The Cowboys really are "America's Team"

The Harris Poll is probably run by a large company that does many important things.

But I only hear of it one time a year, when they come out with the poll that says who is “America’s favorite football team.”

And the envelope please . . .

The Dallas Cowboys came in first in the poll for the third straight year, which doesn’t exactly make up for the lack of playoff wins of late.  But it certainly helps Jerry Jones’ bottom line.

The Steelers came in second, followed by the Bears, Colts, and Patriots.  Completing the top ten were the Packers, Eagles, Giants, Titans (!?), and Vikings. 

The poll takers were asked to predict who would win the Super Bowl this year, with the Steelers getting the most votes (19%), followed by the Patriots (17%).

There was no word how many people picked the Redskins.

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  1. Eh, not terribly surprising, right? I have tons of friends who are Dallas fans, and they almost all southerners who grew up without any other pro football team around (and the Falcons and Saints didn’t count). Wide base.
    The Broncos have nearly as wide a *geographic* base, but the problem is that there isn’t anyone living in it. Being the most popular team in Montana doesn’t win you these contests.

  2. Colts, Patriots, Titans, and Vikings in the top ten? Overwhelming proof that bandwagon fans are a growing segment. The second Peyton Manning and Tom Brady retire, no one will care about the Colts or Patriots; after this year, no one will care about the Vikings (especially their own market!); and the Titans will quickly slide out of that top ten by missing the playoffs this year.
    I’d like to see the full 32 team list.

  3. How is it that the skins are the 2nd richest team, with a sh*tty stadium and a awful record over the last 20 years and not one of the more popular teams? Someones buying their sh*t.

  4. Hey Rosenthal… what’s up with the ?! after Titans. Just because it’s not a major city you have to disrespect us?? How about all the people who identify with Nashville because of the rich tradition of music and Southern charm?
    It’s tools like you that make me hate the media. Suck the b.alls of Brady and Farve and then do things like this to true and proud teams and fans.
    Eff off!

  5. Steeler fan: @#$@#$ what do we have to do to get some respect???
    Everyone else: lulz, sucker.

  6. The following is a quote from the story
    “Nearly one in five surveyed (19 percent) predict the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl this year; 17 percent favored the New England Patriots. Just 4 percent picked the Green Bay Packers to win.”
    In unrelated news 2.17% of the country is suffering from mental retardation. (roughly 6.5m) and the population of wisconsin makes up 1.83% of the total population of the US. If you draw any conclusions from this information its on you, not me.

  7. If the Harris poll asked which team had the biggest a**holes for fans, the steelers would come in first place!!!!

  8. What came first the America’s Team moniker or televising them all over the country as the late game? You ever take a look at TV distribution maps? It’s only a lack of options for football fans in non-football cities.

  9. “The poll takers were asked to predict who would win the Super Bowl this year, with the Steelers getting the most votes (19%)”
    Well, at least they got one right…

  10. Hey Rosenthal, what’s up with the “!?” after the Titans? –small-market teams aren’t allowed to be have a solid fan base? Sure they’re 0-4, but elitist writers like you make it really hard for many NFL fans to watch Sportscenter and visit Web sites like PFT. Now go write something about Brett Favre.

  11. Well, that’s going to make Mr. Jeffery “the gold standard” Lurie very happy to know that the Eagles are on the national radar screen. But with the sorry state of the Cowboys over the past few seasons, you gotta believe this to be the result of media hype on overdrive and not a reflection of actual talent or wins. It’s sort of like when Madonna was the only name that came to mind when you mentioned chick singers, because she was (and maybe still is) the most over-hyped performer in show business.

  12. Not too surprised by this list- those 8 teams at the top seem to be the same 8 year after year, the order just changes. Titans and Vikings crack the top 10 because 1 was really good last year and the other is really good this year & last.
    The Chargers not making this list just shows how much people in southern California either don’t care about football or are all transplants from other areas of the country who have other fav teams.

  13. “troll_aikman8 says:
    October 7, 2009 7:29 PM
    Steeler fan: @#$@#$ what do we have to do to get some respect???”
    Don’t need it.
    Don’t want it.

  14. *Viking fan voice*
    The Vikings would have won the Super Bowl vote, but the voting was obviously rigged by Viking hater Mike Florio.

  15. Steelers’ boundaries go beyond America. They are worldwide with Terrible Towels even waved by astronauts up in space.

