Reid, Eagles have started negotiations

By all accounts, the only question regarding a new contract for Eagles coach Andy Reid is when it will be completed.

And according to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, negotiations have already begun.

Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte, would not confirm that fact to Paolantonio, but LaMonte did confirm that Reid and Eagles owner Jeff Lurie and team president Joe Banner “have a very close relationship and they want that to continue.”

Reid’s contract doesn’t expire until the end of the 2010 season, but the two sides seem eager to avoid him entering the final year of his deal as a “lame duck” coach.

“[Reid] told me he loves Philadelphia and wants to stay,” LaMonte said.

6 responses to “Reid, Eagles have started negotiations

  1. Im sure Wade the cup cake wont be seeing one of these converasations….although, never doubt the big “D’s” piss poor descion making, everthing is big down in Dallas….even mistakes.

  2. I wish Wade would be having this chat but if Wade were to go anytime soon, it will be Garrett that would get the nod. Jerry must’ve made an offer too good to pass up to keep Red Jesus in Dallas.
    And judging by how he handles players (no balls in handling the whole TO situation), Garrett is not the answer either.

  3. Andy Reid, “I will take 4 cheese-steaks, a dozen doughnuts, and 18 south Jersey Subs! Thanks!”
    Joe Banner, “Now that we have Lunch down, What about Money?”
    Andy Reid, “Who Needs Money when you have South Jersey Subs??”

  4. What about Gruden, Shanahan, Cowher….I at least know they can win super bowls. Andy Reid has choked on a hoagie each time. Especially the NFC championship game with teams that should have won the super bowl….or maybe is it Mcnabb who chokes more. Either way, Philly is ready for a change. I think Gruden as the head coach and Mike Vick as the QB is what we are starting to want.

  5. Mike Vick WILL NOT be an Eagles next year or at least by the time the season starts.. their either going to let him walk or resign him just to Trade him to another team…

  6. Scrapdawg,
    You must be out of your G– damn mind !!!
    Vick is 1 and done , and Gruden will not be here
    they could both go to a team that needas them like maybe your team , because you definatly not an EAGLE fan.

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