UFL debuts online

The folks who are running the new four-team football league known as the UFL seem to be good, well-meaning people.

But when it comes to basic things like, you know, getting the word out, they come up a little short.

Case in point:  Tonight’s debut game is streaming online, and to our knowledge the UFL engaged in no affirmative effort to publicize this fact.

So we’ll do it for them.  You can watch it right here.

Let’s see what kind of hamsters they have running their servers.

41 responses to “UFL debuts online

  1. The probably didn’t publicize it because of the absurd looking uniforms! Those things hurt my eyes , and the refs shirts give me a headache! But it is football I guess…….

  2. and jp losman still sucks. (just in time to tune in for 2 fumbles in 2 snaps)…
    better football on the ocho with the miami highschool teams. at least some of those kids will actually have careers in the nfl…

  3. When “Getting To Know Jermaine Wiggins” is a big deal for your league, you deserve the embarrassments that are going to be coming your way. Total mickey mouse operation.

  4. Denny Green on the sidelines after California scores a TD. “Pound the #*#& out of ’em!”
    Nice audio pick-up!
    Go Denny!

  5. Those uniforms really are horrid. I look forward to reading the take that Uni Watch has on them.
    Thanks for posting the online streaming link. Even if I wanted to watch the game on Versus, I can’t since I have DirecTV (I’ll save my anti-Comcast rant for another day).

  6. Gano with the first points. Olay!
    And the RB Ross, orig. from Nebraska, looks pretty good against these slappys. I bet he gets a look once the UFL season is over.

  7. Bet any one of those four teams could line up across from the Raiders right now and totally destroy Al’s ‘team’…

  8. Really, there seemed to be a lot more talk about this league this summer. What happened and how could they allow it to peter out so much? This broadcast looks like public access coverage of our local high school JV teams. I thought this was going to get more attention. Oh well, I guess J.P. Losman really isn’t coming back to save the Bills…

  9. Loseman still sucks and omg denny green is bigger than andy reid!!! I actually wonder if he ate andy reid

  10. Somehow I don’t think this is going to take off. The uniforms are ugly, and the players can’t play.
    I really do think that you could have a league that COULD make it in today’s economy. Make the ticket prices affordable, make the uniforms a bit less, well, uniform, and play well enough to make us think that they could compete, and win, against college level teams.
    Make a salary system that makes sense, or at least makes it interesting. I think you could do well. Just don’t expect to compete against the NFL, or you will get crushed. Make it something that people want to watch.
    First things first though, you have to control salaries and the money, realizing that you can’t compete against the NFL. Make it an attractive place for players to go if they can’t make the NFL. Where they can make enough money to have a decent living, and keep playing while you try to attract the NFL.

  11. Local cable company has coverage of the Las Vegas Locomotives(wtf?). Got quite a bit of radio advertising up locally.

  12. TitansTracker says:
    October 8, 2009 11:53 PM
    Does anyone remember the USFL? Now THAT was a football league! Good uniforms and good players.
    The USFL was cool. The UFL really does not promote itself at all. There is no way I would have thought the league was starting now. The XFL was promoted way better. I’ll watch sportscenter so I can see the uniforms.

  13. WOW, I just saw the ESPN highlights and you guys weren’t kidding about the uniforms. There are only four teams and two of the teams have similar jerseys? Maybe they knew what they were doing when they didn’t promote it.

  14. I’m impressed that all of the jerseys have a chest stripe. Strong enough for a man, made for a summer cocktail dress!

  15. Why do you put out all this publicity for some dead attempt at a league?
    Yet all season long you have ignored the Canadian Football League which has much more to offer than this penny ante league?
    Your biased ways really do you harm.

  16. The UFL should buy the rights to the USFL’s old uniforms.
    I didn’t hate the uniforms, but I guess other fans do.

  17. ok they need to step up their advertising.
    i was one of the ones interested in watching the UFL, and i knew nothing of this until well after the fact.
    if they keep up this pace, they will go the way of the XFL

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