PFTV's Week Five game of the week

It’s time for the PFTV Week Five game of the week.

And we know you’ve all been holding your breath in anticipation.  And other bodily functions.

So here it is.

13 responses to “PFTV's Week Five game of the week

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see if the officials back off their blatant man-crush of Brady this week.

  2. not to say you’re a bunch of slapdicks, buuuuuuut why hasn’t ted sundquist been back this year?? obviously (i hope) you can’t be as dumb as the browns where to think he isn’t an intelligent football expert.

  3. Going have to got with Pats too. Brady will be the difference maker in the end.
    I think Mike Nolan should stay as a coordinator, that seems to be his niche. Some guys struggle at the top position but work miracles as coordinators.
    Norv Turner was top dog as offensive coord. as head coach it seems like his guy are never fired up and ready to play until they are backed into a corner.

  4. Blatant man crush on Brady? Did you watch the Ravens game? The refs called protection equally on all sides that game. The Patriots Wright was penalized for barely touching Flacco’s helmet, oh, AND fined. So how is equal calling on both sides favoritism? Oh yeah, you conveniently forget these points. Oh, and Lewis not getting called for diving at a sliding QBs back.
    When Josh was OC I could predict his offensive play calling. Wonder if I can still do that now he is head coach? If I can, then the Pats can, and they are in trouble. 2nd and long? RUN!

  5. you guys are all idiots. Dont you know Kyle Orton is the best QB in the history of football. I mean look at that amazing 80some yard winning touchdown he threw in week 1. I mean what other QB is good enough to pull that off.

  6. i don’t know why but i have a strange feeling the rams will upset minny this week.
    on paper every single thing tells me i’m nuts but i just have this feeling
    maybe its bretts b’day party will go way into the night lol
    happy b’day brett ….. 40 and still playing …. i’m 48 and i’m thinking since i never went to college i’ll go sign up with notre dame and play a lil ball lmao ….. who’s with me????

  7. Jam stain, I bet you think espn is unbiased, too. Grow a brain and get a set of eyes. It’s blatant. The Cheatriots have and will continue to get the calls, like they have the previous 9 yrs of the decade.

  8. Sure, whatever you say Hap…
    Just like Wilfork tackling Edwards in the first game of the season at his thighs and was called for RTP.
    Calls go both ways in this sport, but for some reason you chumps always remember the ones that favor the Pats, Steelers, Cowboys, etc.
    Just last week Wright was called for RTP on Flacco, so if Ngata’s was bogus this one was as well.
    Get a clue…


  10. Anyone see the “unnecessary roughness” penalty on Mike Wright for sacking Joe Flacco? Amazing how the Ravens have selective memory. With Ray Lewis saying they basically handed the Patriots 14 points, I’m guessing they automatically put up 14 points after roughing the passer penalties these days. On the drive with Wright’s penalty, Bodden had an interception within the redzone. Patriots make a play, Ravens don’t.
    The penalty is pretty similar to Ngata’s penalty with his hand hitting the facemask. The difference? Wright’s hit to the midsection with his other hand takes down Flacco. So after Harbaugh is done sending in his tapes over the Patriots getting special calls, he should go to his archive, dig this one out, and start complaining about how his non-superstar QB is getting preferential treatment.

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