King, Cuban engage in Twitter skirmish

Peter King of Sports Illustrated, NBC, and Sirius NFL Radio was in heavy Twitter mode Saturday night.  (Sure, he has time to kill, but I still haven’t gotten my damn latte.)

Along the way, King remarked that the UFL game between the New York Sentinels and Florida Tuskers was being televised on HDNet “whatever that is.”

And that comment caught the attention — and apparently drew the ire — of the founder of the little-known network:  Mark Cuban.

Our pal Brooks has captured much of the ensuing Twitter discussion.

Cuban, who behaves at times as if he’s been receiving intravenously King’s favorite caffeinated beverage, fired back:  “[J]ust because you are clueless doesn’t mean everyone else is Peter.  Is SI still in business?”

King then exercised what we called admirable restraint in our own Twitter rubbernecking, saying merely in response, “Nice to meet you, Mark.”

The discussion continued, with King explaining that he didn’t know what HDNet was and said so, and with Cuban explaining that the didn’t know King was still writing, which actually makes Cuban seem a lot more clueless than he characterized Peter as being.

As Brooks discovered from his reading of the Twitter tea leaves, it appears that Cuban’s attack was motivated by one thing — generating some buzz for the television operation about which King (and, in all fairness, many of other people) had never heard.

So mission accomplished, we suppose.  But isn’t there a better way for a billionaire to get the word out regarding his on-air project?

But, hey, Cuban has the track record, so we’ll defer to his methods.  And we’ll continue to have our popcorn ready in the event that there’s a round two.

30 responses to “King, Cuban engage in Twitter skirmish

  1. When you are a billionaire, you can do or say whatever you want. You don’t need to be civil or cordial….you can just be whatever. Cuban has onion skin as do many people that aren’t used to being questioned or crossed, not that’s what King did.

  2. And if the past is any indicator, one or both of these people will turn out to be not who they say they are.

  3. I’ve been watching HDNET for many years, it’s an awesome channel with plenty of sports, ALL SHOT IN HD.
    Peter King is a friggin dinosaur, an old world man.
    Make way for the new world man, Peter, men the likes of Mark Cuban.

  4. Florio…are you in bed with King? And there is NO doubt you have something to gain when to pick a side… You may have stopped practicing law….BUT YOU STILL SEEM TO BE A GREEZY LAWYER!

  5. I actually feel like King is the loser here. HDNet has been around since the beginning of HD and was one of the original handful (6-8) of HD channels on cable and satellite packages. Also, it (and Cuban) has been very innovative and responsive to viewers which makes it a pretty cool and respectable channel.
    Now, I admittedly don’t watch it hardly ever but to be a national media figure, claim you haven’t heard of it, and THEN ridicule it pretty much proves you are a doofus who doesn’t know what you’re talking about. As I said before, it’s a very well respected channel among people who appreciate HDtv as well as the history & evolution of the medium.

  6. HD Net is a very cool channel. Their coverage of NHL games is some of the singular best sports coverage of any league on tv. They devote only a tiny portion of the screen to the scoreboard/clock, place their cameras where they get fantastic angles, and the commentators often have “sounds of the game” moments where they just shut up and let you listen to the game for a couple minutes at a time.
    If only the NFL would give us those moments where the commentators shut up…. IF ONLY !

  7. I’ll take Peter King over some internet millionaire every time.
    Really. (This is a Sports site… not a business site).. what has Cuban ever won?
    He’s all about the promo and attention grabbing.
    Still playing second fiddle in Dallas.

  8. More people read MMQB on a weekly basis than watch HDnet at any given time. I get HDnet…it’s an interesting channel..but c’mon the validity of it has to be questioned when the best they can get is the NHL and UFL…and I’m an NHL fan..

  9. (Sure, he has time to kill, but I still haven’t gotten my damn latte.)
    I thought you said you get your Latte’s free because you didn’t put a balm on it ?

  10. “HawgNSonsTV says: October 11, 2009 7:54 AM
    Florio…are you in bed with King? And there is NO doubt you have something to gain when to pick a side… ”
    have you ever watched a pregame show/… Peter King does a bit every week on NBC… nudge nudge wink wink, cough… the owner of this same blog. Fruit Loop Florios cack is all hard about trying to get on tv with the same people. Who do you really think he is going to back?

