Dungy told Vick to stay away from Raiders

During the long, painful period known as the NFL offseason, PFT and plenty of other football outlets spent a lot of time guessing where Michael Vick might land.  (How many said Philadelphia?)

The Raiders were at the top of many lists, but nothing came of it.

Now we know one reason why.

NBC analyst Tony Dungy said Sunday that he advised Vick not to go to Oakland.

“I advised Michael Vick not to go there. I said, ‘Mike, you might be able to start there but that is not a good place for you.'”

It’s unclear how far along Oakland got in talks with Vick, but Dungy’s comments indicate there was a level of interest.   PFT reported on August 10 that at least five teams spoke to Dungy about Vick.

And Dungy’s conversations with interested NFL teams came at the time that Jeff Garcia was reportedly making it clear to those around him that he wasn’t the happiest camper at Raiders camp. 

It would have been interesting to see Vick in Silver and Black and he certainly would have had the opportunity to see more playing time than he is in Philadelphia.

Vick was an afterthought once again in his action with the Eagles Sunday, rushing four times for ten yards.  He completed one of three passes for three yards.

27 responses to “Dungy told Vick to stay away from Raiders

  1. Ok, I get it… My Raiders suck.
    …At least we still have a few more weeks (depending on when his 1st game is) until Crabtree catches up to DHB’s stat-line!

  2. “I advised Michael Vick not to go there. I said, ‘Mike, you might be able to start there but that is not a good place for you.'”
    Maybe and maybe not?
    Vick STILL could out-play Retarded Russell.

  3. You know the RAIDERS have it bad when Dungy would tell a felon not to waste his time in Oakland. The RAIDERS have it so bad.

  4. Kind of ironic…
    [b]Dungy wants other teams to give M. Vick a chance, but he does not seem willing to give the Raiders a chance.[/b]

  5. I think a lot of people, even some with half a brain, would have easily considered Oakland. Not only because of the chance (guarantee?) to start, but I’m sure Al Davis would have paid far more than he got in Philly.

  6. Oakland isn’t the best city for a person who has a predisposition to crime.
    Philadelphia is much better.
    And coming in third….Beirut.

  7. This just in……Tom Cable named Humanitarian of the year for punching and then firing assistant coach. This spared him the pain and misery of actually watching the Raiders play this year.
    I think it’s funny this awful team beat the Chiefs.

  8. That’s right Dungy … the Raiders already have a crappy QB … they don’t need two of them.

  9. @ blueovaldrew
    It remains to be seen if Vick is willing to change, obviously you want to give him a free pass without actually showing anything.
    This just proves Dungy’s crap. Why the hell wouldn’t he tell him to play in Oakland? At least he would be able to play, and honestly when was the last time a felon played in Oakland? I think it has something to do with their black jerseys…. Racists…..
    obviously kidding.

  10. I think the real problem for Vick would have been the fact that there really is no one in charge in the Raiders locker room. That includes the head coach.

  11. I hate it when people use God and going to church to portray themselves as a saint when deep down they are really the biggest prick you’ve ever known.

  12. You guys are a joke. Dungy said he told Vick not to go to Oakland based on the comments of players who had gone to Oakland and left. They all said that the atmosphere in Oakland was so bad that it was like going to the grave. That’s why he told him not to go, because there was so much turmoil it wasn’t a good situation for him to get his feet wet. It wasn’t personal, and let’s face it, the Raiders are the only thing that make my beloved redskins look functional. You have coaches fired midseason and coaches about to go to jail. It’s not a good situation for anyone.

  13. Tdk24: upset Dungy doesn’t like your Raiders? Vick needs somewhere with steady and established leadership, which Oakland doesn’t have. Dungy did the right thing.

