Beware . . . the Bengals!

Earlier this week, we looked at whether the Cincinnati Bengals are for real.

After beating the Ravens in Baltimore, we have the answer.

Hell, yes.

In a thrilling back-and-forth affair that had the Ravens taking the lead with roughly seven minutes to play after tailback Ray Rice caught a short pass, kept on his feet, and went 48 yards for a score, the Bengals nevertheless pulled out a 17-14 win.

After the two teams traded punts, the Bengals got the ball back with 80 yards to go and 2:15 on the clock.  A dozen plays later, Cincy cashed in, via a 20-yard touchdown pass from Carson Palmer to Andre Caldwell with less than 30 seconds to play.

The game-winning drive was fueled by a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness called on linebacker Ray Lewis, who heavily criticized last week rules protecting quarterbacks against low and high hits. 

The Ravens had another chance, but a long interception sealed the win for Cincy.  Coaches and players then mobbed defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, whose wife died earlier this week at the age of 50.

The Bengals are 4-1, and they would be 5-0 but for a fluke bounce in the closing seconds of a Week One loss to the Broncos. 

The Ravens, after starting 3-0, are now 3-2 and tied with the Steelers for second place in the AFC North.

The Bengals host the Texans and Bears before getting their bye week.  The league recently moved the October 25 game between Chicago and Cincinnati to a 4:15 p.m. ET start, which makes a lot of sense given the unexpected success of the Bengals.

58 responses to “Beware . . . the Bengals!

  1. First time the Ravens have given over 100 rushing hard to an opposing running back in past 19 games…
    the bengals and CEDRIC are for real.

  2. Hey Ray Lewis……bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Let me guess…Refs fault again? Thanks for proving so clearly that what happened LAST WEEK was NOT any fault of any ref…’s just that your team lacks discipline…..and it starts with good old #52……..

  3. Yeah I had a good laugh considering my in-laws are big Crow fans. Benson first back over 100 on the Crows in 40 games and Mr. Crow himself, Ray “Pocket Knife” Lewis, kept the winning drive going with a dumb ass late hit?

  4. The refs cost the Ravens yet another game.
    Last year the refs cost the Lions all 16 games.
    Keep chirping Ray Ray.

  5. The bengals are for real! the defense is great. notice the Ravens offense and Shitsburgs offense running up and down the field on other teams. not against this team. Bandwagon applications are now being taken!!

  6. Where was Derrick Mason in this game? My feeling that a key to stopping Ravens O was taking hime away from Flacco.

  7. As a Packer fan, this is reassuring. I feel a lot better about losing to the Bengals if the Bengals are a solid team.
    I feel for Baltimore though.. They seem to only be losing because of constant and stupid penalties.

  8. Blame it on the refs Ray! If anyone wasn’t sure you are a dirty player before they can be sure now. You and your cheating, dirty defense just cost you another game! HAHAHAHAHA!

  9. To Raven fans:Stfu about refs they hurt us just as much
    To everyone else:4-1 3-0 in one of the hardest Divisions Yes bengals are the real deal
    From the banks of the Ohio comes that orange and black machine
    They’re the Cincinnati Bengals The finest ever seen
    With stripes upon their helmets and fire in their eyes
    They’ll take the field they will not yield
    They’re strong and tough and wise
    Who Dey.Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Hear that Bengal growling, mean and angry
    See that Bengal prowling, lean and hungry
    An offensive brute, run, pass, or boot
    And defensively, he’s rough errrr tough errrr
    Cincinnati Bengals that’s the team were gonna cheer to victory
    Touchdown Bengals!!
    Put some points up on the board and win a game for Cincinnati!
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
    Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals

  10. @Citizen Strange–that was an absolutely well stated and hilarious post. What a wonderful game. I can’t wait to hear Ray Lewis on this one. The only regret is we didn’t get to see the Ricky Bobby but that will have to wait for November 8th!

