Snyder had dinner with Gibbs last night

Though it’s surely not a precursor to another return to the sidelines in D.C., we’re told that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder had dinner Saturday night with two-time former coach Joe Gibbs.

Per a league source, Snyder still consults with Gibbs, who retired for a second time after the 2007 season, about the team.  And we’ve got a feeling that the two men at some point discussed the best way to navigate a disappointing season in D.C.

Some still believe that Snyder also consults with Mike Shanahan; a team source has flatly denied that contention.  And as to lingering rumors that Shanahan will be the next coach of the team, Peter King reported on NBC’s Football Night In America that Shanahan definitely will not taking a head-coaching job anywhere during the 2009 season, but that Shanahan will jump back into the fray in January.

It makes plenty of sense.  Shanahan has less leverage if only one team wants him; he’ll have plenty of leverage come January, if multiple teams come calling.

25 responses to “Snyder had dinner with Gibbs last night

  1. Multiple teams will be calling and if things don’t turn in big D (Dallas not detroit) the COWBOYS will call first and outbid anyone even money bags Snyder.

  2. Didn’t Shanahan have some cushy golden parachute clause that if he did not coach in 2009 and not talk smack about the Broncos (which at 5-0 might be tough to do) he could be a free agent in 2010? I think Mike just might take that money and pass go until 2010.

  3. I am glad that Joe can be a shoulder to cry on. I am sure that at some point Gibbs looked at him and asked, “Why didn’t you hire Gregg Williams again? Oh that’s right he thought I should have done some things different. Well let’s be honest I didn’t have a great run the second time around did I? I would probably say some things needed to be done different too. It will be okay you still have Vinnie to play Co-ed Naked Draft with.”

  4. Dallas Cowboy fan, tomorrow, gets to say what Washington Redskin got to say last week: A win is a win.
    Wow I was really impressed how Rom-O-Choke navigated that vaunted KC defense!!
    He should really excel against the rest of the division…OMG, I think I was an disillusioned Dallas fan there for a second…whew!!
    By all means, keep Doughboy & Zorny in the division…it will only help NY & Philly.

  5. shanny will be hard pressed to be a co-coach with jerry jones or danny snyder
    whats going to happen the first time shanny hears jones in his headphone telling him what play he wants called next, thats why you don’t hear cowhers name mentioned, he won’t be anyones puppet
    Coughlin is the head coach ….. it all lands on his shoulders if they fail and thats the way it should be. until jones, snyder, and al davis gets off the sidelines and let the coaches coach you will be hard pressed to win anything.
    go blue wrecking crew

  6. Let Denver have Shanahan. Without Elway he was a .500 coach with 1 playoff win. With Elway, his winning percentage was over .800.

  7. shanahan ,cower ,billick, gruden, holmgren none of them will coach in Washington or Dallas.
    who wants to deal with snyder or jones no amount of money is worth that trouble those 2 guys are megalomaniacs they are the new Al Davis’s of the NFL .
    billions of dollars but no brains and who want a say in everything meddlers who wants either of them over your shoulder 24-7 ?

  8. damn it mike if your going to report a story tell us all the facts …… did gibbs have the steak or the fish?????

  9. Shanny is gettin paid 8 mill to sit on his ass in his mansion in denver. He is obviously going to wait for the best job available, not take a job with the lonely raiders or even the redskins

  10. Mike Shanahan has figured out how to hang out at home while making more than most ever will. A true work from home multi-millionaire.
    In fact, he likes it so much, he’ll prolly work for Snyderatto for a year or two and then do it all over again. He’ll come in and find out the skins Ruined the artist formally known as Portis, that their OLine is a freaking mess and that the current players are stars in their own minds based on their draft selections not performances.
    They’ll fail miserably, Shanny wil retire again and then whichever coach wins the superbowl this year will be on their radar.
    Eff Snyderatto. Die.

  11. @ rickah99
    Guess what, your Giants have beat a bunch of losing teams. They have yet to beat a team with a winning record besides the Cowboys and that game came down to the last drive. It’s one thing to gloat about dominating great teams but the Giants are beating the teams that will be drafting the top 5 picks next year. Maybe after this weekend when they actually play a good team like the Saints you can run your mouth, until then shut up.
    Next, Dallas shot themselves in the foot about 12 times that game with stupid penalties and dropped passes. They should have blown out the Chiefs but thanks to a complete lack of leadership and coaching they continue to play without any discipline. Romo wasnt impressive again, but Austin dropped 2 passes in the endzone and Hurd dropped 1. Belive me as a Cowboys fan I am tired of his crap but he played well against the Chiefs which isnt saying too much more than Eli playing well against the Raiders.
    And finally, Wade and Garret both need to go. I dont want Holmgren because a lot of people seem to have selective memories on him. What has he done? The Seahawks got to the superbowl because Romo had vaseline on his hands other than that year, after they lost one of the best OL in the leauge, they sucked. Look at the success of McDaniels, Mike Smith, Rex Ryan. Why not get a young guy and let them coach, the old guys arent cutting it anymore. But again, who the hell would want to coach for a JJ owned team? Maybe he will be the coach next year too.

  12. Hopefully, Joe told Danny that he needs to fire Vinny and Zorn after the season, hire a real GM and HC, and then head up to the owner’s box and leave them alone to do their jobs.
    (Even if he did, though, Danny would probably just smile and nod and go back to business as usual.)

  13. “Please dont go Jim I love having you and Wade in the East ”
    Why would you say that? Wade Phillips is .500 against the Giants since he took the job.

  14. “Dallas Cowboy fan, tomorrow, gets to say what Washington Redskin got to say last week: A win is a win.”
    Better tan getting your ass pounded 48-22 in your own stadium.

  15. chapnasty,
    yep the giants beat a bunch of losing teams …..
    the giants have beat everyone we played, we didn’t pick em we just beat em
    your dallas requested the giants for their first home game …. becareful what you wish for
    if you need that theory about big blue to get you thru thats fine ….. i wish you well this season and look forward to the next dallas game ….. i enjoy a close game more than a blowout and the giant-cowboy games are usually great games
    good luck

  16. “your dallas requested the giants for their first home game …. becareful what you wish for”
    You simps will believe anything. Oh yes, the Cowboys have total control over all schedules!

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