Cecil takes his aggression out on referee

Titans fans have been hoping to see more aggression and blitzes from the Titans defense under new coordinator Chuck Cecil.

At the end of the first half of Sunday’s game against the Colts, they got a little too aggressive attacking Peyton Manning.  Two roughing the passer penalties were called against Tennessee, helping the Colts drive for a disheartening touchdown to go into the break 21-9.

According to NBC’s Andrea Kremer, Cecil then took his aggression out on referee Walt Anderson, screaming at Anderson in the tunnel to the locker room for a call against Jacob Ford.  The Titans believe Ford was pushed into Manning, but all the yelling isn’t going to change the call.

It’s also not going to change the Titans secondary, which has been abused by quarterbacks less talented than Manning. 

The Colts lead 28-9 midway through the third quarter.

But you should keep watching, and sending questions into Florio on the SNF Extra chat.

Kerry Collins magic is coming baby!

7 responses to “Cecil takes his aggression out on referee

  1. cecil needs to stop yelling and look at himself, im a proud titans fan, and our d coord. from last year is now lions head coach, they have a W and we still do not. i dont think anyone knows the real reason, but we lost haynesworth, jim schwartz (our old d coord.) and cortland finnegan currently to an injury, is that why we cant defend the ball in the air? i would LOVE to know, also collins sucks. the end.

  2. @ Cody Jones
    I think Haynesworth has proven not to be the reason your D has been so good with his play in Washignton. He doesn’t play hard when he does play at all. You guys are better off. The secondary hit is more relevant. If you can’t cover anyone it doesn’t matter what the pash rush is because it takes a 3 step drop and dump off. The Alternative to Kerry Collins is no better either. Maybe Lendale White can get fat again so he can be productive again.

  3. it sure would help if johnson would cut out the razzle dazzle and hit the hole.
    he has more straight ahead speed than he needs to burn the colts.
    but they are right there with him on lateral quickness.

  4. Ok, I am a HUGE Colts and Peyton Manning fan, but even I thought both of those roughing the passer calls were BS. It’s clear Ford was pushed into Manning on that one play.
    QBs are not fairy princesses, they are football players and getting hit is part of the game. What’s next? Put all QBs in bright red practice shirts so everyone knows you aren’t allowed to even touch them?
    Stop sissifying my sport.

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