware will stay in Dallas). I think the Steelers will turn to Mendenhall and let Willie Parker walk, as he’s getting a bit up in age (for a RB). Another RB in a contract year in Miami’s Ronnie Brown, who plays even better than last season (when he was a Pro-Bowler). He’s the most important player on the Dolphins’ offense and I think/hope, they don’t let him hit the open market…

  3. It looks like a “weave” to me.
    The opponents are dbl teaming Ware, and nobody else is stepping up to pressure the qb. ratliff is drawing the other attention. Wade seems apprehensive to dial up the blitz and Spencer just isn’t panning out like they thought in Dallas. Can’t speak for the others.

  4. Julius Peppers is likely not going all out because he wants to all but guarantee that the Panthers don’t restrict his ability to test the open market. He’ll make it economically unviable for them to slap the franchise tag on him again (I’m not even sure if they can again; too lazy to google this). He already made his desire to leave well-known last offseason, and I doubt anything has changed. He keeps insisting that he wants to play OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense. Just hoping he doesn’t come to Denver; my Raiders have enough problems already.
    Merriman is coming off the injury and off the roids, honestly. His dropoff in performance should come as no surprise. There’s no way AJ Smith retains him after this year. Whatever happened to the whole Tequila situation?
    Ware’s going nowhere. Jerry Jones will show him the money. Demarcus is a good guy, off and on the field. They’ll franchise him if necessary, but Jerry will probably get him signed before free agency.

  5. It should be interesting to see what the fudge packers do with Kampman. He isn’t putting up the numbers he use to but its not his fault. The fudge packers have basically hogtied him with the new 3-4 which is ironic since the fudgers switched to the 3-4 because they had no pass rush last year and they still don’t this year. Who knows, maybe Kampman will decide to take a shot with a winner while he can.

  6. The Chargers defense is a mess all the way around, no pressure on the QB, and the secondary can’t cover anyone. They look lost in zone coverage, and they can’t stop the run. Sure, they lost Jamal for the year, but they still should be able to make some adjustments. I have a feeling that Merriman stays, and that Cromartie will be gone.
    If Rivera is going to stay as the DC, then the Chargers are going to have to transition to a 4-3 defense. His 3-4 defense just isn’t getting it done, and I just don’t think he has enough experience to run it. They players don’t look comfortable on the field.

  7. Okay so I looked at a PFT Video for the first time ever.
    Thanks for nothing.
    All you did is state the obvious about how Ware, Peppers, Edwards, and others are in contract years. How about maybe some insight, analysis, SOMETHING??? This video was essentially pointless. No wonder no one looks at these things.

  8. Certainly a toupee. If not then I can only say that you have “find hair”. You know, the kind you find on a mangy dog’s ass.

  9. On behalf of the Green Bay Packers, a 3-4 defense that is currently lacking a key component in OLB, for the love of god throw some money at one of these linebacker/de. Demarcus ware is an absolute freak of an athlete and despite the numbers he is showing this season would be a great team asset.
    Hopefully there are a couple teams out there that are ready to make some noise when it comes to the FA class.

  10. Jason Campbell? Anyone?
    Who will he be backing up next year, somewhere other than in DC?

  11. I only happened to land here because of a link from a blog. As long as I AM here….
    As far as I am concerned, Mr. Florio abdicated any professional credibilty last week when he reported the “rumor” that Randy Moss wanted out of New England. Turns out it was a rumor that HE invented, without so much as a single fact to support it which he then readily, and even PROUDLY, admitted nationally on The Dan Patrick (Radio) Show.
    Why report news when you can just make it up, eh, Mike?
    Shame on you, Mike Florio.
    Shame on PFT for their apparent tacet approval of that brand of “journalism”.

  12. So for all the people who criticized the Ravens for signing Suggs to a long term deal for big buck, look at his competition. Haynesworth looks fat and sedate. Ware and Merriman are MIA. Merriman off the juice just ain’t the same player. Meanwhile, Suggs continues to play at a high level as a complete OLB/DE. When he came out of college he was very young and immature and was a one trick pony as a pass rusher. He really has become an all around great player who is involved in the community and really has done nothing to discredit himself with the team. Once again shows why Ozzie is one of the best in the business.

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