Cedric Griffin pleaded guilty to drunk driving

The initial reports regarding the recent guilty plea from Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin didn’t specify whether Griffin pleaded guilty to drunk driving or a lesser charge, such as reckless driving.

Sean Jensen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that Griffin pleaded guilty to fourth-degree DWI.  Another charge of DWI and a charge of careless driving was dropped.

Griffin claims that he and friends took a limousine to downtown Minneapolis on August 30.  When the limo returned to the Eden Prarie hotel where Griffin and the others had parked their vehicles, Griffin got in his car and started to drive home.

After a few minutes, he pulled over, apparently because he thought he was too inebriated to drive.

A few minutes later, a police officer approached the car.

“I tried to do the right thing,” Griffin said. “But I failed to complete the whole task of going home.”

His lawyer confirmed Griffin’s contention that he stopped due to concerns regarding his ability to continue.

“He stopped his own vehicle because he didn’t feel it was safe
to drive,” attorney David Valentini said.  “And whatever the
consequences, he’s accepting them.  He’s not second-guessing the fact
that he pulled over.”

So here’s the lesson, kids.  If you’re going to have a limo or some other designated driver, make sure the ride includes, you know, the full trip home.

Meanwhile, because Griffin pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges, he now faces discipline under the league’s substance-abuse policy, and he possibly will be suspended.

49 responses to “Cedric Griffin pleaded guilty to drunk driving

  1. If you are going to suspend him please do it quickly before the Vikings play St Louis. Something tells me they can manage without him.

  2. Hey Mike, if he had pulled over, gotten out, and walked the rest of the way, and the officer saw the parked car and then Griffin walking a mile down the road, could he still have been charged?
    In other words, how much discretion does the officer have in assuming the guy drove his car even if he’s not caught driving it, like in this case?
    Sitting behind the wheel with a warm engine is one thing. . . I can see how a case could be made that the guy was driving (especially if Griffin admits to it). But if the guy gets out of his car, can the officer still make the assumption?

  3. Griffin should have walked to the nearest pizza place, ordered a pizza delivered to his house and caught a ride with the driver.

  4. Ok, so I totally get why he gets the DUI, but it really sucks when a person ultimately does the right thing (pulling over) and still gets a DUI. There needs to be some form of lesser charge if there is a way to prove that is why you are on the side of the road, and not just, you know, passed out.

  5. He will be suspended. Roger Goodell is desperately wanting to make this announcement because his pathetic ass lost in the Williams case. This will make him feel a little bit more powerful, and a little bit more like a man instead of the little rat that he is.

  6. According to MN law if you are within 15 feet of your vehicle with your keys or not you can be charged with DWI because you might have had intent to drive. I went through the DWI class when I was younger and thats what we were told.

  7. It is really sad that alleged athletes will not take care of their bodies but are substance abusers.
    They parade their sinful actions around town being a bad example to everyone.
    No wonder the people of Minnesota dislike the criminal vikings.

  8. If you’re behind the wheel and the keys are in the ignition it’s a DUI. Whether you’ve put the car in gear and driven an inch is irrelevant in the eyes of the law. I had a buddy call for a ride from a party and then go get in his car to wait and listen to music. Cop pulls up sees him and cuffs and stuffs him even though the ride he called arrived a minute or two after the cop did. It’s complete B.S. but it’s what the cops have the right to do.
    That said what’s the point of a DD if all they do is drive you from the bar to your car? Tried to do the right thing? More like tried to win this week’s award for dumbest athlete.

  9. Cantgetenough…that’s the best thing I have heard in a while. You just saved me a cab fee tonight!

  10. Can someone explain why he was charged with TWO counts of DWI? How could he rack up two charges for this one incident?

  11. Here Bob , I made this for your idiot twin,
    Jimmy smith:
    Chickenfoot says:
    October 8, 2009 3:13 PM
    Or Jimmy:
    You could have a guy with 200 codeine pills =
    Johnny Jolly
    Battery = Nick Barnett
    sexual assault of a minor = Mark Chumura
    Public intoxication = Andre Rison
    Strangulation/ false imprisonment = “whisper” Goodman
    Concealed weapons = Corey Rodgers
    Domestic violence = Ahman Green
    DWI AT 95mph = Marco Rivera
    Last but not least, the Mad Shitter = Najeh Davenport.
    Nah, no one likes rooting for criminals, or is this why the Packer fans love thier Packers?
    How bout the jaggoff Packer fan that restrained his son and forced him to ear a jersey?
    Bob, you are a class A idiot. You are a laughingstock on this site, not just to Viking fans, but to fans of any team.
    I’d be highly embarrassed if I were you, but you are so ignorant, I don’t think you have any clue as to how bad you really look.
    How you haven’t died by walking into traffic is beyond me.
    I guess, as the saying goes, God protects old people and fools. You definite are a fool.
    You prove it on a daily basis.