  16. Everyone knows that Cleveland is where its at, especially now with Mangina at the helm. The poll was rigged.

  17. I put zero,zip,nada belief in that poll. Sure it isn’t the most HATED? The Cowboys are the Yankees of football. Jerry Jones is as likable as Bernard Madoff. Hell,their cheerleaders are not even close to the best anymore.

  18. Why doesn’t anyone believe him ?? WAAAAAAAAA ! We are Loved!
    The Cowboys are Great and people like us Darn it!
    And we will win a playoff game this century !!

  19. Titan’s have seemed to have established a pretty good fan base in Nashville. Living in the Carolina I see just as many Cowboy fans as I do Panther fans. I know the reason the Packer’s dropped down to 6th but at least we still have loyal and solid fans that will stand the test of time.

  20. “There was no word how many people picked the Redskins.”
    Two. One owns the Redskins and the other lives in West Virginia.

  21. I think KRM is right if you did a poll on what was the most hated team you would probably get the Cowboys, Steelers, Pats… Its probably caused by the most media coverage. The more media coverage the more likely people will have an opinion of you, one way or another. Take the 49ers almost 0 media coverage even though they have one of the richest histories in the league so very few people hate, or love them. The Raiders would be a flaw in this theory because they get plenty of attention and yet probably wouldn’t make it on either list, but they have to split their fans with SF, and possibly SD, and soon the Vikings or Jaguars.

  22. If the “brokeback mountain” boys are
    Americas team then
    JJ must be Americas clown.
    The entire off season consisted of nothing but
    stories about Brady_Farve_Romo.
    You writers swill their balls like a martini olive.
    It is no longer interesting.

  23. Dallas is also the most hated team in America too.
    And in the 90s when they were actually a winning team, with so many convicted fellons on their team, Dallas was known as “America’s MOST WANTED” team
    F Dallas and any fan of Dallas who is not in the local Dallas market

  24. “TheWizard says:
    October 7, 2009 8:48 PM
    Which teams’ games get aired nationally most often?
    That’s America’s Team.”
    Please remove your head from Tom Brady’s crotch, please? It’s becoming embarassing.

  25. Romo With game on Line,
    First of all your username is ironic because the last guy you want as your QB with the game on the line is Romo. Secondly, what has Romo won? I know it’s not a superbowl or a playoff game. He looks very mediocre without one of the best receivers of all time.

  26. I love how idots bitch about how polls are all skewed.. uness it supports their view.. then its an accurate poll…

  27. THEredskin says:
    October 7, 2009 7:28 PM
    How is it that the skins are the 2nd richest team, with a sh*tty stadium and a awful record over the last 20 years and not one of the more popular teams? Someones buying their sh*t.
    How exactly does “richest team” come into play? The Cowboy and Redskin fans love to say this but both of their teams with great pasts are getting run into the ground and they are standing there smiling like stepford wives.

  28. What came first the America’s Team moniker or televising them all over the country as the late game? – panu
    The America’s Team moniker came first. It originally was a catch phrase used by the Atlanta Braves because they were the first sports team to be televised nationwide via Ted Turner’s WTBS, the first nationwide cable network. It had to do with availability rather than popularity. It wasn’t until some time later that the Cowboys’ marketing department wisely employed it to promote the team. It plays the guilt and shame angle (if you’re not a Cowboys fan you’re un-American) while satisfying the human herding instinct, which is what makes popularity polls relevant and why our country is often referred to as a nation of sheep.
    Personally, I wouldn’t give a shit if I was the only fan of the team I root for. They are my choice for the reasons I choose. Some of us make lousy sheep.

  29. Anyone that has read any of my comments know that I am a die hard Vikings fan. That being said…….
    There is only one team that deserves anything close to the title “America’s Team” and it certainly is not the cowgirls. It is the Green Bay Packers (damn, that is hard to say)
    The reason they deserve the title is that they are the ONLY publicly owned team, in other words, the fans own the team. They are not owned by a group of investors looking to make a buck, they are not owned by a corporation, but by the public.
    Until that happens regarding another team, any team that accepts that title are nothing but frauds!

  30. Most steeler fans i know dont get up until afternoon and thats to go to the mailbox to get the gubment check.

  31. dude what are you talking about did you not watch the monday night football game at buffalo a couple of years ago when we won 25-24…what other qb do you know that can throw 5 interceptions and still bounce back and lead a game-winning drive. romo is a winner and no one cares if you win playoffs or not only super bowls….so does the last 8 years with no playoff wins matter? don’t care just want a ring…if by the end of romo’s career he has a sb ring you can say he has accomplished as much as brett favre from an ‘ultimate goal’ standpoint.
    i look at holmgren and bill cowher…guys that won 1 ring in 13+ seasons….so that is like saying that if andy reid or jeff fisher wins a ring in the next couple of years they are as good as bill cowher…why? all have rings and all have been in the league the same amt of time…all based on perspective and america’s perspective is focused on the BOYS!

