Report: Snyder has already approached Shanahan

This Sunday marks the first time that new Washington offensive consultant Sherm Lewis will be paid to use his “extra set of eyes” to watch the Redskins play.

According to FOX’s John Czarnecki, though, Redskins owner Dan Snyder already had another hire in mind during the season.

Czarnecki writes that “word has it” Snyder approached Mike Shanahan in the offseason to be his head coach and has already made another attempt during the season.

He was reportedly rebuffed both times.


Snyder and the Redskins will eventually deny the report, because they don’t have any other choice.  But the news will likely reach coach Jim Zorn’s ears, just like the reports from the Washington Post that Zorn would have been fired last season if the Redskins had lost to the Eagles in Week Sixteen.

Zorn has to feel that he is coaching on borrowed time, and it’s fair to wonder how that affects the team he’s leading.

24 responses to “Report: Snyder has already approached Shanahan

  1. If Zorn has half a brain he now knows how Jason Campbell feels after all the QB trade rumors… Bet Campbell is laughing now.

  2. Shanahan won’t coach in Washington or Dallas because of all the interference form the owners. their egos are too big, and so is his. He could have stayed in Denver with his good friend Pat Bowlen if he would have given up the job of GM, and he wouldn’t do it.

  3. Yeah. That’s what the Redskins need. More change. That’s been holding them back. They don’t change things up enough.
    They need to make more changes.
    And change more often.

  4. Unless one of these flashy-named, superbowl winning coaches out there (Cowher, Skeletor, Gruden, or Holmgren) is simply in it for a huge payday I can’t see any of them dealing with the disfunction that is the Redskins and their front office. They’ll fire Zorn, chase all these big names and then settle for someone desperate for attention like Billick or a retread like Mike Nolan or some unknown coordinator (or quarterbacks coach) who will be thrilled to become a head coach in any situation.
    Until Danny-boy commits to keeping his hands off and getting a legit front office, it won’t matter who the coach is.

  5. It’s nearly impossible for me to believe that Shanahan would ever work for Snyder. Plus, why would anyone want to work for an owner who talks to other guys about being head coach when he already has a coach under contract ? Shanny most likely realizes that if Snyder would do it to Zorn, he’d probably do it to him too.

  6. No “high end” experienced coach will go to Washington without full control over player personnel decisions. Danny Boy must get rid of Vinnie for a guy like Shannahan to consider a move to Wash.

  7. It must suck so bad to be a Redskins fan. They are a pathetic organization and can’t get out of their own way. I would never pay for a ticket to see their club play and support this inept team. You would think they’d learn by now that changing your coach every 3 to 4 years doesn’t work. Always the champs of free agency though!! Don’t worry Redskins fans…March will be here before you know it. LOL!

  8. Maybe Rush Limbaugh can buy the Redskins ? I’m sure he’d be welcome in Washington. Enjoying the play Mr. Lincoln ?

  9. I can just see Rush full of oxycontin, and Makers Mark changing the team name to Washington Wingnuts, and becoming the GM, head coach, and local bigot.

  10. Of course Shanahan said no. No decent coach in their right minds wants to work for the Raiders East. I am just waiting for an assistant coach to get hit.

  11. actually limbaugh knows marketing damn well.
    i bet naysayers would be very surprised at how he does.
    you twits arent thinking objectively.

  12. I believe in my heart Marty Schottenheimer could get this group of 53 to win 12 games. I really do think the talent is there, but it’s being mismanaged.
    Steve Spurrier

  13. CHANGE is needed before the Redskins become a winning team.
    The CHANGE needed is at the OWNER and RAQUETBALL BUDDY positions.

  14. “@slipkid says: October 11, 2009 10:15 AM
    actually limbaugh knows marketing damn well.”
    Of course he does.
    He’s in the Rush Limbaugh Marketing business.
    He’s every bit as talented as Jesse Jackson in that regard.

  15. snyder has been talking to joe gibbs, hoping he will use his nascar connections and get kyle bush to be their qb

  16. What decent coach in his right mind would want to saddle himself with the triple burden of dealing with such a meddling owner, his overbearing lackeys (i.e. Cerrato), and a tough media in a demanding town?
    My prediction is Shanahan to Dallas, Cowher to Carolina, and some desperate douche bag with no self-respect to Washington.

  17. BEARS RULE: Almost have it correct when you say “Shanny most likely realizes that if Snyder would do it to Zorn, he’d probably do it to him too.”
    No question except you know you should have said “He’d do it to him too”. Why work for a back stabber?? Guy has no ethics or common sense.

  18. Campbell’s career, Redskins season are on the line Sunday
    With a banged up Clinton Portis, an underachieving defense, and lack luster play from his wide outs, this Sunday is Jason Campbell’s opportunity to take the Redskins by storm and command leadership from his peers. Through the first four weeks of the season, the Redskins are a mediocre 2-2 and visit a struggling Carolina Panthers team this week. Although Jake Delhomme and the Carolina defense have been big disappointments so far, the Panthers are coming off a bye-week and present one of the league’s best rushing offenses. Led by Deangelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart, Carolina seems poised to score over twenty points against the Redskins woeful rush defense, which have allowed over one hundred rushing yards in every game thus far. That being said, Jason Campbell can either win back his teammates and fan base, or possibly lose them. If the Redskins can sneak out of Carolina with a win Sunday, that would raise their record to 3-2. After a matchup with the dreadful Kansas City Chiefs, the Redskins could be 4-2 going into a showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. Although it may be extreme to say that one game could end the Redskins season, it’s not crazy to think that. There are only three more games before the Redskins bye-week, and if they enter it 3-4, Zorn could be fired and/or Campbell benched. The Redskins season rests on the shoulders of Jason Campbell. He needs to step up and play to his potential, or he might as well crumble under the pressure as usual.

  19. Anyone including Shanahan has a price. I bet if he is offered enough by the Redskins owner, he will take it. Money talks…but can the person getting paid do the job? I personally like JZ, but believe that the Redskins need an offensive coordinator who calls the plays and a GM who knows how to draft true talent.

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