  12. He should have just called Chilly, he has already shown that he is willing to pick up his players in his SUV.

  13. gwinn1952 says:
    October 9, 2009 7:41 AM
    Still can’t figure out how you get DUI when you are parked and sitting in your vehicle.
    If you have your keys with you, it’s “intent to drive” – even if you are sleeping it off in the back seat.

  14. # Bob Nelson says: October 9, 2009 8:54 AM
    It is really sad that alleged athletes will not take care of their bodies but are substance abusers.
    They parade their sinful actions around town being a bad example to everyone.
    No wonder the people of Minnesota dislike the criminal vikings.
    once again bob shows how stupid he is.
    alcohol is legal bob, its not like he was pulling a johnny jolly with illegal drugs…yeah yeah i know the charges were dismissed but still…
    in your world if a packer gets drunk or gets caught with drugs then they are somehow innocent with the prosecutors “training witnesses”, and if a viking does what amounts to the same thing then they are a criminal and a substance abuser. your bias makes you incredibly stupid bob.
    have you never imbibed before? do you mean to tell me you’ve never had a little too much to drink? if getting drunk means you are a substance abuser then according to you most of america has been a substance abuser at some time. but never you right? somehow i doubt it
    people of all walks of life get DWIs…that is not an excuse but being a famous athlete doesn’t mean they don’t screw up bad like the rest of us sometimes do. for the record i do not have a DWI but know people that do and it doesn’t automatically make them bad people.
    and what evidence to you have to back up the fact that people in minnesota don’t like the vikings? last year’s possible blackout during the playoffs? nah, that doesn’t hold any water so try something else.
    bob your blind hatred makes you look like an idiot and i would love for you to actually respond to people who call you out on your idiocy. but you won’t…you’ll come on here and spit your stupid little opinions and continue to look like a fool. you honestly do your fellow packer fans a disservice by even posting on this site.
    # JimmySmith says: October 9, 2009 9:58 AM
    He should have just called Chilly, he has already shown that he is willing to pick up his players in his SUV.
    i don’t care who you are…that is pretty funny…

  15. @ Viking Kong–don’t try it won;t work. Pizza drivers are not supposed to have any passengers. I suppose if you are a well known NFL player you might get an exception. Good thought though.
    @ Glitch–that is absolutely disgusting. I was pretty pissed off myself Monday night–but to stab someone–and a Seahawks fan at that.

  16. What, he couldn’t figure out he was too drunk to drive in the time between he got out of the limo and walked to his car? Geez. Stupid move, but at lease he fessed up.
    My understanding is that he’s a first time offender, and like all dopes that get DWI’s, will now go in the substance abuse program. Under that program, first time offenders are fined, not suspended. If Goodell suspends him (which would show some petty vidictiveness I don’t think the guy has), there will be another NFLPA legal objection, since the discipline wouldn’t even follow the enforcement terms the NFL is so desperate to enforce.
    Yeah, sitting in a car hammered is defined as operation and control of a motor vehicle sufficient to be charged. In MN people have even been busted for DWI while sleeping in the back seat with the car keys laying in the front yard.

  17. If you’re behind the wheel and the keys are in the ignition it’s a DUI.
    Keys within sight, don’t have to be in the ignition. On your person or anywhere within reach.
    Might be discretion but anywhere within reach of you is valid, which means they have to be locked in the trunk or outside the car.
    Regardless he still attempted to drive home, stop to sleep it off or whatever, he did drive while intoxicated.

  18. He’ll get suspended because he had a disorderly conduct against him before this happened.
    2-3 years ago.
    Should only be 1-2 games.

  19. glad no one was hurt and that he’s willing to accept the consequences. you can’t really ask for much else from the dude

  20. i personally don’t agree with the law in regards to situations like this.
    i had a buddy that received a DUI the same way….. only he never started his car. He couldn’t afford a cab, so he just slept in his car. but since he was in the driver seat, the cop gave him a DUI.
    that’s BS in my opinion. the spirit of the DUI is to keep inebriated people from driving. why punish those that have the intelligence to stay off the road?
    the cops just don’t know the purpose of some laws it seems.

  21. @footballrulz
    I guarantee if a pizza delivery guy was offered an extra $20 he would give a football player a ride. Those guys work for tips.

