Vikes managed to keep Cedric Griffin arrest quiet

Somehow, in this 24-hour news cycle that dominates sports coverage (and we love every second of it), an arrest of an NFL player made it through the cracks.

In August, cornerback Cedric Griffin became the latest in a long line of Vikings players to be arrested for driving drunk. 

The incident has come to light because Griffin was sentenced Wednesday, according to WCCO.  It’s unclear whether he pleaded guilty to DUI or a lesser charge, such as reckless driving.  He’ll be required to devote two days to community service, and he’ll be on probation for two years.

Griffin, who was arrested back in 2007 for disorderly conduct, now faces the possibility of a suspension, if he pleaded guilty to drunk driving and not some lesser charge.

So why wasn’t this previously known?  Though the specific date of the August arrest isn’t known, the Minnesota media in that time period was tracking another fairly significant story regarding a man who left his tractor for the Twin Cities.

48 responses to “Vikes managed to keep Cedric Griffin arrest quiet

  1. How did the Vikings ‘keep this quiet’?? They do like any other NFL team did and not have a press conference talking about it. Blame the reporters for not doing their jobs, but it isn’t like the Minnesota organization conducted a mass conspiracy to keep it under wraps.
    And I believe this will be a lesser charge of DWI. Still no excuse for it….stupidness.

  2. Before the Viking criminal bashing starts( jealous,inferiorior NFC North opposition mostly) lets tell it how it was . He was resting on the side of the road because he felt he shouldn’t drive. A cop stopped and checked him out and made him blow the booze kazoo. He was then arrested. I don’t approve of drunk driving,but lets give him credit for sleeping it off at roadside. Yes Florio,Favre overshadows the universe,good point.

  3. Did you check any other sources? The Strib has a longer piece with more information that helps put in context the relatively light sentence. Griffin is still on the hook for what he did, but there is more to the story that a simple check of the Twin Cities media would have turned up.

  4. WHOA WHOA WHOA…. wonderlic, you’re OBVIOUSLY a homer…. first off by defending his actions by stating anyone against him HAS to be an inferior NFC North fan is asinine and then to top that off with praise him for sleeping it off roadside?!?! COME ON! A. He had to get to that side of the road somehow, so he was driving at one point. B. He makes MILLIONS, pay one of your insignificant friends to drive you… there should be no “giving him credit” for making it to the side of the road to sleep, thats just ignorant.

  5. The Vikings are the most shameful franchise in all of sports. Seems as though every single one of them is a scumbag. From the players to ownership to fans. That’s Minnesota for you. “Fans” that don’t show up unless they are winning every game. Role models that are out driving drunk and having sex boat parties. Don’t even get me started on MR. ARRESTED 3 TIMES FOR DUI JARED ALLEN. 3 times. Makes me sick

  6. Lol, maybe you guys should read our local media. I heard about this the day after he was arrested.
    One of the reasons we’ve had so many DUIs over the years is that this community has had higher standards when it comes to drinking and driving for quite some time. Hell, I can remember when you could pull up to drive through bars in Texas and the law against drinking and driving only pertained to the driver if his car was moving. He could take a bump at a stop sign or a red light, as long as he put the drink back down to continue his drive….
    It’s taken our society a long time to get to the point where it’s now understood that driving drunk is more than just an error in judgement. Even today, I don’t think a person is a bad person just because they drink and drive, I think they’re a bit stupid for doing it and sometimes that’s alcohol induced stupidity.
    I guess I also fall into the group that doesn’t look at football players as role models. Parents, teachers and other important people in a child’s life that they have actual access too. Those are role models. Football players are just heroes with feet of clay. Imperfect individuals put on display for our entertainment. Role models? Not in my universe.

  7. Now, now, I agree what Cedric Griffin did was wrong, but you lard asses to the East in Green Bay and Chicago have no room to rip Minnesota.
    Chicago has blessed us with a President who has scammed the people into thinking he was the second coming of Christ and is now over-seeing the worst economy we’ve had since Jimmy Carter was in office and it’s getting worse by the day, thanks to his, “leadership”.
    Milwaukee is like Detroit, New Orleans, the South Side of Chicago, or South Central L.A. when it comes to crime. The Twin Cities have begun to have rising crime rates thanks to the crack daddies who migrate here from Chicago and Milwaukee.
    Chew on that for food for thought.

  8. Pack fans: Johnny Jolly, Ahman Green for recent arrests.
    Bear fans: Lance Briggs, Cedric Benson etc.
    They all have them, so, you need to just STFU! about it.
    By the way Grossman, it’s 2, not 3. And the guy has stayed out of trouble since. Facts don’t matter to assholes like you though. Get a life.