  11. Ken your an idiot, last week the calls cost the Ravens which was evident by the ravens not getting fined. This week the officiating was bad but the Ravens cost themselves the game.

  12. How long before Ray-Ray cry-cries to the Press-Press?
    Ray Lewis is not half the man he once was. The real Ray-Ray didn’t cry-cry.

  13. from a ravens fan to bengals fans:
    good game. you deserved that win, and deserve 1st in the north (for now).
    as for everyone bitching about ravens complaining about calls or whatever – stfu. real ravens fans know it was rayray’s fault, we f-ed up a bunch, etc. if a raven fan is bitching about calls – stfu. dont be a sore loser.
    we didnt deserve to win that game because we made too many mental mistakes. as for the bengals, i dont know how you do it, but if it ain’t broke, i guess…. don’t fix it?

  14. That was awesome. If they don’t moan this week you know it’s only cos they moaned last week.

  15. Bengals are for real…but please…no more silly team fight songs…this isn’t college football.

  16. Lilvernon, you’ll have it made if the League decides to hand out the hardware in October. Congrats though on a well deserved win today.

  17. Bengals are going to owe lots of people some prescriptions for blood pressure medicine.
    Who Dey!!

  18. Damn Refs, cheated the Ravens out of another win. They always get cheated out of wins, just ask their fans (and Ray-Ray).

  19. There’s a saying among pilots: Any landing where you can walk away, is a good landing.
    Thus, any win no matter how ugly, is a win!
    I’m a ravens fan, I’m a bengals fan, I’m an anybody but the Big Ben steelers fan.
    I’d really like the Ravens to kneecap No. 7 on the Steelers team. Take the 15 yard penalty and lose the game but someone take Big Ben down!
    As for Ochocinco, he’s only there because of Palmer who I love to root for. Great QB as a person and as a player.

  20. Bmored82, no dude…..the penalties last week were JUSTIFIED……except for one pass interference call last week……the problem is.,..the Ravens have no discipline…period. It starts with their coach…and trickles down to their players. They piss moan, whine cry and blame everyone but themselves. This has been going on for years…… truth hurts I guess

  21. Dust off the Bungel gear and hop on the wagon – enjoy for now kitty cats! Big game 11/15 – won’t be gift wrapped for you this time – lol 🙂

  22. One thing being overlooked… the Bengals are 7-1 in their last 8 games dating back to last year. yeah… they are for real.
    where is the guy who wanted to bet me they would lose their next 4 starting with Baltimore? Yeah… nowhere to be found.

  23. Serious question: Didn’t the Bengals only earn 1 first down on the last drive??? I’m pretty sure the rest were on pass interference penalties and Ray’s idiotic personal foul.
    But besides the bad calls once again, the Ravens lost this game, not the refs…. but you can bet the Ravens will be getting an apology for a few of the pass interferences and the blown spot which was RIDICULOUS!!!!! The whole stadium was yelling, it was supposed to be 3rd and 5, not 3rd and 11!!!!
    The Bengals deserve a lot of credit, they took advantage of our secondary and some bad calls.

  24. i remember when the ravens fans were saying something about the steelers losing to the bengals. Remember that? LOL
    thanks cincy…good start to the season cant wait for the rematch @ heinz.
    i guess thats how the ravens protect their purple house.

  25. I’m with y0u, Beer Cheese Soup, that loss to the Bengals stings a lot less today than it did at the time it happened. But until the offensive line gets fixed and Dom Capers manages to generate some kind of a decent pass rush, I’m still going to be holding my breath. If something doesn’t get fixed in a hurry, I’m afraid that the next game against the Detroit Lions is going to be more than a little too close for comfort.

