Whitlock calls out Deion

Deion Sanders has been in the news lately.  A lot.

And not for good reasons.

Sanders has prompted tampering charges to be filed by the 49ers against the Jets in connection with the Michael Crabtree holdout.  More recently, Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant has lost his college eligibility after lying about his interaction with Deion.

Already, there are whispers that the NCAA might soon be poking around the relationship between Deion and West Virginia running back Noel Devine, though we’re told that no investigation has been launched.

Jason Whitlock of FOXSports.com has seen enough.  And, as usual, he’s got no qualms about speaking his mind.

“Not since Jim Jones led a flock of followers to Guyana has one
religious con man been responsible for simultaneously misleading so
many young people
,” Whitlock writes.  “Is there no limit to Deion’s foolishness?”

“Ever since Master D negotiated himself off the high-profile CBS studio
show and onto the low-profile NFL Network studio show,” Whitlock continues, “he’s been
buddying up (mentoring/advising) to young NFL players as a way of
remaining relevant.”

That said, we’re not sure he’s doing it to remain relevant.  An increasing number of league insiders are curious about whether Deion is working a a “runner” for Eugene Parker, with Deion using his charm (and he really is charming) to help Parker close deals with players headed for the NFL draft.  The next question, if Deion is helping Parker, is whether Deion is getting paid for this and, if so, how much and by whom?

Again, we don’t know whether there’s any fire beneath the growing plume of smoke.  But we think that, if the NFL is going to continue to employ Deion, the NFL needs to find out the truth, and act accordingly.

35 responses to “Whitlock calls out Deion

  1. Deion and Devine both went to the same high school under the same principal who helped them both through school. Deion has been with him since then and I wouldn’t see how a hometown mentor relationship would suddenly stop without a fallout between the two.
    I went to school with Devine and he was a beast!
    Go North Fort Myers High!

  2. Deion Sanders is a scumbag. Plain and simple he is a talking puppet for Eugene Parker. Any kid dumb enough to take advice from this guy deserves what they get. Im glad someone finally called him out on it too. Whitlocks the man

  3. If it looks like a douche and smells like a douche……. Well hell “Prime Time” has always been a douche……

  4. I find it interesting that Whitlock is the only cat with the cajones to call out Deion. Are the rest of you “journalists” worried about a Prime freezeout?
    Good work Big Sexy. I enjoy Deion on NFLN but there is too much smoke for there not be a fire.

  5. Neon Deion is playing himself out of a job on the NFL Network and that’s fine by me. Take Michael Irvin with you, Primetime. Hasta La Vista baby.

  6. Remember when he was doing some sort of healing dance around Ervin, when he got drilled in Philly.
    Now that was funny, not the injury, Dieon dancing around like he was going to heal someone.
    What a tool.

  7. Deion hasn’t been relevant in years, he hung on too long in the NFL and his television show was a joke just like his self proclaimed moniker”prime time”
    Why is he still on t.v. hasn’t anyone smartened up to know that this guy is one self serving S.O.B. and if it benefits him that’s all that matters. These college kids see a washed up NFL player making claims of he knows so and so and they buy in. He needs a restraining order to keep him away from these college athletes.
    What does Dez Bryant do now? thanks D.S. which should stand for dumb shi_

  8. What I wanna know is why the hell did the NFLN let Scheftler go and then keep Dip Shit Deon and then sign that piece of trash Michael Irvin. This just shows Jerry Jones’s influence over the network! Jack AAAAASSSSS.
    I can’t even watch the gameday shows anymore on NFLN because of the massive ammount of retardism on display.

  9. I’m won’t jump to conclusions about Deion’s motives. Maybe he genuinely wants to mentor young players. But the issue of ethics has a lot to do with the appearance of wrongdoing. When you spend a lot of time with college players who are barred from speaking w/agents, then those players sign w/your agent, there’s an appearance of wrongdoing. When you publicly urge an unsigned rookie to hold out for a better deal that isn’t necessarily in his best interest but would benefit your mutual agent, there’s an appearance of wrongdoing.
    Goodell needs to address this situation and draw some clear lines.

  10. I’m not so sure the NFL Network studio show is so “low profile”. For one, I have no idea who is currently on the CBS Studio show, as I’ve never watched a minute of it. Can’t stand the FOX pre-game show, and am even less enamored with the Disney pre-game, post-game, shows.
    As a fan of football, I like the NFL Network. Watch it all the time and is the first choice on Sunday.

