Conflicting reports emerge regarding Edwards assault allegations

Edward Givens, the Steve Urkel-sized friend of LeBron James, claims that former Browns receiver Braylon Edwards punched him in the face early Monday.

Givens has been clear and unequivocal that Braylon threw the punch.

But there’s now a report from one of the members of the media in Braylon’s new football city that the punch wasn’t thrown by Edwards, but by a member of his entourage.

The suggestion, attributed to an unnamed source, is buried in a more comprehensive item on the Edwards trade from Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger.

But if Edwards didn’t throw the punch, why hasn’t Edwards said so? 

More amazingly, why hasn’t the supposedly ruthless New York media already asked Edwards that question?

19 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge regarding Edwards assault allegations

  1. I’m not backing Edwards, but if the league is already investigating this why in the world are they sitting on their hands with the Raiders?

  2. You mean the Corrupt New York Media Establishment has started to rehab the image of a player that now plays for them? No! Really? I’m shocked! Shocked I tells ya!

  3. IF Braylon wasnt traded you would all be perfectly content with saying he threw the punch, but now that he is a Jet there is no way he threw it, right!? Florio, you’re as credible as Sabrina Parr, the Cleveland Athletes version of the community chest who plays contributor on wknr’s morning show on wednesday.

  4. Who cares if he punched someone in his off time? Was he on the field, no. So until he is guilty in a court of law, who cares. What we should be focussing on instead is if Braylon was jealous of Lebron in Cleveland, how the hell will he respond to being in the shadow of NY stars like Eli, A-rod, Jeter and now his teammate Mark Sanchez. This guy is a baby TO and a teenage Crabtree

  5. Florio you are right.
    lets see – lets play a little game called “what if”.
    what if it was Bill Belichek that broke the jaw of one of his assistant coaches.
    what if it was Randy Moss that punched in Erkels face?
    nuff said.
    jeez @TheBigOldDog is the media corrupt? you tell me.

  6. uggh, how irresponsible is this post? You belittle the victim by comparing him to Steve Urkel (Erkel????) and then you publicize an obvious smoke screen story for the player. It leads me to ask, are you now accepting payments from players, agents, or management to help with the players public off-the-field issues?
    You are losing credibility all the time. Can’t wait until you are sued for one of these mistakes.

  7. I agree with chapnasty..who the eff cares if he punched some dude!? is he going to jail for it? is the guy filing assault charges? how do we know that Urkel didn’t start the whole thing in the first place?

  8. didn’t this happen outside of a club? a club that seems to cater to high end clients? and wouldn’t such club have security cameras? What is there to investigate? Get the tapes, see what happened, and act appropriately… this should be over already!!

  9. I knew Edwards had hands of stone…. but this is ridiculous!!!
    This reasoning makes PERFECT sense… doesn’t it always take 3 days to realize “wait a second, I didn’t punch Erkel in the face, it was….ummmmm…. ahhhhhhhh……. the other guy… ya ya… that’s it… the other guy!!”
    Case CLOSED!!!
    Moving on…. Jabba-the-Ryan seems like a well-mannered, and professional kinda coach, and a perfect mentor for Braylon!
    First Farve, then Jabba, now this???
    J-E-S-T-S… Jests Jests Jests!!!

  10. Looks like the cats out of the bag- it was Edwards that was fined $1701.00 for not paying for a $3.00 hotel room water!

  11. In the event you’re under the illusion that players and NFL team personnel are treated equally and fairly you need only read these two comments from yesterday’s news clips:
    1. The NFL is investigating whether Braylon Edwards violated the league’s conduct policy following an accusations he assulted a man outside a nightclub.
    2. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is watching as authorities investigate allegations that Raiders coach Tom Cable assulted one of his assistants.
    What’s wrong with this picture?
    The NFL is investigating a player, who is accused of assult, though no charges had been filed by the person assaulted. And the NFL is “watching” local authorities who are investigating a NFL Coach who is accused of assaulting an assistant coach who filed police charges, went to a hospital for a broken jaw and has medical evidence he was injured.
    It is situations like this one that make Roger Goodell laughable.
    If you’re going to try to clean up (supposedly) the league’s image, isn’t assault by a Coach on an employee of a NFL team a more compelling infraction for the NFL to investigate and mete out punishment for (assuming he’s guilty) than for end zone celebrations, improper attire and the other silly infractions meted out on players weekly?
    Why is Edwards being investigated by the NFL and not Cable? Are the local authorities in Napa more competnet than those in Cleveland? I doubt it.
    This is hypocricy at it’s zenith.

  12. Good the Urkel guy was probably one of those small guys who get up in your face talking stuff , thinking they are too small for you to hit. I punch those guys square in the face as well. Youre not to small for me to yourself…welcome to NY 🙂

  13. “Good the Urkel guy was probably one of those small guys who get up in your face talking stuff , thinking they are too small for you to hit. I punch those guys square in the face as well. Youre not to small for me to yourself…welcome to NY 🙂
    Internet tough guys are funny.

  14. Florio, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. He can’t answer that question, because it is an ongoing legal matter. He even said in his interview that he can’t answer any of those questions for the above reason.

  15. Must have talked to Pacman and Vick and found the best way to handle these situations it to pass it off to a member of your “entourage.”
    Edwards was misled by his friends, he trusted someone close to him and they screwed him in the end.

  16. Why are you people ripping Florio?? He didn’t WRITE the article. All he did was point you toward another paper where a guy talks about the possibility. What is it with the haterism? S
    But if you are going to gripe. Gripe about the crappy re-logging in every time you want to comment lol.

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