  32. “The Cowboy and Redskin fans love to say this but both of their teams with great pasts are getting run into the ground”
    In what way? The Cowboys are riding a four season winning streak. Your Eagirls? One. Two of the last four. The Eagirls haven’t had more than 5 straight winning seasons in several decades. Talk about the playoffs all you want but if you don’t win in the regular season, you don’t go to the playoffs.

  33. This just means that there are more people to point and laugh at in December when Tony Romo chokes again.

  34. so your saying Romo is good because he led a game winning drive, against a terrible team, after he had five turnovers? The reason the game wasn’t a blowout was because of Romo’s five turnovers. That is the dumbest argument I have ever been in. Are you really that stupid?

  35. VoxVeritas,
    How many playoff wins have they won during this four season winning streak?
    “Talk about the playoffs all you want but if you don’t win in the regular season, you don’t go to the playoffs.”
    If you don’t win in the playoffs you don’t go to the Superbowl.

  36. Why are the Vikings even on this list? They can’t even freakin’ sell out a playoff game.
    The top three are, in no order, the Cowboys, Steelers and Packers.

  37. They should ask again after Dec 27 when the cowpies are home wondering who JJ will toss under the bus ?

  38. I’m not surprised that Rosenthal is in awe of a company that conducts the “Harris Poll”. Kids usually are in awe of many things.
    But, a poll of a total of 2,334 persons, of which 1,194 persons are actually fans of football, is hardly a large enough sample size to get a true measurement of the percentages of persons in the country who root for various teams.
    Sorry, kid, but it would be easy to get a sample size 20 times more, 30 times more, or even 100 times more in the same one week period.

  39. Down here in de islands we did not need any stinking polls to know de Dallas Cowboys is de islands favorite American football team

  40. Betcha if they asked which team is you hate the most, the Cowboys would have come in first again.

  41. People were probably thinking of the Titans from the movie, ‘Remember the Titans’.
    As for the Cowboys, I guess old traditions die hard. The comment above about being one of the few pro teams in the South (not counting non-redneck-strongholds like Florida, Atlanta, and New Orleans) is probably true. Also, they’re still the most recent ‘dynasty’ team outside the east or west coasts, so they’re still probably the biggest name. And all of the celebrity stuff surrounding Romo/Yoko, TO, Jones, and the rest keeps them in, say, People magazine.
    So in summary, they represent America about the same way that your average day of talk-radio programming does. That is, much less than it seems.

  42. The “America’s Team” thing was a marketing ploy dreamed up by Pete Rozelle in the 70s. He first approached the Steelers (logical choice at the time), but the Rooneys said no thanks. So he went to Tex Schramm, who jumped on it.
    Harris didn’t poll football fans. Harris polled average Americans who know teams that get press–usually those that have been winning recently: Steelers, Colts, Eagles, Giants, Pats. Titans did well last year. Bears, Packers, Steelers, and Cowboys have history, so people know them. Right now, the Vikes have Favre mania. And the Cowboys always have headline-generator Jerry Jones.
    People remember headlines. But most of those naming their favorite team couldn’t tell you how many points are in a field goal.

  43. The Vikings only cracked the top 10 because they picked up Favre. Without him they’re middle of the pack at best.

  44. Romo With Game on Line says: October 7, 2009 9:59 PM
    what other qb do you know that can throw 5 interceptions and still bounce back and lead a game-winning drive. romo is a winner
    Uhm….. are you a little slow in the head? if the guy throws 5 picks and his team wins the game, its pretty much in spite of the QB, not because of him. When the ravens won the superbowl, no one was claiming dilfer was the greatest QB where they? (153 yrds, 1 td) Of course not, it was the defense that won that game. 5 ints is just further proof that he’s a moron who benifited from a good supporting cast. plus you where playing against the bills……
    Romo currently is NOT a winner when compared to other QB’s in the league. Hell, jake delholme is more of a winner than romo, at least he can win a playoff game.