  9. @Rex Grossman –
    If you think someone is a role model because they play football, you’ve got your own stupidity issues…
    Football players make mistakes, do stupid things, and get caught — just like everyone else.

  10. I need to address the bnandwagon accusation as well fort our airhead counterparts in the NFC North.
    You don’t hear Viking fans ranting about 12 championships, Lombardis, or Super Bowl rings, because we’ve never won anything of that significance. BUT WE’RE STILL HERE ROOTING FOR THE VIKES YEAR AFTER YEAR.
    Take away Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Mike Holmgren, Mike Ditka, all those championships, etc. and see where you Packer and Bear fans are standing. Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing.

  11. Nobody cares about the vikings and their low life criminals. That’s how the arrest is unnoticed.
    The only thing that matters is Brett Favre.
    Most Minnesotans only see viking players when they make their court appearances.
    Add yet more Turd Watch points to the viking stack.
    No matter how much Brett Favre tries to lift the team out of the gutter they are still the same criminal vikings with low attendance.
    Nobody wants to cheer for criminals.

  12. @ PckrFanInMinn- If you are one of the “Perfect” people in society that never made a mistake,then blaze away Righteous Robbie. Can’t blame you for moving to MN though. In 2007 alone WI had 41,308 DUI and 313 deaths compared to MN 31,735 arrests and 158 deaths.Check it. My bro lives there,says the drunks more a pain on the road there then the million deer.
    @Rex Grossman- We are all scumbags huh? lol Coming from you that really hurts. Jared has learned from his mistakes,don’t hate. Best open the basement windows and let the pot smell out before your mommy comes down to check on you cupcake.

  13. Congrats Bob, it only took you 3 days to get on after the loss!
    Maybe you and Jonny Jolly can get your ” drank” on when he goes to court, huh?
    Bob you ar a huge POS.
    The funny thing is, you know it. You are the typical Packer fan, run your mouth before the game, don’t show up after they lose, wait for something to rip the Vikes for.
    Class, class, class.

  14. yea Maverick, because MN has had NOOO problems with meth in the rural communities… or ANY violence problems in the downtown area at all… come on dude, pull your head out of your HOMER ass

  15. MnMaverick, going to have to check you on a few things before you slam on other cities you might want to get a few things straight
    #1. whether you’re for the man or against him you CANNOT blame this economy on Obamas 8 months of being in office……..blame it on the 8 years of mismanagement of the prior guy.
    #2. Yes all cities are the same sinkholes of crime, but teams aren’t. Tank Johnson was arrested for DUI, not even convicted, but after his other brush with crime ( stupid IL. Foid law) The Bears cut him lose no questions. Cedben got busted for DUI (aquatic) and was cut period. So not all teams are retirement homes for drunks……like the Vikings are.
    #3.Have many friends in Minny……..and drinking is the states #1 hobby. Damn little else to do in your ice fishing hut in Jan!

  16. lol, @ Maverick, I moved here to take advantage of MN educational system as well as to have fun with friends that attended the “U”…. but on that note, CANNOT WAIT to move back to Wisconsin. I can’t stand how badly Minnesotans want to prove to everyone how much better they are (as evidence by the CONSTANT battering of wisconsinites on local radio/tv) we may all be dumb rednecks, but at least we’re considerate rednecks. Also, I never claimed to be perfect, all i said was that for all of you pointing out everyone else’s flaws in C. Griffin’s defense, quit defending the guy… Either way, ill bow out of this conversation, since you Minnesotans already know everything and are the best people on earth…

  17. Bob –
    You seem to care a lot about the Vikings — you post in every thread. Except the ones where the Vikings win and beat teams like your beloved “perfect” Packers.

  18. Rex Grossman says:
    The Vikings are the most shameful franchise in all of sports. Seems as though every single one of them is a scumbag.
    Your comments are as stupid as you ability to be a starting QB “Rex woof woof Grossman”!!!
    “I bet you hang out in the men’s room to just to smell farts.”

  19. Griffith deserves to be trashed for driving while drunk — why don’t these dopes just hire a driver?
    Yet lumping this DWI with the other Vikes, their ownership and fans is as ridculous as Viking fans saying the Pack management, players and fans are all codine swilling losers like John Jolly, or Bears fans and players are all Lamborghini drunk driving vehicle crashers like Lance Briggs. The throwing rocks from the front porch of glass houses analogy is pretty frigging applicable.
    And as noted above, of course, the usual cheeser suspects only come up from mom’s basement to post on negative Viking articles 3 days after their team is beaten by their disgraced god.

