Zimmer will coach Sunday

On Friday, we learned about the sad and sudden passing of Vikki Zimmer, the wife of Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

The reaction from the Bengals and from Dallas, where Zimmer coached for 13 years, were testimonies to the impact she had on Zimmer’s family and his extended family — his players.

Today the Bengals confirmed that Mike Zimmer will coach the Bengals defense against Baltimore on Sunday. 

Keeping his family close during this difficult time, Zimmer brought his father, Bill, son Adam, and daughter Corri along with him to Baltimore.  His mother and another son remained in Cincinnati, according to ESPN’s James Walker.

No details of the death have been revealed, but Vikki Zimmer passed away at her home.

Once again our heart goes out to the entire Zimmer family.

4 responses to “Zimmer will coach Sunday

  1. From what I read she sounded like a great lady.
    Vikki Zimmer, 50, was beloved by the team and the defensive players. She routinely baked cookies for the players, which Mike Zimmer would bring to meetings. That was shown late during one of the episodes of “Hard Knocks: Training Camp.”
    “Mike tells me, ‘Those kids work so hard and so long. They really like it when you make them that stuff.’,” Vikki Zimmer told the team’s official website about the cookies. “They’re worried about putting on weight, so I want to make it a little bit healthy but he tells me they destroy whatever it is no matter what they say.”

  2. What heart to go ahead and coach this weekend, but it sounds like something she would have wanted. Go Bengals!

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