  45. What a bunch of sheep. Jones sucks, Romo really sucks, and oh….the Cowturds suck. I hate them so much, I threw up a little in my mouth when I read the title of this blog.

    the full data is listed here, not really sure how credible this is though. It states only 2,334 adult over 18 took this poll and only 1,194 were pro football fans.
    when you don’t have alot of people taking polls like this you will get alot of bandwagon fans and alot of people who know team names and not educated in the fact who is good and wwho isnt. The knowledge of alot of these people are limited to what they see on sportcenter and who wins games in january and the first week of february.
    Interesting article Mr. Rosenthal, but step your game up and do some research to make it informative to your reader. All you did was basically copy/paste from the link you provided.

  47. This is for all of you Cowgirl fans who never stepped foot in Texas or even crossed the Mason Dixon Line. You took the easy way out and you know it!
    The term (Americas Team) was coined by a Philadelphian Bob Ryan! Who works for NFL Films based in Mt. Laurel ,NJ (P.S thats in the Delaware Valley Eagle Country) He took notice of all the front runners out there who took the easy way out in the 70’s and routed for the Cow-pies. The majority of these same people probably have a Yankee cap too!
    The truth strait from Wikipedia.
    Bob Ryan, the Vice President and editor-in-chief of NFL Films, coined this for the Cowboys in 1979. After preparing and editing the team’s 1978 season highlight film he had to come up with a title for the film. [7] He was quoted as saying:
    I wanted to come up with a different twist on their team highlight film. I noticed then, and had noticed earlier, that wherever the Cowboys played, you saw people in the stands with Cowboys jerseys and hats and pennants. Plus, they were always the national game on television.
    During the Cowboys’ first game of the 1979 season, a nationally televised game against the St. Louis Cardinals (which Dallas won 22-21), the television announcer for CBS introduced the Cowboys as America’s Team and the name stuck.
    Dallas’s Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry originally did not approve of the appellation of America’s Team. He felt that it would give opposing teams extra incentive to play harder. Eventually he gave in and actually came to like the name.[8]NFL Films is a Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based company devoted to producing commercials, television programs, feature films, and documentaries on the National Football League, as well as other unrelated major events and awards shows. Founded as Blair Motion Pictures by Ed Sabol in 1962, and now run by his son Steve Sabol, it is currently owned by the League and produces most of its videotaped content except its live game coverage, which is handled separately by the individual networks.

  48. LOL…Well done Dallas fan! Mad props! What, exactly, does this give you? I just know that “America’s Team” resides in the basement, and has not had a playoff win since our Founding Fathers founded this great country! 😉

  49. Dan Rooney once said “We (Pittsburgh Steelers) don’t want to be America’s team. We want to be Pittsburgh’s team.” I’m glad Pittsburgh didn’t finish first in the poll. The Steelers represent the people of Pittsburgh or people with Pittsburgh roots. It’s a tight bond, and well-documented, between the team and its true fans. I wouldn’t want someone in Kansas, South Carolina, Montana or Washington rooting for my beloved Steelers.

  50. VoxVeritas says:
    The Cowboys are riding a four season winning streak.
    Really? Really ? you are going there ?
    You have got to be Kidding me !
    What other useless bit of information can you dig up ? Just what has the Cowboys 4 SEASON WINNING STREAK done for them. You like to talk about other teams grasping at straws looking for positives to take away from seasons that ended to early, BUT this one takes the CAKE
    You are such a hipocrite Douche!
    Have a nice Day!

  51. I wonder where this poll was taken? Texas?
    I don’t recall getting a vote.
    How about anyone else responding here.
    Did any of you get a vote?

  52. has anyone ever responded to these polls? i wonder who they actually poll.
    if the poll was conducted in Dallas, the results are not surprising.

  53. Oh, barf. How can the ‘Boys be so universally disliked by the rest of the country and still be “America’s Team”?

  54. “if the poll was conducted in Dallas, the results are not surprising.”
    Actually it’s very surprising……….that anyone in Dallas knew how to take a poll.

  55. @Latrobe …
    I grew up in a blue-collar Southern family, and have never even been to Pittsburgh but I’ve been bleeding black and gold most of my life. So has my brother. His kids were wearing the colors as soon as they popped out of the womb. There’s not enough space here to explain how much I love this team or why, but they’ve helped get me through some hellish times, and my loyalty to them runs almost as deep as my loyalty to my family. Win or lose, I am proud to be a member of the worldwide Steeler Nation.
    As for what Dan Rooney thinks … I have a personal letter from him hanging on my wall. It ends with “Keep rooting for us” not “Outsiders aren’t welcome.” I think he’s proud that so many people around the world have a special place in their hearts for the character the Chief and his family brought to their franchise.
    I appreciate your love for your city. But you couldn’t love that team more than I do. My connection isn’t geographic, it’s all heart–and it’s a strong one.

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