  26. “I’d really like the Ravens to kneecap No. 7 on the Steelers team. Take the 15 yard penalty and lose the game but someone take Big Ben down!”
    Of course you would……’s the only way you can beat him. He’s driven through your vaunted defense in the 4th quarter like a hot knife through butter more times than I can remember. Not to mention that fact that the Steelers D made Joe Uni-brow look like a JV high school QB all 3 times they met last year.
    Congrats to the Bungles for knocking off the division loudmouths. But control yourselves…… history is not on your side. And I wouldn’t be posting lyrics to fight songs that are based on ebonics. “Who dey” is almost as bad as TJ Housh saying that the Bears “ain’t be hollerin at me”.

  27. No reason not cheer, but remember the Jets last season. 8-3 with a huge win over Tennessee and then home in January.
    No team can keep winning in the last minute. Either they get better on offense or it catches up to them.

  28. Best part of the day–Mike Zimmer getting mobbed by the players and coaches and getting the game ball.

  29. huge win. feels good. any team out there wanna trade for a long snapper…we need another Gatoraid jug. Who Dey!

  30. The Ravens beat themselves. We had this game won and our defense let the team down. Really both sides of the ball did not play that well. Ed Reed is still the best safety to ever play the game.
    Captain and Prez Charlie…didnt your team barely beat the lions today?

  31. Bmored82,
    He’s an idiot? You’re the moron who thinks every penalty comes with a fine.
    Don’t worry. Your Raygirls will find somebody else to blame for the loss this week too I am sure, Then you can dutifully parrot their excuse.

  32. Bmore Styles says:
    October 11, 2009 5:48 PM
    Serious question: Didn’t the Bengals only earn 1 first down on the last drive??? I’m pretty sure the rest were on pass interference penalties and Ray’s idiotic personal foul.
    But besides the bad calls once again, the Ravens lost this game, not the refs…. but you can bet the Ravens will be getting an apology for a few of the pass interferences and the blown spot which was RIDICULOUS!!!!! The whole stadium was yelling, it was supposed to be 3rd and 5, not 3rd and 11!!!!
    The Bengals deserve a lot of credit, they took advantage of our secondary and some bad calls.
    Thanks for the credit but…you seriously going to gripe on a bad spot given by the refs when you shouldn’t have had the ball at all. I watched the game from my 65″ HDTV and saw all the replays and just as the announcers agreed the call on the field should have been a fumble. The ball was clearly coming out right before his knee hit the ground. Not to mention the refs never blew the whistle, never ruled the ball carrier down, and ruled the run back a TD. The mess up was the fact that the Refs changed the ruling on the field without a challenge by the Ravens. Than Marvin Lewis gets it right and the refs still don’t rule it a fumble. The Ravens had many times to put the game away and they just did not. The Bengals missed a FG, Palmer gave them 7, two missed TD opportunities by a TE with brick hands. Today the better team won.

  33. I’m not a Bengals fan, but it’s really funny to read the Ravens fans’ and Steelers fans’ comments here.
    Ravens fans: The refs, cheap fouls, etc.
    Steelers fans: Wait til next game
    Face it ladies, both your teams lost to the Bengals and your teams trail them in the division. Steelers had yet another late game scare, courtesy of none other than the Lions, the 1-win Lions. This is the world champions? Hardly.
    And, the formerly high-flying Ravens are on a 2-game losing streak. They had their chances both games and blew it. The calls by the refs were correct, every time. But, if you think you need excuses to explain why your team lost, it only speaks volumes about you.

  34. Steeler fans talking trash after a close game with the LIONS???
    Really?? Are you serious???

  35. Raven fans: Quit calling them “bad calls”. They were BAD PLAYS by your players. They were clearly pass interferences and the murderer in Ray Lewis came out again today when he went head first into his defenseless but supposed friend Chad Ochocinco. Moronic. And if you want to talk about bad calls, let’s talk about the fumble that was reviewed yet not given to the Bengals when it was clear Clayton was bobbling before the knee hit.

  36. A win is a win, Baltimore fans. Our defense is clearly suffering without Troy, but our offense sure isn’t. The running game is back and next week Troy P will be as well. And then the defense will shoot right back to #1 in the NFL within a month.
    Don’t hate just because your boys struck out against us last year……..or because the Steelers have 5 more Super Bowls than you’ll ever have. At least our franchise was built from the ground up. It wasn’t imported from another city.

