Deion ducks Crabtree, Bryant questions

During his playing days, cornerback Deion Sanders did a great job of covering receivers.

In his retirement, he now finds himself trying to elude reporters.

On Thursday, Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News tracked down Deion (thanks Brooks) to talk about his involvement with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, whose holdout about nothing ended this week, and Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, who has lost his NCAA eligibility after lying about his interactions with Deion.

Sanders recently spoke to the New York Times regarding Bryant’s falsehood:  “The kid panicked, man.  I don’t lie, and he panicked.”

Sanders was uncharacteristically guarded when Cowlishaw came calling.

I’m employed by the NFL, you know I can’t talk,” he said. “What I said to the New York Times, that’s what I had to say.  I’ll be talking about these things on the NFL Network this weekend.”

It’s not the classic “tune in at 11” tease, but it definitely will cause more people to watch and listen when Deion addresses the situation in a friendly forum.  (That said, we’d wager that Rich Eisen will find a discreet and professional way to push Deion on these issues.  The only problem is that, because they are on-air colleagues, there’s only so much Eisen can do if Deion opts to zig when Rich zags.)

Cowlishaw then asked Deion the key question regarding Crabtree’s holdout — given that he got the same deal now that he could have gotten in July, what did it gain?

“You’re kidding, right?” Deion said.  “Treat me with class, Tim.  The same way I treat you.”

Um.  Seriously? 

When it comes to college players and those entering the NFL, Deion has been operating largely under the cover of daylight for a while.  Now that his role has been noticed and obvious questions are being asked, he’s running for cover.

And so we come back to what we’ve been saying all week — the NFL needs to press Sanders, not in a studio with Rich Eisen but in a conference room with Jeff Pash, regarding Deion’s knowledge of the apparent tampering with Crabtree, Deion’s business relationship (if any) with agent Eugene Parker, and Deion’s interactions with any and all college players whom he is “mentoring.” 

Based on the available evidence, a growing throng of league insiders suspects that Sanders could be lining up clients for Parker and getting paid for it — a possible “shadow agent” as Tony Kornheiser suggested on Thursday’s PTI.  Given Deion’s employment with the NFL and presence on NFL Network, it’s a matter that needs to be fully and completely explored, because if Deion if in fact helping Parker land clients (and getting paid by Parker for it), then it would give rise to a significant actual or perceived conflict of interest, given Deion’s on-air platform to push certain players or, as he did on September 4, indirectly bash certain agents not named Eugene Parker.

33 responses to “Deion ducks Crabtree, Bryant questions

  1. Deion may be a scumbag but he isn’t dumb. He pitched his show, which not many people watch, and he found a way to not look like an idiot. Plus he gives himself an additional 3 days to craft some sort of politically correct answer that doesn’t get him in any trouble. The problem is that Deion thinks he is some sort of an icon in the NFL still and has pull with the league. He is a commentator and the sooner he realizes it the better off we will all be.

  2. deion is a slick liar who thinks he is smarter than the league.
    he turns my stomach, and no i won’t be tuning in to the nfl network to listen to his carefully rehearsed lie’s
    i miss john maden and pat summeral

  3. The NFL Network needs to shi$can Deion as what he is doing is clearly a conflict of interest. If he was not employed by the NFL network, I have no problem with it, but clearly his improper contact with these college kids is costing the kids, not Deion.
    I wonder how much Parker is paying him?

  4. Not sure what about that question had anything to do with class??? What does class have to do with that question?
    Holding out certainly does seem like a stupid idea in this case. Let’s see….miseed a 1/4 of the season. Check. Missed valuable practice. Check. Damage reputation. Check. End up with same contract and look totally stupid. CHECK.

  5. Immorality and corruption. No one can trust anything Sanders says.
    It is just ghetto, selling yourself and dignity for a few dollars.

