Niners G.M. confirms that Crabtree visit was unexpected

There’s been some debate as to who, if anyone, blinked in connection with the breaking of the impasse between the 49ers and receiver Michael Crabtree.

As we’ve heard it, the blinking was done by the player.  The 49ers had no idea that Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker were planning to arrive in the Bay Area this week to resume negotiations, and that the team first learned of the possibility from the hints dropped by Deion Sanders, who has close ties to Crabtree and/or Parker.

G.M. Scot McCloughan confirmed on Wednesday that, indeed, the team didn’t know that Crabtree and Parker, who previously wanted a deal worth as much or more than the five-year, $38.25 million deal given to Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, were coming to town.

“It was unique because we didn’t know about it,” McCloughan told KNBR in San Francisco (via  “We had nothing set up, so they were flying in without us really having anything set up.  So we got to Monday morning and got verification that they were in town, got a couple phone calls, got a meeting set up.  At noon [Tuesday], we sat down.  Jed, myself, [Paraag] Marathe, Eugene Parker, and Michael Crabtree.  And we sat there about an hour and talked as a group, then Michael and I went by ourselves for about an hour.  And [Paraag] and Eugene met through the night and into the morning and we got stuff ironed out.”

(McCloughan made no mention of Hammer’s reported involvement in the negotiations.)

Moving forward, what can 49ers fans expect from Crabtree?

“First of all, as a player, I see him as a big-play guy,” McCloughan said.  “You can’t go through the Big 12, especially the Big 12 South in two years and have 41 touchdowns and 230 catches.  He dominated at a very high level.

“Now again, he has not caught a ball in the NFL yet, so we’re waiting to see that.  But just off of pure physical skills, very impressive.  Very competitive.  [T]he one guy I’ve seen in college that looked like this and played like this was Anquan Boldin. . . .   Michael [has] more play speed than Boldin, but just that physical . . . where they can step in and dominate.  And that’s what you need nowadays in the NFL.  You’ve got the big safetys, the big linebackers, and you’ve got to be able to not just hold up, but be able to break arm tackles getting down the field.  Which he can do.  I think he’s got exceptional hands, strong hands to be able to go high-point the ball and come down with it.  And saying all that, with the physical make up and the maturity he has, it will be a quick process with him being able to fit in on an NFL football field.”

But not too quick.

The 49ers will have a two-week roster exemption for Crabtree, and he is expected to make his debut later this month, on October 25 against the Texans.

8 responses to “Niners G.M. confirms that Crabtree visit was unexpected

  1. And if you examine the contract details… Crabs got exactly what was offered… and fits right into the slot he was picked at. Held out for nothing…

  2. When do rookies take physicals? Is their contract contingent on them passing their physical like free agents, or do they have their official one before the draft and not have to take another one? I know he participated in some training camp things, and also had some minor injury issues at the time….but does he have to pass a full physical before the contract is official?
    The only reason I can think of for him to holdout like he did would be to cover an injury (perhaps one that might bring his long-term health into question). Or that he and his agent are retarded. I know most people lean toward the latter….but even stupid people sometimes do logical things.

  3. Or I guess he could just be trying to make a name for himself, and make sure he stayed in people’s consciousness in order to get more attention and possibly more endorsements.
    Intentionally stupid actions do draw the attention of the masses, as evidenced by many other NFL players……interestingly enough, all of them also wide receivers.

  4. So basically G.M. Scot McCloughan is politely saying Parker/Crabtree caved in and Niners got to add some exceptions for future holdouts/playing time.
    Love it.

  5. Crabby is a DIVA! You’ll see him get rocked this year by other teams. He’ll get a hard welcome to the NFL for his DIVA attitude. Would he have signed if the Niners were 1-3? I don’t think so. You see in time this guy is a TO DIVA reborn.

  6. McCloughan made no mention of Hammer’s reported involvement in the negotiations.
    Because that WAS completely expected.

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