  37. ok so there are style points now? how many style points does palmer get for beating both the steelers and the ravens now?
    same record in division. same record overall. have fun w/ the vikings.

  38. I may have been wrong about the Bengals. We’ll see about that.
    Ravens & fans, you need to get rid of the phrase “bad call”.
    Everybody is sick of hearing it. Shut up. Man up. Score points. Play with discipline.

  39. Bmore is right Charlie……Ben a pick six against the Lions?????? I thought Ben was the future HOF QB from pittsburgh???
    Face it the Steelers and Ravens both have issues.

  40. i’m happy the bengals are making the AFC North interesting this year. Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals will have to slug it out all year. I can see two teams coming out the AFC North this year with the slumping AFC South/West. And the AFC East looks to be the Jets and Pats.
    ravenmaniac – one throw does not a career make. the steelers were lighting them up early, then let the lions get back into the game. its the steelers story of the year so far.

  41. I really love the A-holes that chime in EVERY single time with the Ray Lewis murder jokes, Ray is old jokes, the crow jokes blah blah blah.
    This was absolutely an ugly game on both sides the entire time. And neither team should be complaining because they both had opportunities. The only thing that pisses me off is yes, we committed the penalties, but Cinci committed just as many that were not called, like the blatant push off that allowed the final touchdown. The only thing that made me happy is Ray putting that DIRTY hit on OhcoCinco and to see him get up and cry like the bit@h he is.

  42. that bit@h torched your secondary today. losing teams are the ones that complain about refs constantly, but if you wanna go that route we got clearly robbed of a fumble early in the game.

  43. Charlie, I agree with your statement one throw….one game…..dont worry Flacco will be MVP…if not this year then soon….

  44. bungal fans it is a long season as the end gets near the collar will get tight ………..go steelers

  45. Ugh. Yo, Ochocinco, here’s a personal foul for you. Enjoy your victory.
    COME ON, RAY!!!!!!!

  46. FYI Steeler Fans, You guys made a living on coming back all season long last year! (8) 4th quarter or OT come backs last year-including the Super Bowl. Yes we realize you can not live and die on the last drive, however, you guys did last year. We realize that Steelers and Ravens have dominated this division for the past 4 years. But for the first time in 4 years our Defense is clicking on all cylinders, our running game is back (thank you ced!) and carson is healthy. Something the steelers have had since Big Ben has been in the league, and Joe “cool” has had the luxury of since he came into the league. I realize this is a smack board, but give respect when respect is due…..WHO DEY!!!

  47. jdmcmil writes, “This was absolutely an ugly game on both sides the entire time.”
    A defensive game may not be the most exciting game, but it does not mean that it was an ugly game.
    As the cliche goes, Defense wins; Offense sells tickets.
    The AFC North is known for its defense. Thankfully, the Bengals have joined that group.
    As best as I see it, the Bengals left at least 17 points on the field (1 missed TD by TE Dan Coates, 1 missed TD by FB Jeremy Johnson, & 1 missed FG by LS Brad St Louis).
    Statistically, the Bengals crushed Baltimore. Carson threw a Pick 6 and CB Leon Hall fell asleep during the 48 yard TD pass to Rice.
    Bengals had 403 total yards vs Baltimore’s 257.
    Bengals 22 First Downs vs Baltimore’s 12.
    Today, the Bengals won. The future is ALWAYS precarious.
    But the AFC North is the best division in football.
    Cheers to more great football and success from the AFC North.