  22. cantgetenough says:
    October 9, 2009 8:06 AM
    Griffin should have walked to the nearest pizza place, ordered a pizza delivered to his house and caught a ride with the driver.
    thats funny ….. i remember a tv commercial like that ….. captain morgans i think lol
    i know a guy in n.y came out of the bar put his keys in the drivers door and a cop arrested him for intent to drive while drunk ….. i think thats total bs …. the cop should have waited to see if he sat down or started the car ….. what if he was just getting a pack of smokes ….. or use his cell phone ….. etc etc

  23. @ cantgetenough
    Just has a pizza delivered to my store. I asked the driver whay would he do–he said if he didn;t know the guy–no way. Afraid of being robbed. I would imagine you’re right though–you probably buy the ride if you looked decent enough.

  24. I would say that would be about the time he does get it, if not the week before….
    Be a better game at Lambeau, footballrulz.

  25. Super: he’s had a disorderly conduct in the past.
    I would presume it would fall under the conduct policy.
    Jimmy: That’s the truest thing you have ever typed.
    You alos lick cheese and eat balls.
    I’m not sure if they are your own, but i imagine you’ve fallen off the couch a couple times trying though.

  26. I’m with sando on this. Suspend him immediately. As much as I want to see what Asher Allen can do in the secondary, I’d rather it happen against the Rams. Not Baltimore, Pittsburgh or GB. Man do I have a funny feeling about this game . . .

  27. Nice Psudeo Jimmy!
    I caught that right as i entered my last post.
    Maybe that will get rid of him.
    Anything he types on here is nonsense and a total waste of space.

  28. We’ll never be rid of him. His Mom lets him stay up late when he’s “writing”. No beer, no friends over, though. The last time Dewey came over, they really got into trouble with the neighbor’s cat.

  29. Every team has an occasional bad apple. The Vices – uh, Vikes – have a bad orchard. What are the odds on what comes first – a new stadium for them, or their own wing at a major correctional facility?

  30. wow, my feelings are hurt, especially coming from the most smart football fans with such creative names like Chicken-shit and Purple helmet cuffer.
    Call me any name you want, here is the bottom line. The vikings have never won anything, zip, zero, nada. They remain the NFL’s second most snake bitten franchise (how Cleveland is #1 without losing 4 Superbowls is beyond me) and for good reason, they have such wonderful fans like Chickenshit.

  31. “especially coming from the most smart football fans”
    I’m a dumbass or is it Dumm ass ???

  32. Chicken-
    At least be accurate in your accusations please.
    Johnny Jolly-Charges were dropped
    Nick Barnett-deferred, charges will be dropped after completed probation
    Mark Chumura-acquitted, accuser herself later admitted story was false
    Andre Rison-Is called Bad Moon for a reason, and wasn’t a Packer for long.
    Whisper Goodman-was long since off the team when he did what he did
    Corey Rodgers & Ahman Green-Fair enough, we’ll take that.
    Marco Rivera-We’ll take that too, but to be fair, at least 95 isn’t 108 (you know who I’m taking about).
    Najeh Davenport- Disgusting, and yet somewhat hilarious, but not illegal.
    This is not to say the Packers are a classy or turd-free team, or that Bob Nelson isn’t in the top three of flaming idiots on this site. Just remember we have innocent until proven guilty in this country, and next time you want to name all the Packer criminals, have the decency to omit the ones that were wrongfully accused.
    You can always include Hornung’s gambling problem if you want though. Oh wait, that was in the 60’s. You don’t like to think about those years.

  33. Beer:
    Innocent til proven guilty huh?
    Is that why a majority of Packer fans were catigating the Williams wall? Saying they were on steroids, when it was a diuretic?
    They are going through a court process, are they not? But, no, They got away with it because the judges are “season ticket holders”.
    I’m tired of the double standards with packer fans.
    Those guys played for the Packers, the team has criminals, a lot of the Vikings players also had charges dropped, but that doesn’t fit your arguemnet, so we will leave that part out, right?

  34. Speaking of turds. Beer Cheese if you or anyone else want to enter in our annual “BT” contest please feel free to email your biggest solid turds to cubsrul@hotmail.com “BT09” is wrapping up but there are still 3 more months to get your shit in! Leader currently is a 19 incher with a nice curl around the bowl. Cell phones are great if they have a camera! Don’t hesitate! Cash prize and traveling trophy awarded every year!

  35. Chickenfoot says:
    October 9, 2009 11:10 AM
    He’ll get suspended because he had a disorderly conduct against him before this happened.
    2-3 years ago.
    Should only be 1-2 games.
    Isn’t there a statute of limitations on personal conduct policy violations?

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