  6. Mike, you are an intelligent guy…why is it so hard to understand what happened in the Michael Crabtree situation. Crabtree played chicken and he lost. Plain and simple. But he got something in the deal…he got 4 free months where he didn’t get a major injury and he got the same money. So in essence, looking at it strictly from a business standpoint, he gained 4 months of wear and tear on his body.
    Yeah, if he knew the 49ers would be stupid enough to let him hold out all season, he probably would have signed in July. But everyone is not as smart as you and doesn’t know exactly what the future holds.
    Maybe if Crabtree had read your book, he would have learned time-travel, and would have been able to see that the 49ers are stupid enough to let him sit and would have signed back in July. Without that knowledge, however, he tried to get the money he deserved and it didn’t work out for him. So he got an extended vacation after college. He got paid by endorsements anyway, so what difference did it make?

  7. This is the stupidest non-sense I have ever read from this site. There isn’t anything in this article to bite into, no fact just stupid circumstances.
    Also, since when is Kornheiser a respected journalist.
    This article is simply ridiculous!!

  8. Did you expect Deion to tackle this issue is one of the best lines I’ve seen posted on this site in awhile.. Great work..
    I have no idea what kind of an agenda Deion has, but he is up to something. This guy has never hid from the media and has done alot to bring attention to himself. The fact that he’s pulling a Houdini now speaks volumes to fact that he’s hiding something.. This isnt going to end well for the guy that used to be able to run a 40 in 4.32 backwards..
    And he’s a terrible analyst too.. This is a blessing in disguise PFT slappys..

  9. Deion is a liar. He is a conman, and he is unable to grasp how unimportant he is. When they fire his ass when these allegations turn into facts and more light is shed on the weasle bastard that is Deion, maybe he will realize you can’t do what he does and think every one will say, well its Deion Sanders, he can do whatever he wants because we all want to be like him. Give me a break, I love the attacks on him and hope it keeps coming, week in and week out until he is gone.

  10. Its funny how when Deion played he was one of the best things since sliced bread but now people are calling him a scumbag.
    How is this “ghetto”? Hood? That has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of instances where caucasians have broken NCAA rules and I never heard them being called “hood” or “ghetto”.
    Deion violated the rules of the game and should be dealt with accordingly but don’t start stereo-typing him like only people from the “hood” do stuff like this.

  11. Deion + Irvin = Unwatchable NFL Network show.
    Who is the next college athlete to get suspended because of Prime Time? Noel Devine?

  12. when you’re sneaky, slimy and a crock of crap, you should be living in that type of enviornment, such as, under a slimy stone in a swamp!

  13. Deion ducks Crabtree, Bryant questions
    Much like he ducked contact during his playing days.

  14. Are Deion’s action’s a violation of his contract or a new loophole?
    Would he rather spout opinions in nice suits on TV or & spend time in living rooms with talented college football kids? The man still craves the spot-light, so I am guessing any “relationship” with Parker is over.
    This is a non-story in 2 months. A footnote in the Crabtree debacle.

  15. Deion still has it. Not even playing football and he shutdown two receivers.
    Wish I knew where I read that, funniest quote of the week.

  16. You’ve got to stop treating Matt Maiocco like a 49er Moses or everything he blathers as gospel.
    You want divas? Look up “Maiocco, Matt”. “Kawakami, Tim.” Or even, occasionally, “Florio, Mike.”
    Or is prissy preening prattle a “manly” art?
    Moreover, Parker isn’t the antichrist and Crabtree didn’t get the “same” deal he could’ve gotten in August.
    Crabtree knew exactly what he wanted from day 1. Crabtree’s insistence (touchingly parrotted by Singletary) that he never *literally* uttered “a single word” about holdouts or sitouts only underscores the cretinism of literalism. Parker? Parker performed exactly as ordered: Writhed and slithered to his client’s content.
    Meanwhile, Andrew Brandt at NFP, unlike Maiocco and most Bay Area stenographers (Dan Brown excluded), actually worked the numbers. So did Adam Schefter.
    They both concurred: Crabtree *got a better deal by holding out. $16 million vs. $17 million in *guaranteed* money + $20 million over 5 vs. $28 million over (the first) 5.
    Your radar is pretty good on these matters. But you’re only as good as your ATC. So beware of ATCs wearing/bearing tutus, i.e., Maiocco.
    Crabtree deal truly was a compromise. Check out the $: $19 million over first 3 yrs, $28 million over first 5, and $32 million over 6 yrs.
    [ ]
    Here’s the compromise: Niners get Crabtree for six years, and Crabtree gets $28 million — $8 more million than Niners were offering in Aug.
    [ ]
    Aug offer was 20mil for 5, wound up 32 for 6. RT @raycornwall: So for all the anti-Crabtree stuff, he actually made more from the holdout?
    [ ]
    The offer on the table for Parker and Crabtree of a couple days ago was: Five years, $20M, $16M guaranteed.
    The final deal is: Six years, $32M ($28M over the first five), $17M guaranteed.
    Many have speculated that Crabtree took the same deal he was being offered for weeks, if not months, by the team. Parker and Crabtree may have made $8M over the next five years with their trip to San Francisco yesterday.
    [ ]

