Vince Young wants no part of quarterback controversy

With every Titans loss, Vince Young gets a little closer to seeing the field again.

But despite Kerry Collins’ struggles last week and our pleas for Jeff Fisher to insert Young into the lineup to help NBC’s ratings this Sunday night, Young will watch a suddenly healthy Colts defense from the sidelines. 

Young wants to play, but made it clear Wednesday he’s going to say all the right things, and doesn’t want to get on the field just because his team’s season is falling apart.

“I am always wanting to play; I can’t do nothing about that,” Young
said to the Nashville Tennessean. “I am just taking care of my responsibilities . . .  My job is to stay in the
game mentally and pay attention.”

Young was reportedly uncomfortable talking about the situation, as you’d expect.

“I am not interested in those questions right now, because that is not
what I am looking for us to do, to lose to get back in the game,”
Young said.

With the Colts and Patriots next on the schedule, Kerry Collins will have to help engineer a big upset to avoid an 0-6 start for last year’s number one seed in the AFC.

17 responses to “Vince Young wants no part of quarterback controversy

  1. “Vince Young is not a passing quarterback. He do not stay in the pocket and he runs.”

  2. “I can’t do nothing about that,” Young said to the Nashville Tennessean.
    So he is saying that he must do something?

  3. He’s already said he plans on winning a Super Bowl someday and eventually go to the HOF. What else is there to say ?

  4. lichnor says: October 7, 2009 6:50 PM
    “Anyone else notice the Titans have not won a game since they stomped the Terrible Towel?”
    0-6 since the Terrible Towel stomp.
    Those dudes need to get an exorcist in quick! Sprinkle the whole team with holy water or something. They are truly cursed.

  5. Wow.. lichnor you’re so observant. The football Gods must have cast their curse down on the Titans for disrespecting your bath towels… that btw your fans were throwing down on our team.
    You believe in unicorns and the easter bunny too? Douch.e

  6. They can borrow Brett Favre for a few weeks and it will not matter if their defense can’t stop anyone from scoring 30+ points.
    Held Pittsburgh to 13, not saying much though. Bears did too.
    Houston put up 34.
    High scoring Jets put up 24.
    Jags put up 37.
    Last season they only allowed 3 teams all season over 20 points.

  7. If I read one more thing about the goddamn Terrible Towel causing the Titans to suck, I’m going to murder.
    The Terrible Towel is a powerless piece of cloth. The Titans suck because of Chuck Cecil and Kerry Collins, not laundry.

  8. I saw this one coming. Kerry Collins is too damn old to put together a season like he had last year. Titans should have gotten Vick, in my opinion. Young could have learned a bit from him, and he’d have provided insurance against Vince AND Kerry sucking.

  9. Give Vince Young a good quarterbacks coach and he could become great. He is stuck in a disaster zone with the Titans.

  10. I do not know what is happening to coach Fisher, what is he trying to prove? Is his pride getting in the way? DOes he want to punish Vince for his immature bahavior last time he played as a starter? What is the point? Does he want to prove that he can be the worst team this season? I call that PRIDE, give VY a chance, it is time, not in the second half or last quarter, but from the beginning, yes, VY is very immature, that is true, but he deserves a chance I think, he can play, and I do not care about what people say about him passing or not, the point is that VY wins games, he has proven it so far, it was the same thing in Texas, he was criticized for not passing well or with style, so what, he won all the games there on his last year. There are just some people that do not fit the mold of what people expect them to be, and VY is one of those guys. Fisher, you better put your pride aside for once and give the kid a chance.

  11. They are being haunted by the ghost of Myron Cope. To break the curse, LenWhale White must publicly apologize to the Steelers.

  12. I never believed in them last year…it was just a lucky season due to the Colts issues early in the year….this team is a joke considering it has 2 amazing RBs

  13. I agree with brfer. All these negative comments about Vince Young don’t make sense. In 2006 he was rookie of the year after taking command of a losing team and leading the Titans to within one game of an unlikely playoff birth. In 2007 he took the Titans to the playoffs and was the youngest quarterback to start in a playoff game in franchise history. In 2008 he was injured in first game and then did something immature that week (went missing for a day or something?… – I don’t recall any crimes committed…). Collins replaced the injured Young and went on to have an good year. Now Vince Young is permanently banished to the dog house? What is wrong with this picture ?!

  14. If the Titans go 0-6 by their bye week, Fisher will have little choice than to put in Young.
    Games VS Indy and the Pats look like losses for sure at this point.

  15. If I was making millions of dollars to warm a pine bench I might be hesitant to call for change too.

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