  20. “# Rex Grossman says: October 8, 2009 10:02 AM
    At least Obama doesn’t give up and quit on the people like your maverick Sarah Palin.”
    Fail! Total fail! Florio, what does this have to do with the article? Moderate this board, keep the politics and trolls out, please.

  21. You never see an NFL player out alone, whether he is with a friend or bodyguard.
    Is it so hard to let someone else drive?

  22. Hey Grossman, you sound like a Packer Fan. First off, thanks for being our bee-otch on Monday Night. Second, DUI’S should never happen. Of course your hero is Mark Chmura. All he does is bang under age girls, allegedly.

  23. Somehow, I feel Brett Favre is responsible for Griffin’s arrest because it happened right around the time Favre signed with Minnesota and ultimately forced Griffin to get inebriated and get behind the wheel of an automobile.

  24. People flock here from Wisconsin and Illinois, so it can’t be too bad of a state. We have very nice hard working citizens. Our crime rate is rising because losers from our bordering states flock here because our welfare system gives out more free money than yours. Look it up.

  25. while he deserves to do the time for the crime, ced’s a good guy… he’s young, but he’s a family guy with great work ethic who strives to follow in winfield’s footsteps on the field.
    i’m sure it’s why the organization had his back. hopefully, he’ll learn his lesson before engaging in any more bonehead endeavors…

  26. dbag nelson, you are one incredibly classless individual. How can you stand to be a fan of a team where the coaches allow their children to rape people in the community and yet the team does nothing about it? hmmm, yeah, I’d be worried about someone having a few too many if i was you too…..
    If you think I’m kidding about the rape charges against the son of packer coaches, go look it up. The kid lived at home at the time too i believe and it happened in the coaches house, but yeah, you’re right, its the vikings that lack moral fortitude…. You are a piece of shit and need to get a life.

  27. So Packers Fans think the Vikings like drunks. Does the name Koren Robinson ring a bell. He was arrested for drunk driving and a high speed chase. He was then cut by the Vikings before he even went to court. But one team wanted the drunk on there team. That would be the Packers. Every team has someone that has had problems, don’t keep saying the Vikings are the only one. Adam Jones, Mike Vike, Dante Stallworth, Ricky Williams, Plaxico, yup, sounds like the Vikings have all the problem players.
    And the “Love Boat” that happened so long ago, yet so fresh in minds of people that need quick comebacks against the Vikings, most of those guys are playing for other teams now. Sounds like other teams want those players more then the Vikings.

  28. I admitted that Cedric was wrong but to say his behavior is a reflection of Minnesota natives in general is pure comedy.
    Crime is far worse in your backyards.
    The stats were provided above, get your glasses on.
    There is far more to do in Minnesota than Wisconsin or Illinois. Chicago is just one city in all of Illinois.

  29. I don’t know what, you people, know less about: Politics or Football…???
    Heads or tails…seriously

  30. “You don’t hear Viking fans ranting about 12 championships, Lombardis, or Super Bowl rings, because we’ve never won anything of that significance. BUT WE’RE STILL HERE ROOTING FOR THE VIKES YEAR AFTER YEAR.
    Take away Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Mike Holmgren, Mike Ditka, all those championships, etc. and see where you Packer and Bear fans are standing. Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing.”
    If they were really rooting for the Vikes year after year, wouldn’t you think they would actually sell out a playoff game?
    and also, you can take Vince Lombardi and Mike Holmgren away from the Packers but they will still be standing since we still have Curly Lambeau. Never thought of him did you now? and Viking fans are the definition of hyprocrisy.

  31. I love how these message boards always turn into flame wars. “my team is better than yours”, “my state is better than yours”, it’s rediculus. First of all I live in Minnesota, and I am a Vikings, Twins, and Gophers fan, does that make me better or worse than anyone else? No it does’nt. I support my teams 100%, but I don’t go on message boards that are about the packers, and start bashing them like so many packer fans do to us constantly. If there are Vikings fans that run around on here getting on boards relating to the packers, and bashing them, they should stop as well. If you don’t like something ignore it. The only time I care about the packers is the two times we play them each year. People get very personal on these boards knowing full well that they can get away with it because they will never have to say those words face to face. I know people that say oh it’s fun to go on these boards and bash people, but i wonder if they would have the guts to do it eye to eye I dought it. The fact is
    we beat the packers last monday, and maybe we will beat them again, and maybe we won’t, but there is no need for an fan of any team to dance in the street until they’ve won the superbowl.

