Bucs want to ride Cadillac on a full-time basis

Despite the presence of Earnest Graham and Clifton Smith and the arrival of 1,000-yard rusher Derrick Ward, the Buccaneers are hoping to continue to cruise around Raymond James Stadium in their four-year-old Cadillac with two repaired wheels.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson calls Cadillac Williams, the fifth overall pick in the 2005 draft, a “complete back.”  And Olson thinks that it’s time for the team to make Williams the every-down option.

We’re going to get him more involved.  And really, that’s on me,” Olson said, per the St. Petersburg Times.

“Clifton [Smith] has been our guy because he’s a threat as a wide receiver
and often times in those situations, a back gets out and gets involved
in that,” Olson added.  “He’s been our guy going back to last year.  But Cadillac has
proven that he understands protections and he’s a real solid pass
protector and really, he’s developed as a receiver. 

“We went into the season kind of with the mentality of let’s work
Cadillac in.  Maybe we can rotate him with the other backs.  But as good
as he’s looked here early on in the season, I think it’s time we become
more committed to Cadillac Williams as a full-time guy.”

Against the Redskins, Williams rushed for 77 yards on 16 carries and added 22 yards on four receptions.

Ward, who left the Giants after the 2008 season, missed last week’s game with a knee injury.  He fully participated in practice on Wednesday.

Graham rushed for nearly 900 yards in 2007 after Cadillac Williams was lost for the year with a ruptured patellar tendon that many believed might end his career.  But Graham has accepted his role as a backup tailback and part-time fullback.

Williams tore the patellar tendon in his other knee last season, after completing his inspiring comeback from the first injury.

Bottom line?  With the risk of injury always present, especially for the guys running with the ball, it makes sense to have multiple guys ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

And maybe the Bucs would be a little better on defense if they had a few of them play safety or linebacker as well.

8 responses to “Bucs want to ride Cadillac on a full-time basis

  1. Since they are paying Ward well they should at least use him as a 3rd down back to relieve Caddy every once and a while and trade Graham for a decent round pick. If Caddy gets hurt they can sign Huggins from their practice squad.
    They have to many quality RB and very little quality anywhere else. Trade one for a WR or defensive back, something!

  2. if raheem was smart he should trade earnest graham for a new head coach, o wait, i mean a new gm, o wait, sorry.
    and greg olsen says clifton smith ? the guy that cost u last weeks game? and hasnt done crap on special teams all year? i say trade him why he still has some value from last years pro bowl. to bad noone in the nfl really wants any of are backs except ward and since the contract we paid him in the offseason was so high there prolly wont be to many suitors.

  3. The best we could get for Graham at this point would probably be some magic beans. I love the Bucs dearly, but watching this defense makes me want to find the nearest sturdy cross beam and hang myself with my belt.
    Bottom line, the Glazers have officially run this team into the ground (and far into the sub-terranea) from the top down. Hugh Culverhouse would be proud.

  4. This is a totally misinformed article. The statement about Cadillac was refering to using him more in the 2 minute offense, not as the every down back. Ward was injured last week, and Johnson had his first career start. The offense just didn’t put the points on the board needed to win. The defense played pretty good with 4 turnovers created, yet you just continue to bash them. How about a truthfull article like “Bucs Young Defense Shows Improvement In Week 4”?

  5. Coach has no choice. Ward is hurt. Graham is a “has been” and Clifton cannot be trusted with the ball. Cadillac is the last man standing!

  6. Ahhh yes, a great question… Why keep 4 running backs when you suck? Well, much like an actual Cadillac. The brand new 2005 escalade looks nice, seems to run well, and has all the extra features that you want in your ride… It also comes with a $60,000 price tag. Then 4 years later, your transmission is shot and she’s blowing tires like it’s nobodys business, you try and sell the ol caddy and it’s worth less than a 2005 civic… 5th overall pick… 2 blown ass knees… Rides okay today… Tomorrow??? I wouldn’t put money on it… U need all the other backs for the extra parts!!! Just like GM… The bucs are done!!!! Go ahead and use him!!! Go birds!!

  7. They should rely on Cadillac more, his receiving skills have improved dramatically and he is turning into a real dual threat (provided he stays healthy – which most people seem to doubt). But Josh Johnson needs all the receiving help he can get right now, and Caddy has helped tremendously. Did anyone hear Antonio Bryant call our Michael Clayton today on the Bucs Total Access Show? Details at 80sucks.com

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