Singletary: "I wish I had more coaching etiquette, ok?"

The 49ers 45-10 loss against the Falcons unsurprisingly included many moments of high intensity on the sideline from 49ers coach Mike Singletary.

During one of those moments, Singletary started yelling at Falcons lineman Harvey Dahl.

Singletary was asked about the incident after the game by Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

“As a coach, I just needed to overlook that and move on. But you get caught up in the heat of the moment,” Singletary said. 

“I’ll put it this way, I wish that I was more . . . I wish I had more
coaching etiquette, OK? I don’t. I love my players. And when someone
responds about my players in a particular way, you know, I may . . . do some
things that I shouldn’t. I have to get better at those things as time
goes on.”

Singletary’s concern for his composure makes sense, but his players surely appreciate him defending them.  The passion Singletary has instilled in the franchise is part of why he’s been successful to this point. 

The 49ers don’t have an overly talented roster, so they will have to rely on emotion and effort to carry them through most weeks.

On Sunday, emotion seemed to get the better of them in their 45-10 loss. But Singletary would but a lot less fun to watch, and possibly less effective, if he toned things down. 

Who needs coaching etiquette?

19 responses to “Singletary: "I wish I had more coaching etiquette, ok?"

  1. Why would Singletary “but a lot less fun”? I don’t get it.
    I really think that you should read your own articles before posting them on the site to be honest. It’s just not professional and it gets quite annoying. Or should I say quiet annointing? What does that eventually mean? Ehh how caress?
    PFT’s #1 weakness is the excessive nonsensical and unintelligible content.

  2. The fact that Singeltary has got a 3-2 start for this team is amazing.
    The offensive line has been awful, Gore is out, and Shaun Hill is about as limited a starting quarterback as there is in the league.
    I’m hoping playoffs but at this point i’m not expecting it, especially considering the holes all over the roster.

  3. so mike needs to say please and thank you when he bitchslaps someone …… isn’t this the coach who dropped trow in the team meeting last year???
    hey mike just keep on keeping on

  4. Few simple mistakes blew the game wide open. Once the Niners got down 2-3 scores they left their comfort zone and asked Hill to throw the ball.
    Will be interesting to see how they respond.
    3-0 in division games, playoffs seem very possible with Gore healthy.

  5. @TSE
    You know you are on the internet, right? If you don’t like it, move on. Please. Otherwise, keep your yap shut. Or start your own site, and see how that works for ya, wiseguy.

  6. I suppose he is worried about appearing properly “professional” but really, wouldn’t that be a shame? Do we really need another vanilla personality with headphones. Singletary brings some of the same passion and fire to coaching that he did to the field when he was playing and the NFL needs all of that kind of love for the game that it can get.
    I’d like to suggest he not worry about it. Just be himself and his players will continue to out perform the expectations of the experts and once he starts competing for championships all the criticism that he should care about will stop.

  7. Singletary’s style seems to be what the Niners need right now. No need to start getting genteel.. once you moon your players at halftime, is there any turning back, anyway? I think Singletary’s fire is a big part of why the 49ers have had some success since he took over, and until it starts costing his team penalty yards or goodwill in the locker room, I think he should keep doing what he’s doing.

  8. @buzz
    If I had my own site I can promise you I wouldn’t make countless and ridiculous grammatical mistakes. If I’m good enough to avoid the mistakes in what I would publish in my articles, then I expect the same from others or I’m going to call them out. Sloppy work is a pet peeve of mine and I have high standards. In the journalism business, you either get it right, or you should be replaced by somebody who can get it right.

  9. @TSE
    How do we know you’re good enough to avoid your own mistakes? Because YOU say so??
    Please do us a favor and find another website to troll in, you pretentious jerk.

  10. The 9ers have a pretty good (not great) D, a barely competent bus driver of a QB, an awful O-line and a pedestrian group of WRs. Being 3-2 is an accomplishment for them, and Singletary deserves a lot of credit. Short-term, his approach has definitely helped this team. Long-term? His fire and brimstone style will wear thin. As any jockey will tell you, you can’t go to the whip all the time. Professional athletes will tire of his intensity that borders on fanaticism.

  11. Dan Devine had a lot of coaching etiquette . . .
    and packer fans killed his dog.
    Coaching etiquette is overrated.

  12. TSE,
    What Rosenthal meant was that if coach sing toned things down he would be boring. So far its been refreshing to see the intensity on the sideline and Rosenthal suggested he does not need to change.

  13. TSE,
    Like Dick Jauron, you are a good speller(who likes journalism and etiquette).
    Like Singletary, Rosenthal gets the job done by making his point with emotion! Grammar be damned.

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