Trade deadline coming in 10 days

On October 20, the window for making trades will close, and it won’t re-open until early March of 2010.

Over the years, many league insiders have complained that the annual deadline comes too early.  With parity pervading the league, few teams are in position to fold the tents and sell off good players, since most teams are still alive after only six weeks of action.

Several factors might alter that reality in 2009.

First, the NFL has more really bad teams than usual.  At this point, it’s safe to say that bottom-feeders like the Browns, Chiefs, Raiders, Lions, Buccaneers, and Rams have no realistic (or unrealistic) chance of turning things around.  So why not have a fire sale?

Second, next year’s draft is believed to be very good and very deep.  So if there’s a way for a rebuilding franchise to pick up some extra picks, now’s the time to do it.

Third, with no salary cap in 2010 (absent a new CBA), plenty of veteran players will be unhappy, either because they’ve signed long-term deals that extend past 2010 or because they thought they’d be unrestricted free agents and they aren’t, thanks to the rule that requires six years of service in an uncapped year.  So why not move them now and perhaps get more than might be available in a March or April trade?

Fourth, the presence in the weeds of men like Mike Holmgren, Mike Shanahan, and Bill Cowher has increased the heat on coaching staffs and front offices.  So some teams will be more inclined to make a move to win now, in the hopes of fending off a possible Black Monday walk to the parking lot with a cardboard box full of personal effects and half-eaten Little Debbie cakes.

One or more of these factors likely contributed to the recent deal that sent receiver Braylon Edwards from Cleveland to the Jets. 

So with teams like the Chargers, Packers, Cowboys, Texans, Redskins, and Panthers hoping to strengthen their bids for playoff berths, there could be more activity than usual as the deadline for playing Let’s Make A Deal approaches.

25 responses to “Trade deadline coming in 10 days

  1. It would be nice to see Joe Thomas back in his home state playing LT for the green & gold. I doubt TT would give up any of his precious draft choices and doubt the Browns would want Aaron Kampman in return however.

  2. There’s rumors abounding that Ted Thompson will trade Aaron Kampman for Julius Peppers, who is much more suited to the new 3-4 defensive scheme.
    Of course, what the Packers NEED is a left tackle. Or a swing tackle.

  3. Kampman for Peppers is stupid. Peppers has had, what, 1 sack and three tackles? And he carries a much higher salary than Kampman. Thompson would be an idiot to make that trade.
    I did hear rumblings that Stephen Jackson might be on the block though. Would love to see him in Green Bay. Would also love to see Joe Thomas, as was mentioned before.

  4. Nah, theirs no way we get rid of Joe Thomas. Theirs only 1 or 2 players on this team that we won’t trade, and he’s one of them.
    Players I can see traded from the Browns:
    Shaun Rogers (would hate to lose him, but he’s 31 and we’re 2 years away from being anything so getting a 1st+ for him isn’t out of the question)
    Corey Williams (good DT in a 4-3 team but isn’t very good as a 3-4 DE. I could see him being traded for a 3rd to a 4-3 team that needs a DT)
    Brady Quinn (not what we thought he was. He’d be a good fit on a team where he could be a game manager, but he’s not a playmaker at this point)

  5. I agree that Joe Thomas makes sense for Green Bay. How about Clifton,Barnett , WR James Jones and a 2nd for Thomas ?

  6. Wow! why am I not surprised to see my fellow packer backers in this one?
    Fact is, we’re desperate for O-Line help like right now!!!
    Why would anybody want to throw us a bone?
    (And just to add my comment about Kampman?)
    I’m thinking that the Raiders would like to have a player like that playing for them.
    Maybe they can send us some linemen or some picks.——————————————————————
    Anyhow, the fact that there’s other Packers fans weighing in tells me that I’m not the only one that thinks the team needs some help.
    Any thoughts peoples ?

  7. Luckily for you Packers guys next years OT class is very deep. Regardless of where you’re picking (if your line right now will hold up a bit you’re one of the better teams in the NFL) you should be able to get you a good OT in the 1st round of the draft.
    I know OT isn’t always the popular choice, or the “sexy pick”, but it makes a huge difference.

  8. wow, you packer fans are crazy if you think trading for a tackle, or a linebacker is going to turn that team into a Super Bowl contender.

  9. No jorge-U R definitely not alone. Personally I’d rather see them put Kampman back on the line where he belongs & get rid of Poppinga or Hawk. We need O linemen and we need them now. Of course if Clifton can stay healthy (??) and somehow TT would resign Tauscher that could be a pretty good start.

  10. Julius Peppers for Kampman? Very, very funny. It’s almost as funny as Peppers’ delusion that he would fit into the 3-4 as an OLB. At 6’7″ and 280 pounds? I thought it hilarious when the Raiders (ie Al Davis) tried to reincarnate the Mad Stork via Tyler Brayton (ironically, another Panther). That was an abysmal failure, and Tyler’s found a place back at his natural DE position.
    Peppers is a straight up DE. He supposedly wanted to go to NE to play in Belichik’s 3-4, but it’s pretty apparent from Seymour’s trade, the fact that Wilfork hasn’t been extended and their lack of depth now at LB that Belichik is transitioning to the 4-3. They’re talking about bringing Seau back, for crying out loud. What is he, 40? Either he’s ageless or the Pats are desperate. All those draft picks and no LBs to show for it?
    Gotta give it to the Cheeseheads for trying to drum up a market in which Peppers and Joe Thomas can be had cheap. I tried the same thing here, except with Braylon Edwards to my craptacular Raiders. Green Bay probably could obtain Peppers, but it’ll cost them more than Kampman. More like Kampman and a first rounder. Sorry, but when Peppers is on, he’s unstoppable.

