Rex Ryan regrets trash talk with Channing Crowder

As the New York Jets prepare to play the Miami Dolphins for the first time in the head-coaching tenure of Rex Ryan, Ryan says he regrets getting into an offseason verbal back-and-forth with Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder.

“I think the thing with Channing Crowder, if I had to do one thing
over, that would probably be it
,” Ryan said, per Tim Graham of, “because clearly I was
joking about the whole thing, which I had done before in the past in
Baltimore with Chad [Ochocinco] and with some other guys.

some reason, I don’t think the tone was reflected that way.  That is
what it is.  I’ll say this to you guys:  I’m not going to be hard to find
out there.  I’ll be wearing a white jersey with a 77 on it.”

Ryan is making a joke.  The guy wearing the white jersey with a 77 on it is nose tackle Kris Jenkins.

And it reminds me of something a reader suggested after Crowder invited me to come to his house so that he could pummel me.  The advice?  Wear a Colts jersey with a 44 on it, and Crowder will never catch you.

Ryan also talked about his habit of chattering, and whether it motivates the opponents.

“I think bulletin board material is something that if I was being
disrespectful, or somebody’s being disrespectful to an opponent, I
think that’s where it could probably motivate you, but
I’ve never been disrespectful to anybody,” Ryan said.

“But also understand
this:  We think we have a heck of a football team, and we’re confident.  We’re not afraid of anybody.  We’re not backing down from anybody.  We
came here to try to win a championship, and if people have a tough time
with it, so be it.”

As to Ryan’s prior issue with that linebacker from Miami, Crowder has moved on.

“He’s OK,” Crowder said.  “He’s a young coach.  He got caught up in the
bull, and as a coach you can’t do that.  It wasn’t that big a deal.”

I hope Crowder is feeling as charitable when I’m in Miami for Super Bowl week.

I’ll be taking a Dallas Clark jersey, just in case.

Mr. Reebok, can you hook me up?

20 responses to “Rex Ryan regrets trash talk with Channing Crowder

  1. And it reminds me of something a reader suggested after Crowder invited me to come to his house so that he could pummel me. The advice? Wear a Colts jersey with a 44 on it, and Crowder will never catch you.

  2. I feel like Rex is one of those guys who brings brass knuckles to a fight
    Belichick does too, except they are gold – encrusted with diamonds…

  3. From what I hear/have seen if you grab any TE’s jersey you should be safe. Crowder can never been seen close to any of them.
    Starting to like Ryan, he has chilled out a little bit and his team is playing tough D.

  4. Florio, I’m so glad I emailed you that line. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, as a Dolphins fan, I’m crying on the inside.

  5. The only time I have ever seen Channing Crowder, he was getting his head beaten in by an offensive lineman, from the Patriots, I think. It doesn’t matter. It was hilarious. Everytime I think of Chowderhead, I remember his hair flopping up and down as the forearms were raining down on him. Hilarious.

  6. I can not stand rex ryan. #1 his name. you name your dog rex not your son. #2 his looks. that diet he went on did him justice. #3 his attitude. this dude needs to get real.
    i see no reason the dolphins cant bend the jets over like they did buffalo. They have lost 3 games. to atl by 12. ind by 4. sd by 10. These teams are extremely better than the Jets. Look at their core primetime players
    QB-Ryan-22/36 229yards 2TD
    RB-Turner-22 att 65 yds
    WR-White-5 rec 42 yds
    TE-Gonzalez- 5 rec 73 yds 1TD
    QB-Manning-14/23 303yds 2TD
    RB-Addai-6 att 32yds
    WR-Wayne-3 rec 37yds
    TE-Clark-7 rec 183yds 1TD
    QB-Rivers-18/33 303yds
    RB-Sproles-18 att 41yds
    WR-Jackson-5 rec 120yds
    TE-Gates-5 rec 64yds
    mia is killing opposing rbs but QB and TE are killing them. I believe fred jackson and marshawn lynch are similar to leon washington and thomas jones. mia handled bills rb with ease. so it comes down to Sanchez and Keller. what do you guys think. Can miami contain them or do the jets have the edge?

  7. You don’t have to make nice or try to be his buddy, Mr. Florio. Just go over there and kick his ass. Be polite to his family, present a bottle of wine for the meal, but kick…..his……ass.

  8. Greoriorossini: No, Belichick brings 2 300 pound goons with him to a fight. And as they’re beating you senseless, he constantly reminds them “Do. Your. Job.”.

  9. @Jonathan Fredericy
    No, Jackson and Lynch are nothing like Washington and Jones. Washington is the most versatile RB out of all 4. He returns kicks, he can line up in the slot, the kid is what Reggie Bush was expected to be.
    As for that being said, Sanchez has been better than you’re giving him credit, and, how much better might Matt Ryan be than Sanchez in only his second season? I dont think its much. Sanchez has been amazing for the most part this season (except when I started the Saints defense against him for fantasy FB and got 31 points!). Now, Atlanta’s defense is fkin horrid. I’m a Rams fan and I was happy when we traded away Tye “I get burned, a lot” Hill for a 7th rounder I believe it was. As for the other 2 defenses, they really haven’t played as well yet.
    Jets will win, sorry. =[ (I did mention I’m a Rams fan btw, so I dont care who wins, just saying)

  10. “i wish we were playing them” you wish you won’t lose against the miami delphinas. crowder is going to hurt somebody on the jets team and now you are scared, aren’t you rexy pooh!?

  11. @ LighTsouT
    could u of put you were a rams fan at the beginning of your post to save me the time of reading it? my how the mighty have fallen.

  12. “so it comes down to Sanchez and Keller. what do you guys think. Can miami contain them or do the jets have the edge?”
    Actually, I think the game will be decided by the Dolphins Offense vs the Jets Defense.
    That Jet’s D has played very well. If they can cause turnovers and stuff the run, they will win. If Miami can continue to run the ball well and Henne can stay away from turning the ball over, Miami should win.
    Either way it should be an exciting game if you are a fan of either team.

  13. whichever team rushes for 150 yards & wins the turnover battle will win. that is my prediction. 😀
    but i’m glad to see rex AND channing put this to bed. from the get-go it was obvious they were just having fun, and as long as both knew it, it was entertaining. don’t be surprised to see a friendly handshake between the two after the game. 🙂

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