Broncos breaking out throwback (throw up?) unis

First, we had the officials dressed like members of a barbershop quartet. Then we had our rods and cones assaulted by the Seahawks Three Mile Island jerseys.

Now, the Denver Broncos are busting out their sunshine-yellow and excrement-brown throwback uniforms for Sunday’s game against New England. With, of course, vertically striped socks.

No wonder Jay Cutler wanted out.

21 responses to “Broncos breaking out throwback (throw up?) unis

  1. What the hell is that a throwback to? The day John Elways had too many taco’s and let loose the squirts on the field?

  2. As I posted several times before here:
    Woody Paige
    “The Broncos will wear their repugnant 1961 uniforms on October 11 at home against New England. In the French’s Yellow Mustard jerseys with the Milk Dud brown pants and the vertically striped socks, the 1961 team was a national laughingstock.”

  3. Yuck. They should go back to wearing the orange and blue uniforms, with the “D” on the helmet, that they wore from about 1968 through 1996. Those were great and much better than the current uniforms.

  4. Come on Curran – you have known this since this summer. Assuming, of course, you actually pay attention to the NFL. The league announced all of the AFL legacy games long ago – and fans have been looking forward to this game ever since the list was release.
    The Broncos are going to look really cool – and the Pats are going to look even cooler in their white throwbacks.

  5. Jerry Seinfeld was right; we fans concern ourselves with the uniform above all else. If “our” team changes the coaching staff and all 53 players we still pull for our colors. Denver Bronco fans are Boise State fans because it’s same colors and mascot. That’s what matters!

  6. # danphxariz says: October 10, 2009 8:41 PM
    Yuck. They should go back to wearing the orange and blue uniforms, with the “D” on the helmet, that they wore from about 1968 through 1996. Those were great and much better than the current uniforms.
    I couldn’t agree more. Those old uni’s and helmet were classic and should never have changed. Same with the Patriots. It was great to see those old helmets.

  7. Are the official names of those colors “urine yellow” and “fecal brown”? Because I’m pretty sure I saw them in my toilet this morning.

  8. Can’t they limit throwbacks to uniforms that looked good in the first place? Ten years from now people will NOT enter Yugos at classic car shows just because they are old.

  9. Apparently in contrast to the entire rest of the world, I LOVE the Seahawks’ new unis. The colors & design are great!
    As to the Browns, however, any two-color combo that starts with BROWN is not going anywhere terrific. And those particular throwbacks are appalling.
    But the instant that team sets foot on the field, every fan in the place will be on their side, just as we support the kids when they put on some dreadful costume for school, antennae, tails, or wings quivering. You attend the program and applaud wildly, because you lfeel for their vulnerable little psyches.
    Het, the socks alone could garner enough support to inspire them to a win –

  10. The NFL really is going NASCAR. Hershey must’ve paid a cr@p load to the Broncos to get the entire team to dress up as a bunch of Mr Goodbars…

  11. Does Curran just have it out for Denver? Man the guys got a bug up his butt.
    Yes the uniforms are not the best looking. But its to commemorate the AFL days….. and this was all announced MONTHS ago and pictures of all the jerseys were displayed.
    So now this is news? Please fire this guy Curran….reading his trash is just as bad as reading stuff from Cosmo.
    Curran —- sorry their uniforms aren’t FABULOUS enough for you. Go get your manicure done and get off the internet, please!

  12. No matter how ugly the broncos uniforms can get, they will never be uglier than that horse-faced qb elway they had…..
    p.s., for all you ignorant bronco fans it was actually the running game that won you the superbowl and season, not the horse-faced wife cheating qb of yours.
    Not only does he look like a horse, but he cheated on his wife while playing with a Raider cheerleader. whom he later divorced his wife to marry. Horse faced idiot.
    So not only is he a ugly horse faced idiot, he is a cheater!
    So to all you idiots in Denver, what a great role model you have… A guy who cheats on his wife while he has children! and he was cheating with the arch rival……Great role model for your kids!

  13. hmmm….wow “the real deal” apparently needed to let out some anger on a legend at 3 in the morning. get a life man. John Elway is one of the few qbs who have not only taken their team to superbowls but helped to win 2 of them also. its pretty apparent that you have to criticize him on a topic that isn’t relevant and isn’t any of your business just to make him look bad. how about you worry about how he played the game…theres a concept

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