Bulger questionable; Boller likely Rams starter

Marc Bulger accelerated his work this week but is still listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Vikings with his bruised rotator cuff. As a result, it’s looking like Kyle Boller will be under center for Sunday’s upset special against Minnesota.

Joining Bulger as questionable are wide receivers Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton while another wideout, Ruvell Martin, is doubtful. Rookie tackle Jason Smith is also questionable with a knee injury.  

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said Thursday that a “drastic change” would have to take place for Bulger to get the start against the Favres.

11 responses to “Bulger questionable; Boller likely Rams starter

  1. fumblenuts, i like the name
    i on’t know why, but i have a weired feeling that the rams will win this one
    on paper and common sense all point the other way but i cant shake this feeling
    i know i know, its just a gut feeling, and no i won’t be putting the kids college funds on this one lol

  2. The Rams receivers are definitely questionable, but not just in an injury way. They are the worst corps of WRs in recent NFL history. Hell, in deep NFL history. Remember the days: Bruce, Holt, Furrey, Curtis, Hakeem, McDonald. The Rams were six deep at any given time. Now they are zero deep. Their best players wouldn’t start at Oklahoma or Arizona State.
    Bulger has taken a cowdump worth of criticism in the St. Louis community, folks want to get rid of him. Dear StL, beware of what you hope for. Boller’s performance is going to scare your pants off. The single best player on the Rams offense is Bulger (yes, better than stutter-start can’t-hit-the-hole Jackson). Can you imagine the former Pro Bowl MVP having to line up against NFL teams with his substandard college O-line and receivers? You don’t have to imagine, you can see it during Bulger’s normal work Sunday.
    Spagneouoaoulo is definitely improving the defense. But the offense has dropped …even…lower….than with Limpehan.

  3. There’s nothing left of Mark Bulger and it’s a damn shame.
    This guy should have been one of the best QB’s in the league by now but a serious lack of protection over the years has really taken it’s toll.
    You can see he has no confidence in his protection anymore. If when it is there, he’s antsy in the pocket.
    What a shame.

  4. Put Bulger on a team of mid-level talent, and reasonable coaching, and he takes them to the playoffs and does well there. Bulger is all about talent, class, and performance.
    I don’t think the nation appreciates how the girly politics within the Rams administration has devastated the team. Whatever else you think of Martz, he was a winner, committed to winning, loyal to players and vice versa, unique and smart, with one of the best winning percentages in the history of the NFL. Haters try to dismiss him by saying he succeeded only because he had great talent on the team. But before he arrived, the Rams had a 4-win season, and after he left, the Rams are arguably the worst team in the league. Shaw, Zygmunt, et al, ruined what would have been an intriguing team for years to come.

  5. Geez. I guess the one bright spot for the Rams could be that next season Sam Bradfrd might be behind center taking all the sacks.

  6. In a perfect world as a Vikings fan I would love to see the Vikings build up a huge first half lead and be able to rest some starters, especially Favre, in the second half. But, what will likely happen is we allow the Rams to score on us early and have to fight to get the lead, similar to what happened against the Browns earlier in the season.
    Vikings need to play smart. I would love to see them run play action on the first play, maybe try to confuse the defense, get them playing off the run, and let Peterson have his way.

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