No trap for the Vikings, so far

Some (i.e., me) were concerned that the Minnesota Vikings were walking into a trap in St. Louis. 

With two emotional games against the 49ers and Packers in their wake, a short week after one of the biggest Monday night games ever, a quarterback who might be feeling some of his 40th birthday cake churning in his guts (and joints), and three tough games on tap (Baltimore, at Pittsburgh, at Green Bay), it would be easy for the Vikings to go to sleep in St. Louis.

But the bright yellow in the Rams’ throwback uniforms apparently has jarred Minnesota to life.  The Vikings own a 14-0 lead with only seven minutes off the clock.

The scoring opened after the visiting team drove 80 yards.  Brett Favre completed four of five throw for 66 yards, receiver Percy Harvin caught two passes for 46, and Adrian Peterson finished the deal with a five-yard touchdown run.

The Rams were moving the ball well on the next drive, until quarterback Kyle Boller (really?) made like Garo Yepremian, and defensive end Jared Allen made like Jim Marshall — but running in the right direction.

A wasted replay review from Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo confirmed the obvious.  Fumble, recovery, run, touchdown, Cornell-Hofstra, slaughter.

16 responses to “No trap for the Vikings, so far

  1. Jared Allen now has a fumble recovery for a TD and a second fumble recovery……..he is proving he shoulda got MVP last week and is gonna be a lock for it this week!!!!!
    Trap my ass…….LOL

  2. For the record Viking haters….Lambs had 3 points until we put in our backups in 4th quarter.

  3. Amazingly cheap shot by one of the lads in lavender on a Rams player led to an injury. Favre had thrown a pass, the Rams guy had turned with everyone else and taken a step and a half downfield when he was shoved from behind by a Vike lineman and went down with a twisted knee. Has to be a fine for that, I would hope.

  4. Yep, TheBaySay- typical reason why the Pack are a .500 team and the Bears are 3-1 and the Vikes are 5-0. What the Pack Fans see as a guy playing to through the whistle and keeping a guy from turning down field and trying to make a play on a completed pass the Pack sees as cheap. Maybe if the Pack played through to the whistle they wouldn’t be getting a top 10 pick in the draft this year. But hey, maybe you aren’t even a pack fan, but I would put money on it that you are.

  5. @ TheBaySay-That shot wasn’t half as brutal as Favre’s comment after the game. He said this Vikings team is the BEST team he has ever played on. Sure it is just how he feels, but bet it will be blown up in WI as a low blow.

  6. CISP, he wasn’t preventing the guy from turning downfield. The gut had turned and was moving downfield (not running, as it was a long pass play, not a screen or anything) when he was pushed FROM BEHIND. Now, inasmuch as you claim to be an expert on guys not being manly enough, I would think that you would recognize that as being cheap, not tough. But hey, maybe you’re not wearing lavender blinders, but I would put money on it that you are. Wonder, no big deal. Bert says stuff like that quite often, especially as he ages and doesn’t remember so well. He also said the 2007 Packers team had the most talent of any he’d been on, which also raised some eyebrows, and they didn’t even get to the SuperBowl. So… what?

  7. It wasn’t a cheap shot. Linemen are allowed to push each other during plays. You have to be on your toes out there.
    Plus, it wasn’t a violent hit at all. He just pushed him. The dude unfortunately fell awkwardly but all the Vikes player did was push the guy legally during a play.
    But I suppose that was the only thing the Vikings haters can look to this week. Easy win for the superior team. Rams sure demonstrated why they are 0-5 out there.

  8. TheBaySay- You are truly an IDIOT and more than likely a giant douchebag.
    OMG, a lineman PUSHED somebody during a live play that had not been whistled dead!!! Fine him immediately!!! Sorry, pushing is allowed. OR did the Packers think this was a flag league (actually I think pushing is allowed even in flag football)?? Maybe that is why the Pack SUCKS. Maybe you should try to get in a team meeting and let your O-line know that pushing is allowed. Maybe they wouldn’t have a league high in sacks allowed.

  9. I actually agree with the notion that Artis Hicks “cheap shot” was a bit on the dirty side and im a vikings fan. i watched that game and the push was unnecessary at worst though. The play was still live and the guy had just turned so it was real close. at most i would fine him 2500. those guys are paid to be agressive and hes a backup wanting to prove himself.

  10. I have to agree with Favre. This looks to be the best team he has ever played on. I don’t take it as an insult…it’s probably true. I, like many other died-in-the-wool Packer fans have to begin acknowledging our biggest fear…..that the one player that endeared himself to the Packer nation more than any other (in recent memory) may retire into the HOF as a Viking….if they win the SB and he has as many SB victories with them (1) as he has with the Packers (1.)
    I am a football fan and a Packer fan first, so you Viking fans can only imagine the size of the crow I have to eat whenever our noses get rubbed in it, as we are this season.
    The Vikings have done a much better job of building their team than the Packers’ “youth” movement, with the “longterm” benefits of a talented young QB. Great, but what have you done for me lately? The Vikings do not hesitate to bring in all of the surrounding talent to put the whole package together. Favre had one SB victory with the Packers but he should have had five. They never did anything in ten years to give him support. They blamed him for his radical style, but he had no choice to freewheel it once in awhile, because he had to. He no longer has to do that. The Packers wasted him for ten years.
    This is the ascended position that Packer fans wish they were in….with a leg up on the Vikings. The Vikings could establish the longest term one-up on the Packer nation in the history of pro football if Favre leads them to a victory in the SB (note I said victory.)
    Our backs are against the wall but our pride will not falter. I have sunk to new lows recently when I found myself playing verbal assault on some Viking fans, responding to their teasers. I am going to stop doing that, keep it about football, and face reality. Right now I have no choice but to convince myself that the Packers can get up for the next three games and salvage some instinctive pride, and in the course of that success win the division and keep Minnesota in check (if it is possible.) Thanks for the jousting Viking fans….I am going to keep it at the Packer threads for awhile. GO PACK!

  11. @ Ambrose- As a Viking fan ,I respect your take.We fans are so at the mercy of our teams play,roster management and coaching.Vikings have been putting the pieces to a good team together much better than the Pack. That’s Thompsons lack of free agency involvement. Even though I’m proud and riding high, we are VERY far away from making the SB yet,that’s gonna be a tough road in the NFC.
    Why jump out of Florio’s giant sandbox where we fans give it and take it daily like school kids at times? Good clean fun. You know as well as me Vikes and Pack got different type of fans,tools who spew nonsense and the ones that think they are hired, all knowledgable sages of their team who are never wrong. Be boring without all types,so slingin’ back part of the game Ambrose,nothing to be ashame of. Go Vikings!!

  12. Wonderlic…thanks for the comments. I have many personal friends that are devout Viking fans and we always enjoy giving it to each other whenever we can. Several people I have encountered on this site don’t seem to be the “let’s have a beer and give each other crap” types and instead are the angry types that prefer to spit out unrelated insults. I fell into that trap too. For the record, my wife is not toothless, ugly, or fat. I am considered lean at 6’3″, 215. My schooling has been fortunate. My mother does not wear army boots, and I eat more than just cheese (and I do like cheese!) If an alien arrived and surveyed the two states, it would probably report back that “everything seems to be identical here in Minnesconsin.” I enjoy this site so I’ll probably be back….hopefully with some good Packer news.

  13. The angry types are a pain Ambrose. I have brothers and sisters in WI so I know what you are saying. The “let’s have a beer type and give each other crap” is me all the way. And yes,this is Wonder but was asked to change my username which was no big deal since I really enjoy being on this site.

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