Report: UFL draws better than NHL on VERSUS

The ratings are in for Thursday night’s debut of the UFL on VERSUS. 

The good news is that the clash between the California Redwoods (whose uniforms are neither red nor made of wood) and the Las Vegas Locomotives reportedly generated better ratings than NHL coverage on VERSUS.

The bad news is that the numbers would raise eyebrows only if they were someone’s blood alcohol content.

According to, the game generated a 0.25 rating, with a 0.29 in the key demographic of men 18-40 years of age.

The numbers might have been much higher if VERSUS were still available on DirecTV.

Tonight, the UFL returns to action at the Cirtus Bowl in Orlando, when the New York Sentinels visit the Florida Tuskers. 

The game will feature several former NFL players with recognizable names, including, for Florida, running back Tatum Bell, quarterback Brooks Bollinger, cornerback Fakhir Brown, defensive end Patrick Chukwurah, receiver Doug Gabriel, defensive back (and former Super Bowl MVP) Dexter Jackson, running back Michael Pittman, punter Todd Sauerbrun, defensive lineman Darrion Scott, guard Charles Spencer, linebacker Odell Thurman, tight end Jermaine Wiggins, running back Quincy Wilson, and defensive tackle Claude Wroten.

The New York roster includes cornerback Tra Battle, quarterback Quinn Gray, quarterback Ingle Martin, defensive end Simeon Rice, receiver Koren Robinson, and receiver Craphonso Thorpe.

The game will be available on HDNet, beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET. 

With the Florida Gators also playing at LSU tonight, we predict that the ratings will reflect a BAC well within the legal limit.

UPDATE:  John Ourand of SBJ reports that the UFL debut was seen in 220,000 homes, and that the Tuesday night NHL game on VERSUS was seen in 405,000 homes.  So maybe is getting its information from the same folks responsible for letting people know that, you know, a UFL game is actually going to be on television.

20 responses to “Report: UFL draws better than NHL on VERSUS

  1. thats ok, because the nhl (leafs vs sens) drew better ratings on tsn on tuesday than the pack vs vikings on tsn the previous day. what this tells me is canadians like hockey and americans prefer football.

  2. This league is going to make that garbage Vince McMahon created, look like a huge success. Although, I’m wearing my Craphonso Thorpe jersey as I write this.

  3. Exactly, who cares about the first week. They’ll get good ratings the first week or two due to the curiosity factor.

  4. versus blows. comcast blows. nobody gets versus anymore because of comcast being a scumbag to directv, and therefore nobody gets the NHL anymore. that’s gonna KILL the league. they need to get back on ESPN as soon as possible.

  5. did someone really name there kid craphonso? or was this a typo?
    also, when did directv lose versus? shows how much I watch that channel…actually the only time in my life I watched that channel was a couple years ago when Stanford beat USC, and it took me like an hour to find it because I had no idea versus carried college football.
    this is a good time as any to whore out to the man-
    “Make sure to visit CFT for your latest college football news, scores, and notes!”

  6. Before you start trashing hockey you need a fact check. NHL rating for tuesdays game doubled the debut of this league with 425k viewers to 200k for UFL. NHL opening night had 825k viewers in comparison to this opening. Do your homework before trotting out false cliche’s about the NHL

  7. Breaking news! Americans like any form of football more than hockey. In other shocking news the sky is blue and water is wet.

  8. I don’t see the game on versus tonight. I see that game on Wednesday night. Am I missing something?

  9. Just shows you how incompetant New York City’s Gary Bettman is in his plan of spreading hockey thru the USA to make it popular.
    A sport he is single-handedly making a joke out of!

  10. Re: update
    the hockey game on tuesday on versus was washington and alex ovechkin in a 6-5 overtime win over philly 2 top teams who are big rivals in 2 good hockey markets.