  14. Russell is still outplaying Vick. Vick even has a much better supporting cast and a stable environment. Vicks turnover per play ratio is higher as well, including preseason but they won’t let him play when it counts.
    Stop kidding yourselves, the Michael Vick project is a failure. If he actually put some effort into anything he could have succeeded again, but it is obvious he hasn’t.
    Vick 2009
    1/5: 1 yard: 0 td: 0 sacks
    1 yard gain
    39.6 Rating
    2 rushes: 8 yards
    Preseason stats:
    19 plays : 11/15 : 45 yards : 0 td : 1 int : 4 sacks : -40 yards lost
    47.9 rating : 19 plays : 5 net yards
    8 rushes : 36 yards : 1 td : 2 fumbles : 1 lost fumble
    Total Offense
    27 plays : 41 yards : 1 td : 2 turnovers
    Russell 2009
    51/121: 606 yards: 1 TD: 4 int: 47.1 rating
    10 rushes: 30 yards: 0 fumbles
    Vick Bounty (New look)

  15. Oh well I guess mike would look good in a 49ers uniform or a clevland browns.
    Peace to all, Eddie Chopchops

  16. Smackmyvickup….
    Is your site, or this one, reporting that the Eagles have created TAWK? (Treating Animals With Kindness)
    Or has anyone mentioned that Vick will be making another community outreach appearance tomorrow morning at Germantown High School.
    Also, per Brian Seltzer, “The Eagles new animal welfare outreach initiative includes 500K grant to organizations committed to animal welfare.”
    Wow, sure looks like the Eagles and Vick are living up to their word.
    Also as far as you analasys goes, it is about as ignorant as your site and posts in general. Are you really comaring a starting QB against one who gets a couple of plays a game? You will not know if it is a failure until the end of the season and if they trade him in the offseason. Footballwise, not a big story. Only a big story for your ruffled panties.

  17. @ smush rodriguez
    I would argue that every NFL organziation donates to various charities ( I didnt look into it so there is a slight chance i would be wrong ) They were going to create those initiatives to soften the PR hit. And I dont think you noticed any of Vick’s other “outreach” speakings, he sounds like a damn idiot who cant remember the lines his handlers told him to memorize. If you want to say you cant compare his passing stats to a starter because he hasnt had enough time to play than you could apply the same logic that he hasnt had enough time to prove he is a better or changed individual.

  18. @blueovaldrew
    Two points:
    First: Brutal dog fighting is far worse than trying to run a football team they way you see fit.
    Second: I am sure Mr. Davis wants to change the current culture to a winning one. So, he to seeks a change.

  19. @ chapnasty
    I would not compare Ladell Betts’ stats to Adrain Peterson’s because they are not in the same position (or slot). I would, however, compare Betts to Mewelde Moore and Chester Taylor. The only person that I would compare Vick to is Pat White at this point.
    My point about the charity is that certain people have reported what the Eagles and Vick have said and basically called them liars and said “we’ll see if they do that”. THen they never report that they are in fact doing what they said.
    Look, Vick is a piece of crap human being. I get that. However, the Eagles have been a class organization for as long as this ownership has been in place and they deserve the benefit of the doubt on this.

  20. So who else did dungy tell vick to avoid? Dungy is not showing his Christian values by dissing the raiders. He is the one to stand up and help the dog killing felon vick, but he has to trash the raiders along the way, what is your point tony, you can’t have it both ways.

  21. Smush Rodrigez says: October 12, 2009 12:16 PM
    Is your site, or this one, reporting that the Eagles have created TAWK? (Treating Animals With Kindness)
    Or has anyone mentioned that Vick will be making another community outreach appearance tomorrow morning at Germantown High School.
    Blog post mentioning TAWK is here: Monday, October 12, 2009 Dated today, so no we don’t have it up yet. I do have stuff to do outside of stalking Vick.
    Loot at the site here: Latest News and Rumors and you’ll see we have reported when the Eagles announced their Animal Welfare Package back in Aug.
    We also mention his appearances, which are required by his probation. The 2 he does is bare minimum, he does nothing extra.
    The grants are still short of people asking them to match Vicks salary. Petition has been uphere for awhile.
    Might want to look our site over a little closer before you try and criticize us. We are not out to hang Vick, just looking for some responsible actions.
    Btw – the Eagles have not contacted the groups responsible for taking over care of Vicks old dogs(51 of them) as of two weeks ago. I’ll follow up on that.

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