Stafford not expected to play against Steelers

Lions coach Jim Schwartz isn’t talking about his starting quarterback situation, but the Detroit media is doing it for him.

Rookie Matthew Stafford looks unlikely to play this week despite returning to several individual drills at practice Friday.  (Stafford didn’t do any significant running with the media watching.) Stafford didn’t do much earlier in the week as he recovered from a dislocated knee.

The pause in Stafford’s rookie season is unfortunate, because he’s been the brightest part of Detroit’s season. 

The Lions are middle of the pack in yards and points scored, but Schwartz has been unable to turn around a defense that is dead last in points allowed. 

Daunte Culpepper is expected to start against Pittsburgh Sunday.

11 responses to “Stafford not expected to play against Steelers

  1. They should have let Daunte start the season, and brought stafford in later this season, or next year, I hope his knee is okay.
    I hope Daunte lights it up this week.

  2. And I hope that Daunte fails miserably so that the people like schism will finally realize Daunte hasnt’t been good in FIVE FREAKIN YEARS. Rosenthal is right, Stafford has been a huge bright spot for Lions fans thus far.

  3. Stillerz…me too. Just like Daunte did in Minnesota, throwing the deep ball to Moss, look for a lot of deep balls to Megatron. Pretty much the only thing that worries me about this game. Ike has always shown up against the big time receivers. Moss, TO, Ocho, Fitz (at least for 3 quarters)….he always at least does relatively well against those guys. So I can’t be too worried, but CJ is a physical specimen with tools to match up against any CB in the league. This is where Troy comes into the mix, but unfortunately he’s out a little longer.

  4. severs28, way to be an ass. Yeah, so Stafford is STILL a bright spot. Stop taking away a poor Lion fan’s excitement over a game. Most backup QBs are worse than culpepper. Seriously, at least they have hope, geez.

  5. Daunte Smaunte, Steelers 30, Detroit ! The defense will eat up everything the Lions have. Mindy will get 100yds & Big Ben will find the best all-around reciever in footbal Heinz Ward. Da Stillas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “..# Stillerz says: October 9, 2009 4:41 PM
    As a Steelers fan I’d rather face a rookie than a veteran with nothing to lose..”
    Normally I’d agree with that. But DC only played in one game all last year. He went 6-11 for 54 yards, 0 TD’s and a QB rating of 68.
    He’s gonna have his hands full.

  7. I’ve watched every minute of every Lions game this year and let me tell you Stafford has done more to stall the offense than anybody else. The guy cannot hit a wide open receiver for the life of him. At least five or six times a game he’ll miss somebody going deep or across the middle that doesn’t have a guy within five yards of him. Sportscenter will only show him running for twenty yards for a first down against Washington but they won’t show him missing Bryant Johnson who was streaking past a blown coverage for a sure touchdown. The ball didn’t even come close to him. Now I don’t expect much of Culpepper either but I’m just saying Stafford is not even that good yet. He may be some day but not yet.

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