  48. Dayton Bengal,
    Are you kidding me? The amount of punishment the fans in Cincinnati go through year in and year out is amazing. And yet, we are still on concesutive sell outs since PBS opened. Last night on the news, they were showing a party in downtown (Fountain Square) with fans everywhere. For a city that has endured 19 years of “there’s always next year” with the Bengals, this city puts fans in the seats week in and week out. Teams like Arizona, SD, and Seattle have more recent superbowl appearances and better recent records struggle to not get blacked out week after week. Name the last time the Bengals game was on in Dayton/Cincinnati?
    For some Bengals fans, last year was just too much to deal with. The constant lack of leadership and the “I’ll do it my way, be a fan or go home” attitude of the ownership, some fans turned away. Although I still have mine, I have many friends who gave up their season tickets this year. They are the same fans who blow me up via text message every game talking about our team and talking regret and the Bengals finally looking like we are pulling it together again after 3 years off.
    Call us Bungles, call us the loveable losers, the doormats, whatever you like, but never call Cincinnati Bengals fans fairweather or bandwagon. It just isn’t true!
    As for the Bengals season thus far, I am cautiously optimistic. I dislike the Steelers and Ravens alike (we’re in the same division), but I need to see more from our offense before you’ll even hear me talk double digit wins in 2009. Call me a realist. But, with every last seecond victory, the cardiac cats move one victory closer to 10 wins and playoff appearance (I’m not ready to talk about playoff wins yet either).
    Above all things, I’m a fan of the smashmouth we call the AFC North!

  49. “Cry Cry, Sniffle Sniffle, Wait till 11/15 Bengals fans, wait till 11/15.”
    “Cry Cry, Sniffle, Sniffle, I’m so glad Ray poppeed Chad, We gave that game to you…”
    What a sad existence it must be for Baltiless and Stooler fans right now. You can both save the excuses and future predictions, neither of you are the team you think you are.
    And to the guy who actually DID say she was glad Ray popped Chad, you’e an idiot, it likely ended up costing you the game, and I didn’t see Chad cry at all, in fact I saw him “pop” right up and head back to the huddle like he was Mike Tyson getting hit with a jab from little mac. BAHAHAHAHAHHAA! Yea, I’ll wait till 11/15, I’ll wait till 11/8 for that matter, YOU should worry about winning your next game steeler fan, you almost lost to DAUNTE CULPEPPER and the Lions! BAhahahah! Keep the moronic comments coming guys.

  50. @ kazkal for posting the pathetic Bengals fight song on this board. Enjoy the 4-1 record and your good fortunes while they last. But, please, please stop repeating a pathetic fight song that clearly has brought this franchise more losses than wins since it was first played at PB stadium.
    For the other Bengals fans out here. Come on and get real regarding the fan base. While I respect there are some die hards out there, the pathetic nature of how your fan base cheers (or actually doesn’t) during most games and berades the coaches, players and owners (this is of course certainly the right direction to direct anger and blame for the franchise’s history), you guys and gals in the Queen city need to teach those jumping on the band wagon and others in the faithful that you cheer your team on the entire game, not just when the going gets good.
    As most of you know, it’s a 17 week season and it’s still early. I’m hard pressed to think that this year will be any different than most others in the AFC. At least 2 of the teams in the AFC north will find the playoffs and if we’re all lucky enough to see football at its finest in January, there will be 3 teams playing.
    I’m still placing my bets on:
    @ CurseofBoJackson — get real dude and grown some testes. Show up in Pittsburgh on Nov 15th with your face painted in orange and black stripes and wear that no. 85 jersey you make love to every night at home. If you actually paid attention to the Steelers win vs the Lions, the game was in the bag for some time. Yes they had to sack Daunte a few times, but just like the SD game, despite missing a few key guys on the D side of things, they made things happen when they had to. You need to ingest some gingko and remember that your lovely Bengals should have gotten beat by dem Brownies in week 4. Thank god for extra coats of paint on the goal posts in Cleveland. As you know Monsieur BoJackson, it gets brutally cold and there’s a lot of frozen precipitation that hits the Cleveland area in Nov/Dec. Thus, they have to apply extra coats of paint to ensure that Shayne Graham’s kick actually appears to be good. Don’t be such a JA and you might actually get some respect for your posts.

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