  32. @Capt. Jayrocks
    You actually sound like a Viking fan I could actually discuss football with (I’m a Packer fan in MN.) you’re making way too much sense for a message board. – Go Twins

  33. This is a minor story in the context of Viking criminal behavior. Sleeping off a couple of drinks on the side of the road pales in comparison to whacking people upside the head with a metal pole at a strip club or breaking interstate commerce rules by flying in hookers so the Viking players can enjoy a little lunch down at the Y or wrapping your own kid’s head in a plastic bag just to see if the kid has any survival instincts. The Whizanator device now hangs as tourist attraction in some Minnesota bar, a real testament to the inguinity of a Viking criminal mind.
    In the off chance the Vikings do reach the Superbowl this year, you will all miss Mike Tice. He might not have been the best head coach but at least you could have scored some extra tickets to the game if he were still in town.

  34. Or Jimmy:
    You could have a guy with 200 codeine pills =
    Johnny Jolly
    Battery = Nick Barnett
    sexual assault of a minor = Mark Chumura
    Public intoxication = Andre Rison
    Strangulation/ false imprisonment = “whisper” Goodman
    Concealed weapons = Corey Rodgers
    Domestic violence = Ahman Green
    DWI AT 95mph = Marco Rivera
    Last but not least, the Mad Shitter = Najeh Davenport.
    Jimmy, I’m not going to ask if you are that stupi, because I KNOW you are.
    All teams have idiots and criminals.
    But your tired cliches of posting are getting old.
    You have nothing of value to add, and your answer to the Packers getting outclassed by the Vikings is to bring up this tired old garbage?
    Get a life you pathetic excuse for a human being.
    You should really stop wasting good peoples air you know that?
    Between you and adam Piss and moanerson, I don’t know who the more pathetic poster is.
    It’s a coin toss at this point, but you have nudged ahead I think.

  35. Why is the love boat a big deal anyway? It sounded like it woulda been a hell of a good time..i woulda wanted to be there…Bryant Mckinnie going to town ont he stripper would have been the funniest thing ever

  36. @ Osterhouse – I hear you bro. I mean add Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly singing ” Boats N’ Hoes” and it sounds like one hell of a good party! I would of gave $100 for a ride on that love boat. Good clean fun!

  37. That’s because media whores like Florio were too transfixed on Favre this summer and let this one slip by the news ticker

  38. Osterhouse says:
    “Why is the love boat a big deal anyway?
    I know you think it sounded like great fun but remember, the boat had employees on it and they didn’t sign on to work in that kind of enviroment, although Chickenshit’s sister has and does, except she only charges $5.
    There would have been less trouble if the Vikings only hired local hookers. It was the transportation of the hookers over state lines that has the authorities upset. Its not like the Twin Cities is lacking in women of no moral character, they deserve to make money too.

  39. PckrFnInMinn,
    We’re all homers here. You just became a member of the same fraternity as Bob and Jimmy. From now on your Delta Tau Chi name is Boner.
    Jimmy has never given up, like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Bob has never gotten up. That last run-in with Senator Blutarsky affected him forever. Good luck with Dean Wormer, Boner.

  40. Jimmy:
    How’s my sister? That’s all you have? Really?!
    Pathetic. You know, I was going to go into a long diatribe at you, but, for people reading these posts, you just outed yourself as the lamest poster ever. Thanks for doing my work for me.
    I’m just dumbfounded at the weakest comeback ever, hell even adampissandmoanerson can come back with some stinging barbs.
    Out of pity for you, I am most likely going to let your inane comments slide by from now on.
    It’s no fun having a battle of wits with the woefully unarmed.
    Besides, it’s just the same thing post after post anyway.
    I have thought all along that you were an idiot, but now I think you really are only about 15/16 years old.
    Do yourself a favor, and just quit posting. You are embarassing yourself here.

  41. Congrats C-foot, by going back almost a decade you managed to come up with nine Packer names, whether they were actually guilty of anything or not. Unfortunately that total is beaten out by the Love Boat incident alone. Yes, all teams have some bad apples. But the Vices – I mean the Vikes – have bad orchards. Just the way it is.

  42. Chickenshit gets riled with any anti Viking comment.
    I suppose I would be the same way if my team never won anything and was the first team to go 15-1 and still not make it to the superbowl. Geez, can you choke more than that?

  43. That’s right they choked.
    But, you can sure tell when the Packers are bad.
    Then we gotta start talking about 10 -50 years ago.
    I wouldn’t expect any less out of you football idiots

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