  11. “mustbechris – versus blows. comcast blows. nobody gets versus anymore because of comcast being a scumbag to directv, and therefore nobody gets the NHL anymore. that’s gonna KILL the league. they need to get back on ESPN as soon as possible.”
    -AMEN brother! I would prefer to have TSN in the US..that would be awesome.
    the NFL (No Fun League) could learn a lot from the NHL in that there are no ever-evolving pu**y rules.

  12. im watching the UFL game until 8pm when UM plays Iowa, but anyhow, there are literally 40-50 people in the stands for this game right now and the Florida team just came out to the fireworks in the Citrus bowl lol
    did the UFL do any advertising at all? At least these uniforms arent that bad

  13. Terrell Owens would like to know how many of those homes had the special box, as opposed to the regular box……?

  14. # daffy87 says: October 10, 2009 2:57 PM
    Breaking news! Americans like any form of football more than hockey. In other shocking news the sky is blue and water is wet.
    “fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd, smiling.”

  15. AVOID UFLACCESS.COM they don’t allow people to post anything negative or factual about the league because they kissing a$$.
    They rejected my post on why the league would fail:
    The UFL was sold as a league to give players a second chance who were either cut by an NFL team or never got the opportunity to be in the NFL.
    It is neither. It is made up of players who know coaches and/or players who have agents who are connected to the comissioner.
    Talent? NO
    Simeon Rice, Michael Pittman, and Marcel Shipp are prime examples on why this lague is destined to fail. It already is a failure. Drawing 250,000 viewers for the first game and 400,000 viewers for the second game. Nobody is going to these games and the tickets are being given away.
    Instead of having players who were cut from camp that were 2008 or 2009 Draft Picks or Undrafted Free Agents who didn’t make the team, the league is made up of players who the NFL scouts or teams will not get a look at. In other words, while JP Losman may put up good numbers, there were NO NFL teams interested in him and NO NFL team is going to touch him after the season is over. Why? Because 80% of the players in the UFL have zero pracrice squad eligability.
    Rather than get real interest by gettiing young players from large division one schools from the SEC, ACC, PAC 10, BIG 10, etc. the league has 80 out of 200 players from 1-AA schools which gives even less interest to the fans. If I am going to waste time watching these games (which watching paint dry is more exciting) I am going to want to see those RB and WR from those schools in this league knowing if they play well they might be back in the NFL by going to a practice squad and playing their way to the league.
    RB: Kevin Richardson (App State: Had over 100 college TDS, 8000 all purpose yards), Yverson Bernard (4000 Yards at Oregon State), Tyrell Fenroy (ULL had over 400 Yards)
    Would rather see these guys than a 2002 draft pick who had 7 years to make it in the NFL named Shipp play. You have the son of Denzel Washington which is money, yet he is backing up a short rb who is too small for the NFL and too small for the UFL named Corey Ross.
    CB: Londen Fryar (Son of Irving #1 overall Pick in 1984) great story there he got cut by the Chiefs in mini camp.
    QB: How about Omar Jacobs, Alex Brink, Chris Leak, Corey Banks. Close but not close enough to the NFL. More exciting than Brooks Bollinger and JP Losman as these kids would be able to move right into practice squad of NFL teams unlike Bollinger and Losman who can’t.
    WR: Too many to think of. How many chances does Bobby Sippio need? How about David Cricus (he has been in the nfl since 2003) people are tired of seing them.
    The UFL should have gotten players from big Division 1 Programs, how many players are from Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Virginia Tech, Boise State, Miami, Ohio State? (You can count them with one hand)
    Bottom Line:
    1. Atttendance and Ratings will Dwindle to zero by the championship game.
    2. The league will still be sponsorless as they have no legit sponsors.
    3. They are 1 and done (whether they make it through the season is to be seen)
    The failure of the UFL is because of the UFL themselves, lack of communication and they also had that joke of a $60 tryout in Orlando used to raise money. Not one of the 1200 people who paid got a contract or even a camp invite (don’t let them fool you, the one or two people they did sign were already invited for free to workout after the fiasco and they didn’t pay, it was done to cover up the fact the league scammed 1200 people out of $72,000)

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