  11. Someone commented to Mark: To be fair you can’t anyone to tune into a UFL game when Florida-LSU is on a major network.
    Think he picked the wrong day to start a fight.

  12. I thought the coverage of the UFL games was very good. The shots were NFL quality, but there was LESS FRICKIN COMMERCIALS. The guys that were out there were hustling to get where they needed to be, and I surprisingly knew a lot of the names.
    You know the reason I don’t goto NFL games? Because I don’t like watching players stand around because its time for a commercial on the TV side of it. I paid $300+ for my GD ticket, play the game. A timout doesn’t last 5 minutes, it doesn’t take 3 minutes to switch from O to D, or ST to O, etc after a score. At least at home, I can pick up my laptop and check other game scores and stats, etc. Make the game about the game instead of about how much people are paying you to hock their products.

  13. BleedGreen says:
    I thought the coverage of the UFL games was very good.

    Agreed. And I’ll take Paul McGuire as the commentator any day over Rich Gannon, Tony Kornheiser or many other current ones on all the networks.

  14. Both Cuban and King are tools.
    I have been watching HDNet now for a few years. It’s actually a pretty bad*ss channel. Lots of cool shows and sports.
    If anything, it looks as though King took a petty shot at Cuban, simply b/c he claims to have never heard of the network, and Cuban….well, b/c he is Mark Cuban…handled it immaturely.
    Florio, we all know Cuban knows King still writed. His comment was a lame attempt at a comeback. In reality, I’d be willing to bet that more people, sports fans or not, know what HDNet is over who Peter King is.

  15. Peter King is good for 2 things. Kissing Brett Favre’s butt and drinking coffee…..other than that he is completely useless

  16. I have a HD television and constantly check for sports in HD and check for all the latest news on where it is going and I have NEVER, and I mean EVER, heard of HDNet. Is it a cable channel or a web site? Still not clear on this.
    I have been reading Peter King’s pre season ramblings on training camps and the food reviews for ten years. It’s the first taste of the new season every July. Yea, he’s old and has his old school Paul Zimmerman SI magazine mentality. That’s what I like about him.

  17. Oh, God. Peter King and Mark Cuban trading indignant 140-character-or-less barbs in a contest to see who can be the most self-righteous jackass.
    In this showdown, I am rooting for the meteor.

  18. maybe cuban should learn from trump …… how’d that usfl thing work out for him????
    cuban i liked the ufl ….. the coverage was good and the play was crisp ….. a little like preseason with the timing off but that will change ….. but mark the uniforms need to go ….. at times i couldn’t tell between the two teams ….. and what was tiger doing out there …. i saw his trademark red and black ….. is he moonlighting ….. is he having a lil money trouble in this economy????

  19. Peter King
    anyone ever wonder whats wrong with the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection process???
    PETER KING is a voter
    that explains that one.
    Peter King is an arrogant egotistical jacktard.
    he SINGS on Sirius NFL Radio and thinks its funny
    and/or that he really does have a talent of some sort.
    he’s wrong but he is entitled to his opinion.
    and SI
    really, does anyone read that POS rag poor excuse for toilet paper anymore?
    If they do, im sure they do it Spite of Peter (in his small mind, ‘The Great”)King.
    He singlehandedly is the most pathetic, least informed and most ignorant person on all of Sirius NFL radio.
    as the saying goes… if ole Pete was on fire and i hadnt relieved myself in a year, i still wouldnt want to put that fire out, nor would i.
    PS ‘the food critic’
    he definitely has the body of a food critic

  20. Cuban is funny, Peter King sucks. I will give my comment over to an endorsement of Kissingsuzykolber’s weekly deconstruction of King’s ‘sports’ ‘column,’ because they do a better job making fun of him than I ever kid. If you find his column hacky and ridiculous, check out KSK on monday.

  21. Cuban is an immature moron who, coincidentally, has an amazing business sense.
    it hasn’t failed him thus far, i don’t think it will in the future. he’s just a guy that i hate that is very good at what he does.
    many of us are not rude immature a-holes, and we’re not as successful as he. lesson to be learned i guess.

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