Beason plans to talk with Peppers

As Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers plays toward unrestricted free agency in the uncapped year of 2010 (where, at worst, he’ll make more than $20 million for one season in Carolina under the franchise tag), he’s not performing like a guy who’s chasing a $100 million carrot.

In three games, Peppers has one sack and ten tackles.

And so linebacker Jon Beason, a true team leader and one of the best young linebackers in the league, plans to have a chat to Peppers.

Beason shared his plans — which will now not be a surprise to Peppers — during a weekly appearance on WFNZ radio in Charlotte.

After watching Vikings defensive end Jared Allen generate 4.5 sacks against the Packers on Monday night, Beason decided that “I’m going to have a conversation with [Peppers].” 

“The pressure is what you want to see . . . the intensity,” Beason said.

The discussion will be, per Beason, “brief and to the point.”

He said that he’ll say, “I need you to be there with me.  I need everything you’ve got.  That’s it in a nutshell.”

Peppers has been an up-and-down player at various points of his career, which began way back in 2002 after he was sandwiched between David Carr and Joey Harrington at the top of the draft.

After getting only 2.5 sacks in 2007, Peppers registered 14.5 in his contract year of 2008.  He then made a push to get out of Charlotte.  No one was interested in signing or trading for Peppers, to whom the Panthers had applied the franchise tag.

But while he played well in his contract year, this is another contract year.  Unlike former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who put the pedal to the metal for two straight seasons before striking it rich in free agency with the Redskins, Peppers seems to be slipping back to his 2007 form.

And, frankly, if the lure of a nine-figure contract won’t wake Peppers up, nothing Beason says will do the trick, either.

26 responses to “Beason plans to talk with Peppers

  1. Belicheat has tampered with Peppers, he knows he’ll get his money from NE next year, he can dog it all he wants for now.

  2. Hey Matt Walsh, just in case you forgot:
    In the last conversation Tillman had with Bauer, he told his agent, “You won’t believe the letter I got from Bill Belichick.” In the letter, Belichick praised him for his courage, his leadership, his willingness to set an example for people in this materialistic society, and he said it was an honor to be in the same league he’d been in.
    “In the letter,” Bauer told me, “Belichick said, ‘If you ever need a job when you get out of the Army, give me a call.’ ”
    It’s not his fault that he (Belichick) is more classier than any other coach in the NFL.
    Read more:
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  3. Peppers does not want to be franchised again. He clearly wants a change of scenery, maybe for no other reason than for a change from his home state. If the Panthers franchise him again, he stands to get $20 million. Is this supposed to be a lose-lose situation for him? I think his performance this season is reflective of his disappointment at not having been able to move elsewhere. He wanted this despite Carolina’s performance last season. Certainly, Delhomme’s quick descent this season hasn’t inspired him as well.
    The money’s important, of course. But when you already have the money he does, is there a real dropoff from $20 million to $10 million? With him, I doubt it’s the money or the principle; he just wants a change of scenery.
    Peppers better be careful what he asks for; Al Davis may come a calling and give up his 2012 first rounder before the trade deadline! That’ll teach him!

  4. If I am peppers I would be embrass that a guy you should be setting the example for has to set it for you. It is already bad enough that pep handicap the franchise this year now we are getting nothing for it.

  5. Give him the what-for Beason, but for crying out loud, don’t mention it in the press. You make your team look weak.

  6. I called this before the season started….Peppers wants out of Carolina….He’s getting paid 16 million this year & has no guarentee he won’t again be franchised next year unless he tanks it this year which he is doing……Carolina made this bed & now has to sleep in it…..Peppers will do nothing this year except collect a check so he won’t get franchised again…..Next year he’ll be an OLB for the Patriots making 27 million guarenteed on a 4 year deal with a 4 million sighning bonus……He wants a chance at a ring & to play OLB, both of which he will get with the Patriots!!!

  7. Trade him to Green Bay for Aaron Kampman. They’re both in the wrong systems. Kampman should be in a 4-3 and Peppers should be in a 3-4.

  8. rusH1023 says:
    October 9, 2009 2:22 PM
    Oohhhh man, I hope Belichick tampered the SHIT out of it. I want Peppers in NE
    You traded a DE who is more productive than peppers. I would have traded Richard Seymour straight up for Peppers seeing how Seymour does more and can actually make plays that need to be made. NOT MAKE HIM ON HIS ON TIME. AND LET NOT FORGET WHO THE PANTHERS PLAYED LAST YEAR FOR HIM TO GET THOSE 14.5 SACKS. AFC WEST AND NFC NORTH

  9. Peppers might be the softest 6’7 290 pound mumbling super puss in the league. He’s half the player Jared Allen is, well if he was then he’d be better than he is.
    The Panthers should have traded him for whatever they could get, but there is no reason at all he should be playing under a 16million dollar franchise tag. That is 16 million down the drain when it could have been combined with some more $ to work out a deal.

  10. If Peppers has plans to strike it rich in free agency, he had better pick up his game in a hurry. With only 1 sack in four games that’s not the type of resume that’s going to endear him to potential suitors. And there is no way that the Panthers will franchise him two years in a row at that ridiculous number.

  11. I think, and this is all me here, that Peppers and Aaron Kampman should trade spots. Theyre each better off in the others scheme. And, again, you heard it here first!

  12. i applaud beason for talking to peppers, but i don’t think announcing his chat in the press is a good idea.

  13. That was a joke, BTW, although not very funny. But honestly I don’t see how Peppers expects to play it soft this year in order to avoid getting franchised next year, yet still be able to strike it big in free agency. Who’s gonna want a guy that doesn’t give it 100% when things don’t go his way? Kinda reminds me of the whole Brandon Marshall dilemma in Denver b4 “the hug” happened.

  14. The contracts don’t match up for Kampman/Peppers. Teabag doesn’t spend money anyway, he counts it.
    If they trade kampman, it should be for OL help.
    Kampman is playing out of position on a team that has 6 decent LB’s besides him….That Capers is sure a genius!
    And Mumbles Mccarthy fiddles while GB burns.

  15. “It’s not his fault that he (Belichick) is more classier than any other coach in the NFL.”
    I dont know whats funnier. The term “more classier” or using that term to refer to a proven cheater.

  16. One sack & ten tackles sounds pretty damn good.
    Jamaal Anderson, DE, Atlanta Falcons

  17. Peppers for Kampman is interesting but Peppers has been way to inconsistent. He plays like Delhomme..good one season and then “wtf?” the next season. He is a physical freak compared to Kampman but Kampman has a better motor. Pep is or will be 29 yo soon. Not a good age to give a DE big payday.

  18. Well the way Mike wrote this up does nothing for Beason. He referenced with the link the Charlotte Observer, which probably made a mistake in the article anyway with that crack team they have. Go to and listen to the podcast of the interview. Beason is the man.

  19. It’s not his fault that he (Belichick) is more classier than any other coach in the NFL.
    Its not Belichick’s fault either, that he has a following of moronic band-wagoners on his tip such as yourself

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