Portis' contract virtually ensures his return in 2010

With the performance of Redskins running back Clinton Portis moving toward “just a guy” territory and his involvement in various squabbles and pissing matches quickly becoming tiresome, many will begin to speculate that Portis won’t be back with the Redskins in 2010.

Whether he’s there or not next year, Portis will get paid.  A lot.

Per a league source, a whopping $6.43 million of his $7.195 million base salary for 2010 is guaranteed.

So if owner Dan Snyder decides to move on, Portis will have one hell of a parting gift.

The source says that Portis also is due to earn a $500,000 roster bonus, pushing his total compensation for next year to $7.695 million.

Thus, while the Redskins can save more than $1.2 million by moving on, they’ll still be paying Portis nearly $6.5 million, regardless of whether he’s on the team.

21 responses to “Portis' contract virtually ensures his return in 2010

  1. Dan Snyder is a great example of too much money, too much personal ego and too lacking in discipline to be an effective hands on the team owner. Just like Al, just like Jerry.
    Actually, are there ANY effective owners that think they run a fantasy team?

  2. Portis will have a Lack-luster year and Dan Snyder will sign him to another 6 year contract for big $$! The Skins are famous for that!!

  3. Portis has had 1200+ yards every year he’s been in Washington except for the one year in which he was injured for 10 games….
    Until his numbers take a nose dive lets not call him washed up.

  4. Its ok the skins will start the offseason being way over the cap and they will do their annual salary restructures and get under the cap enough to sign an overrated big name player, probably Julius Peppers, to a monster deal while completely ignoring their depth. I was starting to feel sorry for skins fans until i remembered that they are so damn annoying.

  5. Meanwhile, Champ Bailey is still quietly earning his check in Denver. Nice trade.

  6. I have exactly zero love for the Cowboys, but don’t ever lump Jones in with the likes of Dan Snyder. While it’s true that Jerry sometimes tends to initially overpay for some players, you’ll never see that man get stuck paying out that kind of ridiculous guaranteed cash in the last year of anyone’s contract.

  7. Maybe he could give a few more bucks to that fur coat wearing whore of a mother.
    How’s that fur coat after a beer bath a few years back bitch.

  8. Snyder and Cerrato have made one of the greatest NFL franchise’s in history a laughing stock. Those two donks make it hard to be a fan.

  9. If there is no cap in 2010, it won’t matter.
    You just get rid of the player and eat the money you have to pay him. Big deal.
    Considering Shanahan drafted him, he could stay if Mike becomes the next coach.

  10. Portis is the only guy on the team with balls (except Cooley cause weve SEEN his). but i cant wait to see how danny boy goes into a spaz next year without a cap.

  11. How can you say Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Al Davis are not all in the same boat? They have no qualified experience to run a team, they are ego-maniacs and they are apparently in over their heads. Regardless if they pay guaranteed money in the last year of a contract they are running their teams into the ground.

  12. Since when has paying dead cap space money stopped Snyder from moving players?
    Snyder is currently busy polishing his huge Redskins belt buckle with Brasso in preparation for his shock and awe spending spree in the uncapped year.

  13. Jerry Jones: too loud
    Al Davis: too old
    Dan Snyder: too stupid
    I agree with Drastik29… Portis is an elite running back that single-handedly carried the Redskins to 6-2 last year.
    His incredible workload (Close to 350 attempts per season) means he is constantly dealing with nagging injuries that limit him, as they did last year, resulting in a poor finish to the season (team and player).
    If anyone deserves that kind of a ‘parting gift’ for years of carrying a franchise on his back… it’s Portis.

  14. 1st of all morons the guy is off to a slow start and all of the sudden hes washed up!!!!! Please hes still a top 10 back who plays his damn heart out on EVERY PLAY!! also for people to be on here calling his mom a whore is so not right.Im sure if Mr. Portis was on your doorstep you’d still have the intestinal fortitude to say that!! Im sorry Florio but 90% of the people who comment on here are certified morons!!! Hire me the ratings will go through the roof!!!! I’ll take #26 anyday of the week

  15. Drastik29 says:
    Portis has had 1200+ yards every year he’s been in Washington except for the one year in which he was injured for 10 games.
    Except for 2006, year he was injured, he’s averaged 342 carries per year in Washington.
    So far this year he has one game where he rushed for over 4 yds per carry (4.2).
    Do you really think he’ll have anything in the tank for the 6 million (guaranteed) 2010?

  16. Dan Snyder is by far worse than Jerry Jones. Jerry has brought in a lot of young talent this season and in the past 2 years. His main problem is hiring the right coach to motivate that talent. Had he just let Bill Parcells run the team I gurantee you Dallas would be a force.

  17. Tomko6,
    A top ten back….haha, yeah so was Sean Alexander before he was washed up overnight.
    The guy has too much mileage on him and plays for a team that will never have a lead enough to get the yardage necessary for those kind of numbers anymore. The wheels are coming off the Skins, go out and buy a Capitals jersey, football season is over for you.

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