Sponsored post: Sprint's NFL Mobile Live keeps you in the know

It’s early October, the time of year when the wives start lobbying for Halloween decorations to be dug out of the basement and strewn on the lawn and/or for family time spent driving around the countryside marveling at the beauty of slowly dying foliage.

So if your 17-week quest to watch nine-plus hours of football every Sunday gets interrupted by matters that if not properly addressed could result in plenty of free time to watch all the television you want (assuming you have enough money after the divorce to afford the cable bill), there’s only one way to keep up to speed with the NFL, regardless of where you might be.

It’s Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live, the only NFL-licensed wireless application.  With it, you can track all the action — and you can listen to the radio feed of every game.

There’s also real-time statistics and a PFT news feed and PFTV segments and videos from Rich Eisen and all sorts of other stuff.

It’s available free of charge to Sprint subscribers with a compatible handset. 

So it’s your choice.  Get a Sprint phone with NFL Mobile Live and keep the peace, or get a dog to keep you company once you are living in the house where the canine normally would reside.