  11. “teams like the Chargers, Packers, Cowboys, Texans, Redskins, and Panthers hoping to strengthen their bids for playoff berths”
    I have a feeling that not one of those teams makes the playoffs this year.

  12. moswesley- your an idiot, that is all.
    jarredallen69- the vikings beat the packers by one touchdown. rodgers went for almost 400 yards on your defense, even with 8 sacks. he threw 3 touchdown passes, but he problem is that donald lee dropped one of them.
    we are not even 5 weeks into the season yet, and NOBODY is “not a playoff caliber team”. were the new york bretts a playoff caliber team in week 5 last year? did they end up in the playoffs?
    as for the packers trading kampman for joe thomas. sorry but as good as kamp is (in the 4-3) he will not get us joe thomas, a young stud LT.
    maybe we can get steven jackson for him, maybe.
    the rams coach steve spagnoulo is a defensive guy, and i am sure he would love to have kampman. but to give up the ONLY offensive weapon on that team would be hard to do.

  13. I know we always go back to “parity” when talking about the era of free agency, but are we really seeing it? It seems like every week this season so far half the games have been throwaways- easy picks.
    I think we should go in the opposite direction- shrink the league to get rid of the easy outs, increase the rosters to let the handful of good guys on crap teams have work, lower the cap to allow for the expanded rosters, lengthen the schedule to let the increased number of players get some snaps and increase team revenue, and most importantly, my # 1 rule-
    All teams must compete with 90% of the players they had the previous season (allowing for mass retirements, of course). How would it work in reality? Let the bean counters figure it out.
    More cheering for teams instead of whoever blew into town that week and will be leaving next week.

  14. To anyone who suggest trading for Joe Thomas, please stop talking. Premier left tackles in their early twenties don’t get traded. The package would have to be huge, something like Kampman and 2 first rounders.
    Ted Thompson may be just dumb enough to trade Kampman for Peppers though. Trading a relatively cheap, high producing (until this year) player with 4 years left on his contract for a disgruntled Peppers with a $17 million price tag with no contract would be unbelievably stupid, which is why it makes perfect sense for Thompson.

  15. The trade of the season….Dallas trades a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th for a 1/3 shot for a post season win.

  16. Joe Thomas’ trade value is so high, it wouldn’t even be worth it to trade for him. It would be a Ricky Williams type deal. Even then, the Browns still may not be interested.
    Shaun Rogers is more likely that JT but still zero chance of happening.
    I really wouldn’t expect anyone outside of Corey Williams and Brady Quinn to be traded from the Browns.

  17. I don’t think the Packers can fix their problems by making just a few moves. I think the problems they have is in head coach, management that can’t draft, and all across their O-line. Signing a couple of old washed up veterans aint going to cut it. I wouldn’t count on getting young talent before the deadline.

  18. Mike, you say:
    “So with teams like the Chargers, Packers, Cowboys, Texans, Redskins, and Panthers hoping to strengthen their bids for playoff berths,”
    Strengthen their bids for playoff berths????
    Have you not seen the Panthers play?
    I know you picked the Redskins to win it all, but you gotta admit that ship has sailed.

  19. What… is that Packer hating troll commenting again?? What next, you’ll go on an artical about Eli Manning and say Packers suck??
    Quit wasting time bashing the Packers on every artical you can and spend more time on your true passion like your id states… Jarod Allen 69 or is it 69 Jarod Allen.
    Rumor has it Tauscher will sign for a home town discount. If he doesn’t sign or we don’t trade for some O-line help… Rodgers will be running from nose tackles faster than Jarod Allen is running from the “dude” with the id Jarodallen69 PFT id!!

  20. Trading Kampman would be stupid – his market value is lower than ever, and he hasnt been given a decent chance at his new position – and trading him for Peppers is simply not going to happen. TT doesnt add the expensive big name players.
    Joe Thomas is not going anywere – LT studs are along with quality QBs the most valueable players on any teams roster.
    If the Packers just could keep the inside steady, and man the tackle positions with Big Cliff and Tauscher, Rodgers should have enough time to air it out. There is no question that the O-line is enept, but (i am a huge fan of A-rod) they need some help from the QB, and right now he is holding on to the bold for too long.
    Give me Tauscher and Clifton back, some three step drops and the packers shall prevail!

  21. jaredallen69
    Big surprise the Viqueen fan says the Packers aren’t going anywhere. How about he worries about his own team. Remember you Queens are the one’s who always choke in the playoffs. We’ll see how much talking you’re doing after your next 3 games. Can we say 5-3.

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