  11. Whitlock is flat-out wrong.
    More young athletes *need* someone like Deion around.
    If anything, we should be questioning whether Whitlock is working for the NCAA or perhaps even other agents.

  12. Where is the Defender of Dallas Douchbags?
    Guess Vox’s mother hasn’t gotten his uniform out of the dryer yet.

  13. As a long time fan of Whitlock, I’m glad to see him getting some props. Contrary to popular thought, he doesn’t throw the race card out indiscriminately, but quite appropriately, I think. He always has a fresh, gutsy, not-so-vanilla take on things which I appreciate.
    Something hinky with Prime, and Whitlock called him on it. Good on him!

  14. First some teams may have been tampering with Crabtree and Deion may have made it known, which may have led to the end of the hold out. BFD either way. He was not tampering himself, simply advising a young man clearly in need of some professional advice.
    Then Dez Bryant gets kicked out of the NCAA for not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    What is the problem with that? Deion? No. The problem is the NCAA and NFL that make it very difficult for prospects to test the waters if you will and gauge the draft stock, agents and the NFL life. So there are people who try to get to guys like Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Reggie Bush or Noel Devine and maybe do or say something that would cause them to lose eligility. It was the fear of losing eligillity that motivated Bryant to lie about what was not even a violation, maybe because Deion warned him about so many things it seemed like it must have been a violation with all the other rules, regulations, traps and parasites the young, established superstars may attract while they wait to get paid.

  15. i think deion, cris collinsworth, and jamie what’s-his-face from nfl network are EASILY the most annoying clowns that i have to listen on tv…

  16. Deion is just trying to give back some of what he was given at Free Shoes University

  17. Deion is the Billy Mays of pro football. He is nothing but a shill for Eugene Parker that uses his day job as a so-called NFL analyst to do paid (….allegedly) infomercials for his former agent. Congrats to Whitlock for speaking the plain truth like he always does. Sheriff Goodell has to get his own house in order and soon. If Deion gets away with this latest transgression, that gives him 8 more weeks to ruin some more college players lives.

  18. This is an elaborate system under which the intent is to make MC Hammer a platinum recording artist – again.

  19. @ben6969….
    Why is he an embarrasment to LSU…. Don’t you mean FSU? And if so some FSU fan you are.

  20. @Harm City Homer …
    You’re SO right about the NFL/NCAA. The system is idiotic. If a kid missteps, the NCAA punishes the school after he’s gone–which only hurts other kids who did nothing but are barred from bowl games that provide exposure.
    NCAA & schools make big $$$ from college football but won’t let athletes, as you say, test the waters and plan their futures on their own timetables. Yet other college students are free to earn $$ working at internships in their fields or to hire search firms or anyone else to represent them and to contact potential employers at any time. Yeah, college players get a lot of perks other students don’t get, but some of these rules are ridiculous.

  21. Deion was all about himself. If any of you truly think Deion is mentoring anyone, your a moron. I dont care if they share high schools and coaches. Anyone who has ever seen Deion talk, seen him play and what he did to his teams, then you all would know, he is the biggest piece of crap. Only TO is worse. NFL network hired him because he is flashy, but there is no doubt he is involved far more than this supposed mentoring cover story. Wait until it surfaces. With any luck, Deion Sanders will never be on TV again, or relevant in any way.

  22. “TreScott says:
    October 8, 2009 8:02 PM
    Whitlock is flat-out wrong.
    More young athletes *need* someone like Deion around.
    If anything, we should be questioning whether Whitlock is working for the NCAA or perhaps even other agents.

    You are an idiot. Nuff Said.

  23. i absolutely adore whitlock. it is stuff like this that is why i like him. he just says what everyone else is thinking but doesn’t have the audience to speak to…

  24. actually i’m wondering if deion is trying to squeeze his way into the agent business, and is helping out parker in an attempt to maybe come on as a partner at some point in the future?

  25. Deion Sander was a good corner…nothing more. Champ Baily and Nate Clements are real all around pros. These guys are real tacklers and ball hawks. Sanders tackling abilities were the worse I have ever seen. (seen better from 10 year olds)If a one legged old women ran at him , he would not be able to take her down. As for all this hype, he has really hurt M. Crabtree leading him to believe that he could sit out the season. The niners have done very well without the Crabtree. Whitlock definitely is on the right track about Deion. Deion does not know what the heck he is talking about. He should do something productive with M. Ervin, like help old people cross the street. They have no television presence. I always change the channnel when these guys are on NFL Network.

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