Ogunleye collared with fine for Stafford sack

The league has fined Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye $7,500 for the sack that injured Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford last Sunday.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun Times, the league ruled that Ogunleye’s takedown of Stafford was a horse-collar tackle. Stafford suffered what has been reported to be a knee subluxation. He is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Steelers.

Ogunleye was not flagged on the original play.

Also drawing fines for Chicago in their win over the Lions, were Bears wideout Rashied Davis ($5K for a crackback), Lions corner Anthony Henry ($7.5K for a horse-collar tackle) and Lions running back Kevin Smith ($5K for a facemask).

17 responses to “Ogunleye collared with fine for Stafford sack

  1. I was actually surprised they didn’t throw the flag on the play. It’s not like nobody saw it.

  2. horsecollar? Please….
    ogunleye clearly tugged on the jersey, and Stafford was wiggling around trying to get free.

  3. I thought that the hand had to be inside the shoulder pads and bring down the player by them. I saw Ogunleye had Stafford by the jersey well below the pads. Let them play football! Sometimes injuries do occur and you can’t fine injuries out of the game.

  4. Florio are you reporting more fines or are they imposing more fines?
    If they are imposing more is this a result of Ray Lewis complaining and them trying to show that there isn’t favoritism?
    Interesting theory ehh

  5. Roger and His Merry Men are turning the NFL into a pu$$y league! Hit someone too hard and get a fine! Get a penalty and get a fine! Get within 2 yrds of the QB(Brady or The Mannings) and get a fine; except if your name is McNabb! The officials are following orders perfectly! Soon it will be better to watch high school ball be played the way it is meant to be played! NFL=
    NOT FOR LONG!!!!!

  6. That is totally ridiculous. The rule clearly states that the horse-collar tackle is pulling a player down by the “inside of the back of the shoulder pads.” Watch the play. It was all jersey, and it’s not even close. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2009100400/2009/REG4/lions@bears/watch. (Watch the last 30 secs or so of the Stafford highlights.)
    Ray Lewis was right. The NFL goes way too far in protecting QBs. Just because Stafford went down awkwardly on the tackle and got hurt does not make the play illegal. Whoever issued that fine should be fined for not properly applying the rule.
    I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole courtroom is out of order!

  7. ppl criticize peppers or praise allen for effort, yet everytime you get next to a QB you get fined….maybe beason should promise to pay all fines imposed on peppers if he steps his game up!!

  8. i don’t get it, since when do you get fined whenever your called for a penalty.
    face mask, fine, roughing the passer, fine, unsportsmanlike conduct, fine, dancing in the end zone, fine, telling the world the refs suck at the presser after the game, fine, jersey not tucked in, fine
    the second time a player gets an in house fine by their own team the money they are fined goes to the nfl,
    so let me see if i have this right (please help if i miss something) you can’t hit a defenseless reciever going over the middle, so only if tony soprano is with the reciever at the time of the catch protecting him you can tackle him. you can hit a qb but only between the shoulders and the hips if he is facing you, not by the shoulder pads and never in the groin, if your hand grazes his helmet its an automatic 15 yards and a 1st down (fine) do not hit him with your helmet or with your legs, tripping is called (fine) you can’t hit a qb if he is sliding, diving, going out of bounds, or is wearing shoes. if you pat the opposing qb on the shoulder pads at center field during the coin toss its 15 yards, 1st down and you have to name your first born after him. if there is less than 14 minutes left in any quarter you can’t go near the opposing qb unless its to bring him a water bottle and to brush out his cleats, you are allowed to bump, push, and harrass opposing wide outs for the first five yards unless its the qb in the wildcat scheme, in that case you must give him a 20 yard cushion and check for temporary restraining orders
    now get yer popcorn ready for some smash mouth football
    oh btw if the popcorn is to hot for the qb …. yep, you guessed it …… fine
    and where the hell is all this fine money going???? i wanna see reciepts

  9. oh yeah i forgot to mention……
    fines, and yards double on monday night national tv games or if the pope is in attendance, or the wind is blowing out of the southeast, or your last years superbowl winner, or the balloon payment is due on the refs summer house

  10. I thought it was a horse collar when I watched it live, and now seeing it on that video link, it still looks like one to me. I don’t believe you have to get your hand inside the shoulder pad, I believe it’s either the shoulder pads or the collar on the jersey.
    Either way, the rules are soft but the rules are the rules, so they should follow through with the fines/penalties…
    PS: That means I think they should change up some of the rules protecting players, especially quarterbacks.

  11. The official was right on top of the play, saw it clearly, didn’t touch his flag. Does anyone think that if there hadn’t been an injury from this play that we never would have had the league even consider it?
    phred is dead on….you can no longer hit the qb without an 85% chance of penalties and fines, and now we see that you can’t grab their jersey either.

  12. I don’t get all these fines. That’s what penalties are for. There should be no fines with possible exceptions for injuries caused by blatant fouls (I know, I know–who defines blatant) or at least until the league has warned a player that the next time he is called for a specific penalty he will be fined and the time following that will result in suspension. It’s football–they’re supposed to hit each other.
    I mean the fine money goes to charities which is good:
    Where does all the NFL fine money go?
    According to the NFL bylaws, all fines collected throughout the season must be divided evenly between organizations dedicated to the betterment of humanity. The following four organizations are not-for-profits whose focus is helping people both in and outside the NFL:
    ◦The Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund
    ◦The Vincent T. Lombardi Cancer Research Center
    ◦The ALS Neuromuscular Research Foundation
    ◦The NFLPA Player Assistance Trust
    but they still need to let the guys play the game.

  13. footballrulez
    amen brother …. i agree with the flagrant hit fine you stated …. or warning then fine
    bring back real football with stickum

  14. Yes, but ratings are up so the Football Powers think they are doing the right thing. There are now 100 or so officials watching every game. I never thought that I would ever stop watching football but that day is now on the horizon.
    “If I was a little bit dumber and a little bit blinder, I could be an NFL Official.”
    Bum Phillips

  15. @ToldeoLions
    Damn, my 2 year old cries less when she gets a boo-boo.
    Plus, I find it hard to believe that a Lions fan such as yourself even has tears left, that you haven’t cried them all out already…
    You’d think at some point there’d be an end to all the suffering, all the whimpering and blubbering, but I guess you like it. You CHOOSE it.
    The funny thing is–I bet even a drunken, LEG-LESS Cutler could beat your sh1t team.
    Now get back to your Kleenex, crybaby.

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