Redskins dump Wynn to make room for punter

Defensive lineman Renaldo Wynn’s second tour of duty with the team abruptly ended Saturday when he was cut to make room for punter Glenn Pakulak.

At least it ended for now.

The Redskins could be this week’s team to pull the old “54-man roster” trick, with plans to re-sign Wynn next week.

Then again, the 35-year-old has been inactive for every game this season, so he’s not exactly a valuable player to the roster.  Wynn was a starter in his previous four-year stint with the Redskins.

Pakulak is punting for Hunter Smith, who has an injured groin.

6 responses to “Redskins dump Wynn to make room for punter

  1. It doesn’t matter, my team sucks ans will continue to suck, until the midget changes his mind set. Considering his recent actions that’s not happening any time soon.

  2. Dan and Vinny – here is a list of other Redskins that should be cut immediately:
    Ladell Betts (or Bettis), Rock Cartwright, Philip Daniels, Fred Smoot, Devin Thomas, Mike Williams, Fred Davis, and Fred Smoot.
    While you’re at it, fire Jim Zorn, fire Vinny Cerrato, and demote Dan Snyder from GM to owner. Then hire a GM, and Shanahan. If he says no, then hire Gruden.
    If you would like any more help running your franchise, I’d be honored to act as a consultant to my favorite team.

  3. smarterthanyou: Demote from GM to owner? Synder is the owner… Man if you were consulting that would be great! I mean as if it wasnt funny enough that the skins sign every high priced FA that makes zero impact on the skins year in year out. Now you’ve got a fan who thinks they can do a better job, but doesn’t even know who is in charge. You dont happen to be Terry Donahue or Matt Millen are you?

  4. Note to PFT: If a different team does it every week it isn’t a roster trick (54 man or otherwise).
    Oh and no one cares.

  5. hendeeze – the stupidity of your response shouldn’t require a response but I’m bored on Sunday morning. So…the point of the comment was “sarcasm.” Because the owner acts a gm, then demoting him from his GM aspirations was sarcastic, cus you know, he’s the owner so he can’t be demoted….ahh forget it.

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