Colts think Young will be used in Wildcat

Titans coach Jeff Fisher has made it clear that he’s not considering a quarterback change, but that doesn’t mean Vince Young won’t be used on Sunday Night Football.

A few members of the Colts defense believe that Young will be used in the wildcat formation.

“If they watch any of the Miami game, I’m sure they’re going to run some of the wildcat,” defensive end Raheem Brock said.

Miami’s success against Indianapolis with the formation should be tempting for Fisher.  Perhaps Young isn’t ready to start again, but why not use his talents as a runner?

Fisher was asked this week if it was safe to assume he wouldn’t reveal his plans with Young.

“That’s correct. You had to ask. That’s Okay,” Fisher said.

Whether Fisher uses Young or not, look for the Titans to try to stuff the ball down Indy’s throats.  The Titans offensive line has a big size advantage, and should be able to create lanes for Chris Johnson.

“In my opinion, [Johnson is] the best back in the league,” said Colts rookie cornerback Jerraud Powers. “He’s so fast, like extraordinarily fast.”

Johnson is one reason to think the Titans can keep it close tonight at home, despite the 0-4 record. 

And if it’s not close, you’ll still have Florio performing his best one liner material in the SNF Extra comedy hour   live chat.

4 responses to “Colts think Young will be used in Wildcat

  1. I heard Florio on the 620 in Tampa with Steve last week, and he actually had nice things to say about the Colts…. well he still made a little dig on Peyton on a personal level, but atleast he was mostly professional with his take on the Colts.
    Surprised me!

  2. damned titans have burned me every week this season, including week one when i gave the points.
    rolling the dice with the home dog this week.

  3. Colts have to lose sometime and Titans need to win sometime. Good Sunday night division game.

  4. use vince young in the wildcat? how about start him? what do we have to lose? collins can only make plays after we are down 10 + points. our rushing game is great and has been since last year, with vince young in we could rack up more yards with his double threat, passing/rushing obviously and we could have collins realize that how he is playing needs to be punished. PLEASE JEFF FISHER!

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