  17. I agree with Florio on this one. Deion has been abusing his position and was acting with his and Parker’s best interests at stake when it came to the Crabtree holdout. Once he realized he was going to come under fire for his statement, Parker and Crabtree were on a plane and Deion is the one who breaks the story. Way to ruin a college kids eligibility, hope Parker paid you enough.
    But the real question though is how much Hammer is getting paid?

  18. Why are you scumbagging on Deion?
    What is it you think he did? Recruit college players to sign with Parker? So what? He knows the line and does not cross it. I have read your articles about how they all do that (agents) and the articles about how every team tampers.
    Deion had every right to tamper on behalf of Crabtree, and although the bluff may not have won big, it did not lose anything either, other than your respect which is worthless anyway. Check the jersey sales jump, the contract he signed loooks nothing like the ones he turned down. You do not have enough info to imply the holdout accomplished nothing.
    Every “contract” dispute has 2 sides doing everything they can to get the edge, just like in the game and just like in real life.
    Chase an ambulance you can catch. Deion is too fast for you. He is 2 steps ahead baiting you, high stepping in your face.
    Crabtree is signed. The SF fans will forgive him real fast when he starts catching touchdowns and the rest of the haters can hate.
    The hldout that produced nothing sure got a lot of attention and articles written. If you did not know who Crabtree was, now you know. Dez Bryant was not a household name, but now he is getting a lot of attention. Deion has always been a master of self promotion, and made more money playing CB than anyone in the history of football. Maybe he is some sort of ambulance chasing scumbag, but it takes one to know one right Mike? Scumbag. hate the game.

  19. Some of you guys are really harsh. He’s far from the low life criminal he is being made out to be. Does Deion overstep his boundaries sometimes? Yes. Does he meddle? Yes. He also does a lot of community work and has been instrumental here in Dallas in giving young athletes some much needed tools to excel. Not sure about posting rules, but this is also what Deion is capable of.

  20. florio you should tell crowder that deion called him a douchebag. 😉
    because…. you know…. he IS one.

  21. danimal,
    All his community work aside, Deion is neck deep in a pile of his own making. He is using his public position as a network analyst for his own private enterprise on the side. His thinly veiled infomercials for his old agent Parker are comical. You said it yourself – Deion oversteps his boundaries and meddles in matters that don’t concern him (……unless he is getting paid on the side). It’s time for the NFL to kick this guy off the air so he can work his side deals full time, instead of part time.

  22. “He is using his public position as a network analyst for his own private enterprise on the side. ”
    So what? He is Deion. That is what he does. Is it a crime, is it even wrong. Has it even gone badly for him? If he was trying to make himself relevant as a commentator, he just did. So what?
    Why should he only have one job? How much work does he have to put in to talk about football on TV, promote his personal and buis interests and still dance and prance around in fancy suits?
    Stop hating on Prime Time. It is like eating poison.

  23. Even before the draft, when Crabtree was shown next to Deion, you could tell it wasn’t going to end well. And that was months before it became apparent that he is now in the business of trying to ruin young receiver’s careers. If these kids are dumb enough to be taking advice from an obvious egomaniac, it’s their own fault. All you have to do is listen to him speak for 20 seconds and its totally clear he is totally in love with himself and only looking out for number one.

  24. a growing throng of league insiders suspects that Sanders could be lining up clients for Parker and getting paid for it — a possible “shadow agent”
    Meh. Deion & Parker are just pawns in this game.
    The King Pin/God Father?
    Just follow the money … errr … I mean the gold lame parachute pants.

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